Fuller House – Teaser – Netflix [HD]

Fuller House – Teaser – Netflix [HD]

The house is full again. Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber are back in Fuller House – coming to Netflix February 26.

The Full House adventures continue when D.J. Tanner-Fuller calls upon her sister, Stephanie, and her friend, Kimmy, to move in and help raise her three boys.

A Netflix Original Series.

Song: The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert

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20 Responses

  1. Biscuits Gaming says:

    I get a sort of 7th heaven vibe from this…

  2. Starlight Entertainment says:

    So the dog has been alone for 20 years?

  3. carlos villalba says:

    I heard they’re doing a crossover episode with Narcos.

  4. Davion “Davy” Fleming says:

    This dog deserves 12 Grammies

  5. Bree P says:

    Absolute HATE the kitchen. Talk about ugly. On the fence about this….Hope
    it lives up like everyone says it will.

  6. Joseph Soto says:


  7. Helsathefirequeen says:

    How did the house change that much? ..

  8. Allyson Fusco says:

    “The hair huh?!” OMG dead

  9. KidFromQueens says:

    It’s also weird, seeing this old house in modern times. It’ll be crazy to
    see the people in this show, who were listening to old boom boxes next to
    an NES, now with iPhones and such. Times have changed.

  10. Pugs are Life says:

    There’s only going to be 13 episodes…?

  11. Timothyrodriguez says:

    better have the original theme song

  12. Oz says:

    Full House was never good.

  13. monkey D Dragon says:

    i like the couch…..

  14. SiLMMJiLMM says:

    The cringe factor in this video is through the roof.

  15. Shaun Rosner says:

    That door really didnt seem too secure when the dog jumped on it lol

  16. Maddie Spark says:


  17. parkwaydrive77 says:

    wow so the dog lived alone in the house

  18. Jessica Violi says:

    Bawling because of the feels

  19. Yanira Estrada says:


  20. Sturgeon says: