Full WWE Royal Rumble 2023 highlights

Full WWE Royal Rumble 2023 highlights

Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley secured their WrestleMania spots, Roman Reigns embattled The Bloodline in his rivalry with Kevin Owens and more. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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41 Responses

  1. G.m. Strong says:

    The story of the Bloodline took the show emotionally. Joyfull, shocked, yet sad. This is what storytelling should be.

    • Voodoo Roll says:

      You’re trolling right? Are you WWE staff?

    • ShoeLow says:

      ​@section bthe next ppv is in 3 weeks in sami and ko hometown. then wrestlemania. there literally wasn’t a better time to have sami turn. this story began when main event jey uso was a thing. if this isn’t making u happy, nothing ever will.

    • G.m. Strong says:

      @T F 
      Yes, I do. I kinda like Bloodline because I imagined them in the way of the next-generation Samoan Swat Team. More cerebral than their predecessors. What I didn’t expect was the inclusion of Paul Heyman and Zayn in the mix.👍🏾

    • N1.Official says:

      Basically the shield

    • Robert Patterson says:

      There is no story telling here. Reigns isn’t that good a wrestler nor is he good on the mic. Honest has brought down the company

  2. Abhiyoga says:

    Jey is low key the real MVP here. Everyone could see Sami turning on Roman, but none of us expected Jey’s reaction. And none of us can tell what he’s going to do next. He’s like the secret big gun of the storyline.

    • 777 official says:

      @boxjumperz that’s what I was thinking

    • It’s a beaut Clark says:

      Jey’s reaction leads to the Rock vs Reigns at Mania

    • It’s Cheez wiz says:

      Lmao it’s acting

    • Julian Mckeithan says:

      Bring back Sasha banks and Natalie

    • JackRabbi says:

      Why do some want this outcome to just be a tag team match at wrestlemania?! We’ve gone way past that being the end game. Especially with how red hot Sami is right now. Sami and Jey are the mvps of this storyline and deserve this leading to one of them getting a chance at one of the belts from Roman. Either during Elimination Chamber or Wrestlemania. Cody can go after the wwe belt. Sami or Jey should be going for the universal. If WWE wants Rock Vs Reigns eventually they don’t need the belts for that storyline

  3. Librado Pagan says:

    What made me tear up was when Sami turned to Jey and told him he was sorry. It was like watching two friends at the start of a movie fight their way all the way to the end, only for one to die, and only one makes it out. Jey had to watch his brother get beaten. Jey of all people understood why Sami did what he did and personally couldnt blame him. Sami basically said “Goodbye brother” to Jey without really saying.

    • FCM - Favourite Character Moments says:

      @Arev SV New comer. Get in line dude

    • huzefa says:

      @Arev SV you probably just discovered it’s scripted recently. you’re acting like it

    • Frog Dog says:

      @Arev SV have you never watched tv shows or movies or anything?

    • Arev SV says:

      Bro its all fake wtf youre to sentimental lol

    • Bhekizulu Magagula says:

      My sentiments exactly. There are so many layers to this thing, it’s crazy. You can nitpick thing segment for hours. The chairshot being reminiscent of the shield, and maybe how that chair shot was the beginning of Roman becoming evil. There are just so many things to takeaway from this one segment. Wwe is really on fire. At first, hhh’s booking worried me because of people like dexter lumis and Johnny gargano, but now, I can see he’s the best person for this job. What a sensational effort by wwe.

  4. Plushie N says:

    The storyline with the Bloodline and Sami was heartbreaking with high emotions. I felt all of that. Wow!! Well done, WWE!

  5. TalkinToMeNow says:

    Roman slamming KO into the steps was absolutely brutal. That entire ending to the show was hard to watch emotionally and physically

    • GoatBron23 says:

      The only person to end the reign is John Cena to make him say “I quit”

    • Jamie sims says:

      Hence why I wonder wo will take a title off Roman because unfortunately I don’t think Cody is anywhere near his level and if he somehow beat Roman for a title can you imagine the brutality Roman would unleash. That Kevin Owen’s beating would be child’s play compared to Roman losing to Cody Rhodes.

    • Jj Klena says:

      Kinda sucked this Storyline/Bloodline thing is getting stale quick.

  6. flash010182 says:

    Everyone is giving credit to Sami, which he deserves, but what about Jey. He is what makes this storyline so great.

  7. Bhekizulu Magagula says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful and emotionally moving storytelling with the bloodline. I watched aew from 2021 August (because of Punk) to December 2022. I just couldn’t watch it anymore. In all that time I never saw anything a quarter as good as the bloodline. This is what the business is all about. Wwe understands sports entertainment better than anybody on the planet. This was brilliant, and it made me feel. I’m a huge Roman Reigns fan, but after tonight, just like Jey, I can’t get behind him anymore. I feel so bad for Sami and K.O. I feel bad for Jey. I’m disappointed in Jimmy. I’m disgusted with Paul heyman and Roman Reigns. And I feel great being a wwe fan😲😢🤯🤪😂🤩. Amazing. So many emotions at once. Fantastic.

  8. G. T. R says:

    Oscar and Academy Award 🏆 performance across the board from everyone on the roster! 👋👋👋👋👋 Thank you WWE for giving us (fans) something to smile about during such difficult times 😊

  9. AllDayWrestling says:

    Honestly enjoyed this royal rumble – great to see Gunther get his shine in the match itself and happy to see Cody get his due. But the bloodline stuff, the ending was art, Sami’s face, jey walking off, jimmy telling jey “he ain’t your brother, IM YOUR BROTHER” flippin amazing

  10. Kloric Kuldara says:

    One day, Roman gonna learn to stop turning his back on people with chairs…

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