Fyre Festival promo video 2017

Fyre Festival promo video 2017


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20 Responses

  1. Jordan H says:

    Can’t remember why I’m subbed to yoh

  2. Sokrabiades says:

    Where do I sign?

  3. Michael Nightingale says:

    Private island… there is a resort down the block.

  4. David Woodford says:

    Honestly, this looks fake. Granted, I have the benefit of hindsight, but there are no artists listed (or even DJs), and the video itself seems to be comprised of stock footage with no narrative or information.

  5. Neil M says:

    The ratio of girls to actual music being show in this video is hilarious.

  6. Ely Novas says:

    hahahaha they didn’t show the tents and ham and cheese sandwiches​ in the promo. Also, having your belongings jacked is a feature not a big.

  7. David Cavill says:

    Is this like a celebrity get away prom or something? Cringe

  8. Darian Wilkinson says:

    13k views and its #7 trending. Youtube just say that you pick out the videos and put them on the trending list. I promise i wont be mad at you. (lol)

  9. pleempy XD says:

    A gathering of human trash who are only there because they used someone else’s money

  10. weirdzfully says:

    “Owned once by Pablo Escobar”

  11. tromboner2012 says:

    I’m amazed how the rich insult the poor but get easily persuaded into scams like these

  12. Don't Panic says:

    WTF is this Google?
    13k views and #7 on “TRENDING” Your AI is disconnected..

  13. JustWantedToSeeHowLongMyUserCanBe SoDontWorry says:

    But a lot of celebs recently backed out so :/

  14. Hunter Lampton says:

    I thought this fyre was put out a while ago.

  15. Zovion says:

    I heard it sucks there and the food is terrible

  16. RWBY Valkrie says:

    Or you could just play Far Cry 3.

  17. mike jordan cryface says:

    I love how they used “once owned by pablo escabar” as a selling point ??

  18. Jackie Public III says:

    Those chicks aren’t as hot as they think they are.

  19. Jason Aguilar says:

    Showing Syrian refugee camps would have been more accurate.

  20. Johnson Taylor says:

    This looks dope. Sign me up. I’ll bring my own tent and cheese.

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