Furman vs. Virginia – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

Furman vs. Virginia – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

Furman defeated Virginia in the first big upset of the 2023 March Madness tournament, 68-67, after a late steal and three by JP Pegues with only seconds to go. Watch the full extended highlights here.

Watch the Condensed Game from Virginia Cavaliers vs. Furman Paladins, 03/16/2023
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38 Responses

  1. Sports311 says:

    Furman came in there and busted so many people’s brackets today. What a start to the madness of march

  2. Esteban Escamilla says:

    March never disappoints

  3. Alfonso Green says:

    Clark should’ve called a timeout as he was getting trapped but nevertheless great win by Furman

    • Tommy Holmes says:

      there was 12 seconds left, hold it until they foul you, and if not, throw it as far in the air as possible with like 3 seconds left to avoid 10 sec violation. Even if it goes out of bounds Furman has very little time to get a good shot. But yeah terrible coaching to not call a timeout there.

    • Samuel says:

      U cant call timeout as a player in ncaa

    • Ronquixote D. III says:

      @philip onyirimbaI couldn’t find a 30 on the team, you mean #20 Slawson, he’s a. 5th year senior but honestly he might have gotten some extra looks for the second round, camp invites

    • Greg says:

      @philip onyirimba there is no #30 on Furman ..

    • BioShed says:

      Strange cause Clark was so clutch in their championship run. Don’t know what happened today

  4. T. Roy says:

    Furman on the upset pick 💯 had a feeling they’d beat VA but never thought it’d happen like it did.

    • James Luchsinger says:

      I was one of them who predicted it

    • BS17 says:

      @philip onyirimba I agree with your comment but couldn’t figure out who #30 on Furman was. You must’ve meant #20? Slawson maybe?

    • philip onyirimba says:

      The deciding factor in this game is that Virginia guards CAN’T play defense to save their lives….yes they can score and pass but on defense they’re absolutely useless and they cant rebound when their bigs go for blocks. smh

      Also, #30 on the Furman team needs to Transfer to a power house school next season…he has NBA skills.

    • HD Delano says:

      Man I thought UVA had it in bag when getting lead back. Ouch!!! Go Furman

  5. Adrian Jones says:

    Virginia choking in the first round 💀 what else is new

  6. Antimonitor77 says:

    Furmen hitting the 3s like a boss!

  7. Matt Studebaker says:

    Unreal how great the defense was causing the turnover and the clutch three point shot to win. Good for them.

  8. Deft One says:

    Classic first round moment for Virginia, thank you Paladins! Glad I picked you

  9. Robin Abernathy says:

    Even nicer when you stop to think that this is the highlight of most of these kids basketball lives playing for Furman.

  10. MG_ 33 says:

    Kihei Freshman year: one of the best passes in CBB history

    Kihei 5th year:

    • HD Delano says:

      Maybe he will do better his 6th year there lol… I feel like he’s been there for 10 years already.

    • John Davis says:

      Lol that’s what makes it worst you could understand a freshman making a crucial mistake like that in a big spot but your a 5th year senior and you make a mistake like that?!?! With the game in the balance?

    • Alfonso Green says:

      Worst pass

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