Future – Tycoon (Official Music Video)

Future – Tycoon (Official Music Video)

Directed by: Eif Rivera

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72 Responses

  1. lil uzi vert says:

    only real future fans can like this

  2. Dionté says:

    doctors : stay inside , use disinfectant we recommend gel sanitizer —
    Future : I ain’t going no no , Imma spray it

  3. JuJu says:

    I was drinkin water while listening this song. the water became lean.

  4. FinesseThaProfit says:

    Future The Godfather of this style even tho everyone doing this sound now it just feel way more original coming from future

  5. Marx says:

    3:08 When you tested negative for COVID-19 & Headed to a island 🌴

  6. Len Len says:

    Everyone that’s reading this comment I pray for God protection, mercy and love over you and your family in this tough times 🙏

  7. Abhijnyan Choudhury says:

    Even future ain’t hittin the streets… So why do you?? Stay safe and stay home

  8. Cathal King says:

    “I’m a Louie V tycooooon, YOU AINT EVER SEEN THESE”…who remembers?

  9. Eternal style says:

    This that TRAP Future I MISS ‼️‼️‼️

  10. Wesley Smith says:

    Producer: we got a female that looks just like Ciara

    Future: 😈

  11. Jake Pughh says:

    “I’ve been getting so damn geeked I been praying” felt that !

  12. FinessingWithSaron says:

    Future looks like Different persom with glasses🤣

  13. Shoota 1k says:

    Why isn’t this song on Apple Music

  14. Gifto Blessedlife says:

    All Future Hendrix fans gather here and drop your likes please.

  15. DYARY GAMER says:

    I guarantee everyone liking this comment won’t get coronavirus

  16. GABE XYZ says:

    When u realize this whole generation of rappers are future and young thugs children

  17. Chakia Luzincourt says:

    this dude never has a bad song🔥

  18. gracie c says:

    it official future is the g.o.a.t

  19. MrBluYoshi says:

    It’s like every time you think Future’s about to fall off, he comes back and he’s even better.

  20. FIVE6ix says:

    My music gon blow soon.. Trust me🚫🧢

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