Future – KEEP IT BURNIN (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

Future – KEEP IT BURNIN (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

Future feat. Kanye West – KEEP IT BURNIN (Official Music Video)

“I NEVER LIKED YOU” available at: https://future.lnk.to/INEVERLIKEDYOU

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37 Responses

  1. KING POPZ says:

    Future you just blessed my summer Thank You 🔥

  2. Kedo says:

    Hardest song off the album omg 🔥🔥🐐

  3. Alchemy___ X says:

    It’s a flex to be alive at the same time as Kanye West. What a gift

  4. Sulav Acharya says:

    Futures flow is so unique, people say they can’t understand him but still be listening to his music. He brings good vibes.

  5. JGGLS says:

    Ye and Future need to make a collab album🔥

  6. Karson The Great says:

    This whole album gonna slap even harder once summer rolls around

  7. Arindam Sengupta says:

    Ye is 44 and spitting straight fire. Seriously his hard work is the reason for his achivements

    • John Baptist says:

      What YE 44 got to do with anything 🤡 . Eminem is 50 years old. Dr Dre 57 , Jay Z 52 Pusha T 45 and Future is 39 . No big difference between 39 and 44 🤡

  8. Quione Davis says:

    Was not expecting Kanye to rap on the beat like that damn near had a brain aneurysm how hard I scrunched my face up 😭😭💯🔥

  9. wayne wheeler says:

    Can we take the time to appreciate what Ye has been doing? He worked on his album, executive produced Fivio album, worked on Game album, worked with Future on his album and worked with Pusha on his album

  10. Edward Luster says:

    They both went hard but Kanye killed it

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