Funny Face Off with Ricky Gervais

Funny Face Off with Ricky Gervais

Jimmy asked kids to send us videos of their best “funny face,” then Jimmy and Ricky recreated them live on the show.

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Funny Face Off with Ricky Gervais

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20 Responses

  1. NezihBouali says:

    Jimmy is really bad at imitating faces. I’ve noticed that in every Screen
    Yet apparently, nobody tells him.

  2. Love Loud Mary says:

    I only watch these videos for the outro…

  3. Krystal Kuhlman says:

    Omg the third girl’s face

  4. Harrison Fitzgerald says:

    That last girl is famous. There’s a meme with that face on it

  5. Da Real Tony Stark says:

    was anybody else sitting at home watching this trying to replicate the
    faces themselves? I was….. i admit.

  6. ekaiLo says:

    Ricky wins!

  7. Mr.AwesomeBro says:

    Who all agrees with me that Ricky was better?

  8. Chris Silva says:

    Lmao ricky gervais’s first one was spot on he actually looked like him 

  9. Amyah mcgrew says:


  10. Natalie Gonzalez says:

    I just noticed that jimmy Fallon and jimmy kimmel are two different people.
    I started to freak out …and cry for some reason . I thought that they
    were the same person for like 1 year until now. I still can’t belive it.

  11. Carly Jones says:

    I just love this video

  12. huseyn lord says:


  13. John Oubeid says:

    These kids are going to be ‘Those weird kids’ in school.

  14. Joy Loh says:

    Who won?! Who’s next?! You decide!!!

  15. Angie Wong says:

    I have the same funny face as Sophia 

  16. EckeRechts says:

    i love ricky gervais 😀 

  17. Joe Mama says:

    Didnt know ricky was gayyy

  18. J-Am Hermit says:

    fuck you jimmy

  19. Hidden VL says:

    Tell me i’m not the only one who try doing that face while watching this

  20. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    Ricky has a face only a Redditor could Love?