FUSHIGI: As Seen on TV’s Weirdest Product

FUSHIGI: As Seen on TV’s Weirdest Product

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I used to see a commercial for this thing called the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball all the time when I was younger, and I always wanted to try it out. But what was it, really? Let’s find out!

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32 Responses

  1. Jax b. says:

    FUCKING FINALLY. I was talking about this stupid ball with my friends last night and I couldn’t remember what it was called for the life of me. Thank you Kurtis

  2. Sairaa Ahmedd says:

    It’s hilarious that Kurtis doesn’t realize that he has always looked the part of someone who can Fushigi

  3. Johanna Walker says:

    I actually met Kenny in California about a year before the commercials came out. Dude was super nice and willing to teach kids how to do everything. I bought one of those stupid balls.. I never used it.

  4. Rebecca Daniels says:

    this wasn’t a commercial necessarily, but i remember SO clearly learning about debit cards for the first time, and just becoming obsessed with them. i literally asked my parents for a debit card for christmas when i was like 7, and they had to sit me down and explain why i couldn’t have one

    • Praying Mantis says:

      You could too have one, they make bank accounts especially for kids and you could just have one with like $5 on it just so you could go to the store and buy some candy with your little debit card! Unless you only wanted it because you thought it would have unlimited money or something.

    • Gaëlle Robin Vanderbauwhede says:

      this is so fucking funny

    • Holly Kruse says:

      I bet youre great at monopoly and are an investment banker or something

  5. Sam Kautz says:

    I am a Fushigi historian/fanatic, I have a collection of over 1,500 balls.

    I am so happy to see someone with your influence bring attention back to such and amazing product.

    Bigger than Xbox might be a little ambitious but I don’t know. It might reach almost the same level one day if people realize the true joy of Fushigi

  6. Fear The Bow says:

    I also remember wanting this SO BADLY after watching the commercials on my Box TV… I was about 7 yrs old and I never got it cause my parents never thought it was as cool as I did… disappointed… However growing up yo-yos was what was popular! At one point at school, everywhere u looked there would be multiple kids being freaking yo yo masters! They were in elementary too!! Still don’t know how they did some of the tricks and I’m 18 now…

    • Enotsnav Dier says:

      @carly mckenna Same lol

    • Any Minor World That Breaks Apart says:

      Dunno if its different cos I live in NZ but the yo-yo craze was I think because of “Pro-Yos”. Kids didnt want a yo-yo they want a Pro-Yo. From all accounts they did seem better too though I never got one or got good at them. The other crazes around that time in the late 90s were chatter rings and tamagotchis

    • Seth Martin says:

      Had one of my friend group bring in a yoyo n do a couple neat tricks n then suddenly in a week we all had yo-yos and were trying to outdo eachother XD

    • Jhonny D. says:

      Finally it’s here.

  7. Christina T. says:

    I do remember seeing this thing being advertised, but my 10 year old peanut brain never understood WHAT it was supposed to be doing. I always noticed the outside of the ball, and always questioned “what’s so special about that? They’re just spinning a ball” but maybe that was just me not understanding the appeal of anything,, not even silly straw commercials could grab my attention

  8. Alfie Morgan says:

    The main infomercial products I thought I absolutely needed as a child were the Betty Crocker ice cream cake mold and that rainbow sponge art kit 😅 Idk if those were even popular enough to make a video on, but I’d love to see Kurtis talk about them!

  9. Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    I actually had a friends that got one of these. She left it sitting on her dresser one day and the sun was shining into her room. The fushigi literally focused the sunlight and started a little fire on the carpet

  10. jacquelyn chi says:

    I still have mine! Last summer I found out in the back of my closet while packing for college. It was my top item on my Christmas 2010 list. My parents pranked me by putting socks in the Fushigi ball box and I cried until they pulled out the actual ball haha.
    Also dropped it on my foot and had to go to the ER 😃

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