Future Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Future Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Future goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Barney’s New York in New York City and talks about his Reebok deal, doing “Jumpman” with Drake, and how much he spends on sneakers and clothes a month.

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55 Responses

  1. Vinay Doal says:

    My mans just spent 3 years rent in 3 minutes smh

  2. Arif Jabbar says:

    Oh nah nah, future splashed out no cap.

  3. Anikin Rodriguez says:

    Needs more “La di da di da”.

  4. MRLONG758 says:

    $200,000 to $300,000 a month on clothes? That’s not sustainable.

  5. 1776ERS says:

    The only person I’ve ever heard that when he talks it sounds like he’s got autotune 24/7 365.

  6. J4ST Breezy says:

    Why them paradas look like those shoes your mom would be like u want these they look nice at Payless

  7. Derrick & Derrion says:

    Damn he spending rackssss?

  8. Derrick & Derrion says:

    He just spent 38bandz on shoes in 1 sitting WTFFF?

  9. Carlton Abosi says:

    This guy really spent 38k on shoes and clothes…


  10. Christopher Kuczynski says:

    Future can open up his own shoe collection and name each pair after his baby mamas

  11. Christopher Kuczynski says:

    I think this is the closest thing we are going to get to an sneaker shopping with Travis Scott

  12. Clampnation Jay says:

    About time one of these rich Mfs blew a bag ?

  13. Subscribe for free Sex says:

    Future 39k
    neymar 18k
    Me 180

  14. David Ropotusin says:

    I can hear “dropped 40k on complex” coming to a future song soon.

  15. Lewent Ersoy says:

    i bet he got a group chat with all his hoes where he drops pics of the shoes like who wants this want and what are u willing to do for it ? XD

  16. Elliott Goldin says:

    He’s definitely gonna stand out in women’s sandals.

  17. Jayalex Beats says:

    This man speaks in cursive

  18. Yeezus ShuttlesWorth305 says:


    Future: Where he at??

  19. Shirotora says:

    Man spent 38 bands and half that shit wasnt even fa him it was for his daughter damn. Respect.

  20. so beats says:

    imagine if future returned all of his stuff like YBN Cordae did

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