Funny Japanese Game Show Slippery Stairs – Just Hilarious

Funny Japanese Game Show Slippery Stairs – Just Hilarious

Japanese people never fail to make us laugh,
This is the most Hilarirous crazy Slippery Stairs moment from a Japanese Game Show. that make no sense but it’s funny to watch
Funny Japanese Game Show Slippery Stairs
This Game Show are No Joke

Hope you enjoy watching.
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74 Responses

  1. Paystubzz says:

    Wow soooo funny mang

  2. Cam Good says:


  3. juliflia says:

    where can i sign up for this game

  4. pixxel says:

    But is PvP enabled? 😀

  5. cryptocognomen says:

    This is what happens when a culture has waaaaay too much free time.

    • idlefritz says:

      seems like a good use of time to me

    • Noob Noob says:

      They work more hours per week than you sleep.

    • Cai Robinson says:

      It is actually the exact opposite, they are overworked and use this kind of stuff to destress.

    • Miyo R says:

      Everyone in the comments has a big boner for Japan lmao. Japanese folk have no sense of identity and that’s why they work themselves so hard. They don’t know who they are and these kinds of game shows are a desperate attempt to find meaning in Japanese heritage.

    • Cross says:

      cryptocognomen well when most of ur entertainment is dominated by fantastical anime that covers literally any and all subjects and genres…any live action shows need to be super entertaining

  6. james liang says:

    Who else is watching this at 9:18 AM

  7. Mocib says:


    RED deserved to win. Most skilled one.

  8. Jordi Nuñez says:

    Why isn’t this stuff in America

  9. Sean Tillett says:

    oh shit is that Ricegum 0:00 – 9:12 ???

  10. Mary Jane says:

    Anyone here from a small local mom and pop meme site called reddit?

  11. Anthony Rios says:

    Guy in the red actually has a real natural talent for this. He’s got a bright future.

  12. Michael Harbach says:

    Yellow is a real asshole for taking out Red like that at the tippy top lmao this is glorious

  13. Ptrck Caresosa says:

    Power rangers having a hard time winning lol

  14. Too Cute To Poot says:

    I was rooting for yellow the whole time, he kept getting cucked.

  15. Flav says:

    2:57 Right in between the legs

  16. Tree says:

    Random black dude at 8:14 lol

  17. HiHACKER says:

    2:57 NANI?? LOL

  18. Lucas Mota says:

    3:50 – that technique though

  19. Fluff says:


  20. The Average Canadian says:

    Why are most Japanese games weird not all of them just alot alot of them

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