Future – Trillionaire (Audio) ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again

Future – Trillionaire (Audio) ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again

“High Off Life” available at: https://future.lnk.to/HighOffLife
Official Store: https://shop.freebandz.com/

Future online:



(C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz.

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68 Responses

  1. Love Yourself says:


  2. AB Panama says:

    This gonna be trending

  3. Lunacy - says:

    These remind me of preliminary hearing with yb and moneybagg

  4. Mikey T says:

    Man the chat looks good rn I’m glad I’m here with everyone before all the toxic people come here 😅

  5. Zaner Burris says:

    I was talkin to um I was talkin to slime and I said um

  6. Ja'Kwon Gardner says:

    Yb made this when he was young 😂💯

  7. Andre Aydell says:

    Like before a million Ik y’all YB fans here like I’m with you 😂😂 (I fw future tuff too chilllll )😂😂

  8. Sam Smile says:

    One random person who likes this will be Rich in 2 years 🙏

  9. Jose Velez says:

    Young boys “ woahhhhh “ hit different

  10. Gummo Man says:

    Sounds like Future and youngboys version of yacht club

  11. Al & Susie says:

    If you think this song going to be trending soon like it❤️

  12. Moist Ravioli says:

    This sound like old YoungBoy

  13. Jordan Sanchez says:

    Here is the “here before a mil pass”

  14. Jaden Coley says:

    Future’s sixth album “High Off Life” is out now 🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤

  15. Bestman JJ says:

    This song go be a hit

  16. swapneel barua says:

    Yb and future are like Lebron and Kyrie.

  17. Chindea Flavius says:

    The instrumental sounds just like those minecraft piano theme songs

  18. Jeff says:

    Future and Youngboy: Makes a song called trillionaire

    Jeff Bezos: Oh word

  19. Big Mich says:

    Jeff Bezos: these mf spittin

  20. Billy Wafula says:

    Wish I had a cure on sickle cell hate to see my sister suffer that hit me hard

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