Future – Use Me

Future – Use Me

“Hndrxx” Available at iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.AM
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.Sptfy
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.GP
Amazon Digital: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.Dig
Deezer: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.Dzr
Soundcloud: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.SC
Tidal: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX.Tidal


(C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


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20 Responses

  1. Bilal Baig says:

    I like this song and video, it’s meaningful, Future Hendrix meeting himself and reminiscing his past

  2. drugxgod says:


  3. obama says:

    the hell you looking at keep on scrolling

  4. One Milli says:

    Where all my DS2 Fansss at !!!!

  5. Lamin bouzid says:

    if you are here befour 1M i want to tell you that you are a true lover of Future <3

  6. Spooky Filmz Ent. says:

    Future got this year who else think the same

  7. TEE RELL says:

    this is the Best song off hendrixx album hands down i be in my feelings listening to this shit

  8. Marcellis Pettus says:

    I wonder if there’s a Mask Off video coming out? I hope so. Lol.


    dis song is kinda deep not like the most Future tracks. I like dat ??

  10. Champagne V says:

    2017 belongs to future.

  11. FBGBOSS says:

    I Dare a Niigga say all his Songs sound the Same, I DARE. lol

  12. NeyMario Jr says:

    His voice is an instrument alone! Future is a legend. Thank you for everything future!!???

  13. NeyMario Jr says:

    When you get high enough you can dodge raindrops! ?☔️

  14. Vendetta salza says:

    Hndrxx was his best album yet..??????

  15. Long Live└A says:

    When that 808 start hitting and future hendrix sings his heart out.. makes a nigga wanna cry. #Freebandz forever. One of my fav joints on the album. #GOAT

  16. SADiQPANTi says:

    this is actually a deep story that shows how he was just young and trapping when he… nah am just fucking with you lol

  17. Jack says:

    you know, I used to sleep on future. Of course I knew who he was and he was all over the radio but I didn’t really like his droning auto-tune or the hype-beast beats he was getting on or anything. It just seemed mindless to me. BUT, recently since his meteoric rise in the past couple years from musical success to full blown music icon, i’ve been taking a second look. Now i’m watching interviews and his documentaries and really giving some of the music a chance and…. it’s STILL TRASH….. just kidding. No he says some real shit and this is a good song. Fuck it its a great song. I like future now.

  18. YouHaveBeenSedated says:

    Future appears to be reminiscing his early life as a young gang member. As he looks back into himself he feels that he has been used all his life. Throughout all his fame and success he still can’t get over his past and hurt. As a result, deep thoughts cause him to relive his pain.

  19. Wadie Zekriti says:

    doctor : u have 4 mins 19 sec to live
    me :

  20. Terell Davis says:

    Moral of the video:: The boy is a younger version of him taking him back to his past reminding him the root of where some of his pain comes from. imagine living with ya grandma nd people stay breaking into it or it keeps getting raided cause thats how they made a living when he was younger and they in the hood so you cant just get up and leave. Keep going Future. ?? 2017 is yours, let it all out

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