FURY THROWS FIRST PUNCH!! – Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury • FULL WEIGH IN & FACE OFF | BT Sport Boxing

FURY THROWS FIRST PUNCH!! – Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury • FULL WEIGH IN & FACE OFF | BT Sport Boxing

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury • FULL WEIGH IN & FACE OFF | BT Sport Boxing

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47 Responses

  1. Gary Hillman says:

    If Tommy loses he can’t come back home 🤣😭

  2. Joel Castle says:

    For anyone reading the comments before the full video.. Tommy doesn’t throw a punch 👌🏼

  3. Ayks says:

    It’s going to be super embarrassing if Tommy losses.

    • CB 666 says:

      @K SE naa beating tommy isn’t anything special he’s a journey man and he’s on the same level jake is rn

    • BAims says:

      @Ayks Jake doesn’t need to prove anything he’s in his own league / club ! He’s changed up the game of “BOXING” and created a new type of “Boxing”
      I personally think it’s rigged and he’s teamed up w some of the most evil people there is in this Hollywood/Entertainment business that’s where the giant $$ comes from. It’s def rigged in Jakes favor tho that’s clear as day and also why the opponents are paid they way they are.. Lotto winners to take the scripted Dive/L..

    • Fergarzz Strong says:

      ​@K SE top of what??

    • John Joe says:

      It’s bound to be super embarrassing not being able to spell.

    • Miguel Nunez says:

      if he does, he’s most likely throwing away the fight to earn that bread.

  4. Private says:

    Fury has shoulders like the sail of a ship. Insane build

    • Honeycomb says:

      @Leovalens yes and his stamina was mid level at best

    • WinterStone says:

      Ronnie Coleman better

    • alienated says:

      @Rashad i didn’t mean muscles but how his upper body is built, it looks really weird ive never seen someone like that, also im not assuming he is less athletic or agile thats why i said “it doesn’t really matter”, and olympic sprinters aren’t bulky they are almost always lean just like swimmers footballers badminton players (requires so much agility) and most other athletes with exception of very few

    • Just Another Statistic. says:

      Im betting the first 3 rounds back and forth – tommy out works him and maintains his stamina. Jake has consistently been exhausted after 3 rounds. Tommy has all been in better shape.

    • R M L says:

      ​@DavidJake was gassed fighting woodley

  5. Mung says:

    Damn he looked so calm up until now, it’s getting all to real and coming up fast, hopefully the stage isn’t to big

    • Mung says:

      @Rob Jak I agree tbh at the end of the day it’s a fight, I’m more speaking on the moment and how he deals with it, I think he’ll be fine but a stage like this can make or break

    • CianAugustus says:

      ​@Colin Riches dude… Why you calling him Luke like you know him. If the man goes by Tyson it’s Tyson to you and me. Would love to see you say this shit to his face. Lol no you’d ask for a selfie

    • jckrules isthebest says:

      Power comes from legs this dudes built for bodybuilding not boxing.

    • John Fury says:

      ​@Muhammad Luvs Bacha Bazino you won’t

    • Hi-Tech27 says:

      Jake has contract clauses that hamper his opponents…it’s theater 🎭 not boxing 🥊

  6. MMA Focus says:

    Who’s security and team would win in a street fight? 🤣

  7. Faizan Mckagan says:


  8. JaCal says:

    “I don’t have to do all that acting shit”

    … Immediately starts acting! 🥺

  9. Your Name says:

    I see they finally got that belt off Charlie Zelenoff 🤣🤣

  10. Natural Man says:

    You can tell he spent 4 years preparing for jake 😂

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