Fyre Festival’s Model Subpoenas & Washington’s Measles Outbreak | The Daily Show

Fyre Festival’s Model Subpoenas & Washington’s Measles Outbreak | The Daily Show

Models that appeared in Fyre Festival promos may be held responsible for fraudulent advertising, and a measles outbreak in Washington State has people blaming anti-vaxxers.

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97 Responses

  1. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Trump: *You’re Fyred!*

  2. Noah Wick says:

    spirit airlines, fyre festivel of the sky

  3. lk684 says:

    “Legary responsible” ? 0:38

  4. Amanda Custodio says:

    The MAIN problem is that some of those models didn’t disclose they were running a sponsored paid #ad.

    • Rooiku says:

      +TaraTownsend Money hungry? Why wouldn’t they accept a paid job, how should they know it’s a scam?

    • TaraTownsend says:

      +Rooiku Perhaps a bit of research by their highly paid lawyers, DOH!? You are making it seem to the general public as if all of this is not a completely well legally controlled business, either you are a naive little 15 year-old or just a troll.

    • Tia Williams says:

      Dorothy Dotson It is up to them to do. By law, advertisers are required to notify if they’re doing a paid advertisement, even on social media.

    • melissa saint says:

      When someone is an “influencer” and they post somethi g to their social media promoting an item they like or eventthey are going to, they are obligated to disclose when tbey have been paid for that post.

    • Izzy Woods says:

      I think they should have to say when it’s an #ad but because that wasn’t a rule then they shouldn’t get punished now.

  5. ozeppeo says:

    The Models made ads but didn’t declare them as ads. People are just stupid to fall for those “influencers”

    • TheLionPrince says:

      Influencer, My most hated word for 2018/2019! everyone with ass and boobs is an ‘influencer’ nowadays!

    • Stout Shako says:

      Bruh no. The complaint is that they made personal posts (not including the ads they appeared in) saying that they thought it sounded fun and would be there. That would be like a YouTube gamer getting sponsored to play a game and spending the entire time talking about how great it is without disclosing they got something in return for it. It’s literally illegal, because in a lot of ways it’s indistinguishable from their normal content, and is made with rhe intent to trick people.

    • Brian H says:

      +Stout Shako, Of you actually watched the documentary then you would see that it wasn’t their fault and they were misled by the Ja Rule and the other guy who was in charge of the whole thing. To blame the models is just pathetic and ridiculous.

    • roguishpaladin says:

      +TheLionPrince You know who else is an “influencer” although the y are more subtle about it? Russian troll farms. Make sure to extend your hatred more that direction and learn how to watch for their activities. At least model influencers are doing it for a buck. The Russians are doing it to fundamentally manipulate the psyche of the world closer to their beliefs.

    • Livid Imp says:

      I have little sympathy for the type of idiots that fall for Fyre Festival kind of shit. The thing is, it’s a rich kid’s party today, but down the road it’s going to be another shyster selling fake cancer cures, so this shit needs to get nipped in the bud right now.

  6. ray castillo says:

    your hair guy should be fyred

  7. Crystal says:

    Bella ha-*dad*

  8. Mohamed Abdulkadir says:

    *Spirit airlines: we’re the fyre festival of the sky* the video isn’t even about them and they still get clowned??

  9. Vedant Sanas says:

    Who thinks Trevor is the best

  10. Britney Holt says:

    Trevor, there is something in your hair lol

  11. Cooper Miller says:

    anyone else transfixed by the little peice of white in trevors hair?

  12. Corrupted Cyborg says:

    how about stupid anti vaxers anti vaccinate themselves so they get susceptible to highly contagious dead viruses.
    I mean evolution isn’t supposed to make us more stupid…
    Honestly, I’m wondering how many children anti-vaxxers need to murder until the realize THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

    • hunnerdayEDT says:

      +Semi The unfortunate thing about many anti-vaxers is that they are insured and have the means to vaccinate their kids l. Another bout of stupidity is that some of these people are claiming that making them vaccinate their kids infringes on their personal freedom. Some idiot state politician in Texas agreed, and said that freedom was more important than safety.
      I call BS on that because if that was the case then DUIs would be legal.

    • Semi says:

      +hunnerdayEDT — If they really want to not vaccinate then they should buy their own island somewhere and move there. The reality is that their stupid decision affects other innocent people. Have the decency to only affect other stupid people with similar beliefs.

      I have deployed to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. We had to make sure all of our shots were updated, got another smallpox shot, tuberculosis prick, and anthrax shots. I personally was against the anthrax shot but had no choice. Vaccinations have a history of working while the anthrax shots were still experimental. I could understand if vaccination was a theory or if their results were inconclusive, but they have wiped out a generation of infectious diseases.

    • firstdayofwinter says:

      +ali babar not giving your children the medicine they need is murder, what you said is just suicide.

    • g mun22 says:

      I’m vaccinated and I’m not anti-vax (for context), but there is a far more nuanced debate around vaccines than ever presented by the media.

      The *CDC updated their vaccine page* near the end of last year to say kids shouldn’t get vaccines when they are ill/ sick – the vaccine should be given at a later date; & also that some kids may be a higher risk for ‘vaccine injury.^⬇

      It’s frustrating that mainstream news didn’t make a big deal out of this story because most people who are not anti-vax, but understand there are *potential* issues^⬇ are more likely to vaccinate with more accurate info & options.

      Putting more ‘good information’ out there is better than this current extreme yes/no dichotomy. It sometimes feels like someone should be yelling *”THERE’S ALWAYS A MIDDLE GROUND!!”* Everything is not black & white/ right or left etc. The ‘middle’ arguments are usually more sane, whatever the topic is.

      The ‘middle’ argument is not anti-vaccine, it’s ‘pro-safe vaccination’- spacing out the vaccine schedule: giving essential, potentially life-saving vaccines *like measles* early.

      But giving things like hep B later (supposed to be given at birth in the US; it’s trasmitted through blood; common methods of transfer are sexual contact, tattoos, intravenous drug users sharing needles…) It’s rarely a risk for any baby – most countries vaccinate infants, not newborns, unless there *is* a high risk environment.

      Basically making sure the immune system reacts appropriately, not too much at once, & not hitting it when it’s weak. It does this best when it’s more developed.

      If it’s acknowledged there are risks in a small subset of the population, and these are being addressed, people with concerns have access to reliable information & reassurance. This should make them more likely to vaccinate

      There is some evidence (can find it in journals) that some kids have issues with detoxification pathways (for multiple reasons /conditions)- this can be addressed to lower risk.

      Just one example. Funny how we have to keep learning we’re all different.

      ^The government has a vaccine injury fund. Pharmaceutical companies negotiated no liability for vaccine injuries. Millions of $$$ in payouts are made each year – vaccines *do* cause damage (autism, severe allergic reactions, lifetime allergies, other varied, serious lifelong issues & more); but ‘vaccines cause autism’ is an oversimplification and misrepresentation of what can happen in a very small subset of the population

    • Semi says:

      +g mun22 — All of this is valid. I think the CDC just wanted to make clarifications and make a complicated issue easier to understand. People will still misunderstand information or will use new information to reinforce a particular behavior or belief by taking in only part of the message. If a child’s immune system is insufficient or at risk, then it is obvious that vaccinations should be withheld until it is safe. The CDC didn’t say they should never receive them. Doctors give the vaccinations; the doctors should know if the child is safe to receive the vaccinations when they visit.

  13. Corrupted Cyborg says:

    How about anti vaxers start pracising blood letting on their children to. Since modern science IS SO MISGUIDED.

    • Jasmine Collins says:

      Honestly, some of them probably already do. They tend to love any and all “ancient” medicinal practices, regardless of efficacy or safety. I would not put it past them to be leeching their kids and draining their humors.

    • Ben Johnstone says:

      Theres a treatment in the anti-vaxxer community were they use sodium hypochlorite aka bleach to detox any ingested impurities, so well some resort to older qusdo-medicine other make up their own

    • firstdayofwinter says:

      How could it even be legal for parents to actively endanger their children’s lives like that? I mean what a person does to themselves is one thing, but harming innocent children? Where’s the government when you need it?

  14. Madison Sido says:

    What sucks is that the first people who bought into the antivax thing were able to go “See! I didnt vaccinate and my kids didn’t get sick!” Because of herd immunity, they get to think its working fine for them, until all of a sudden there is a huge outbreak.
    Like yeah, if you are the only around person who doesn’t vaccinate, maybe the odds of getting the disease are lower than the already very low odds of a vaccine complication. But when it becomes a popular trend, then youre screwed.

    • firstdayofwinter says:

      +Tiffany J the dangers of vaccination are negligible compared with the danger of no vaccination! That is how we got rid of smallpox, not through infection parties or other such horrible and inhumane idiocy!

    • 2008MrsKim says:

      Leave it up to them, If your child is vaccinated, then there’s nothing to worry about.

    • Carter Williams says:

      The chance of somthing bad happening to you from the vaccine is almost always one out of several hundred million. It is always better to vaccinate unless you have an immune system problem or some other condition

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      Tiffany J actually they are. Vaccines aren’t dangerous and injuries from vaccines are very rare. These antivaxxers think that the tiny risk that their children might get hurt is reason enough for them not to vaccinate. If they applied that same logic to everything they would be stuck in a corner for the rest of their lives. Don’t drive a car. There’s a slim chance it will blow up. Done travel by plane. There’s a chance it will crash. Don’t cross a bridge. There’s a chance it will collapse. Don’t go to work. There’s a chance the building will collapse.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      2008MrsKim actually there is something to worry about. If there isn’t herd immunity the virus mutates in unvaccinated people and becomes resistant to the vaccines making them less effective.

  15. RustyTube says:

    Yes, those measly people did not get their kids vaccinated and now are endangering the kids who genuinely could not be vaccinated for a specific medical reason but would have been protected by herd immunity if the idiots had not refused to have their own kids vaccinated.

    • Margarita Perez says:

      Hey all the very least survival of the fittest is taking away the bad DNA, in the future their will be more smarter people than the present people like Trump won’t be common any more.

    • RustyTube says:

      +Margarita Perez Unfortunately, many dumb people are quite fit to survive long enough to pass on their genes to the next generation.

    • Margarita Perez says:

      +RustyTube yes but al least there will be fewer

    • RustyTube says:

      +Margarita Perez I wish I could agree, but I am a psychologist and see how it all follows the standard normal distribution (aka the bell curve), where most people are somewhere in the middle (68% of all people being within one standard deviation from the average IQ=100, i.e., within the IQ range from 85 to 115), and then there are two extremes, one of people highly intelligent (IQ > 115) and one of the opposite (IQ < 85), with roughly 16% of the population in either of these groups. And just about anything in nature follows the normal distribution curve, so it is not likely to change. But at least information is much easier to find than any time before in human history, which helps most of us in making good decisions. This, by the way, shows that, contrary to popular opinion, Americans are no dumber than the people of other countries. It is just that 16% of Americans (roughly 52.8 million assuming the total US population of 330 million or so) is more than 100% of the people in most countries, so it _seems_ much worse than it is. Take Slovakia (my home), which has 5 million people. That means there are 10 times as many dumb Americans as the entire population of Slovakia. Of course, it goes both ways, allowing for ten times as many brilliant Americans as the entire population of Slovakia.

    • Vanessa Lugo says:

      Margarita Perez yeah but dumb people might not use protection so are more likely to have children young or have lots of children and a smart person is protective and thoughtful about how many children they have. Basically we are screwed lol

  16. Mary Rose Kent says:

    I had the measles as a child (before there was a vaccine) and 45 years later I still remember the misery of having to be in a dark room and having my hands wrapped so that I couldn’t scratch for TWO WEEKS! Vaccinate your children people.

    • Tony Orellana says:

      +A Bell you literally have no scientific proof that your side even is an option. Feel free to have you children possibly die a painful death and to murder other people in the process. You read the box with possible injuries, well last time I checked, death was the biggest risk to your health.

    • Lala says:

      I had a coworker who is completely convinced that a vaccination that her son took a few years ago caused him to start getting seizures. I really don’t know what to think. I feel sorry for her family, and I can see why she related the two things together. All the doctors they went to can’t figure out why the son is having seizures. But at the same time, her skepticism of all vaccines could put her family’s health in more danger.

    • Tanja Buchholz says:

      +TheYasmineFlower the Plague was caused by bacteria and spread so quickly due to abysmal hygiene practices (constant exposure to bodily waste and decay, no washing, etc) and the general malnutrition and poor health of people during that time. Not a vaccine issue

    • Mary Rose Kent says:

      Jerome Green
      I’m still fucking working you worm. I’m not dying before I retire, so you’ll just have to live with it. I did my part by not reproducing—can you say the same?

    • Grendel938 says:

      A Bell Are you high?

  17. Shams Omair says:

    Dumb people thinking they know more than qualified doctors just because they have google

    • Carter Williams says:

      Because we live in a time where some mom can say vaccines are bad but the experts who actually know what vaccines do and how they work, are ignored.

    • Dimsz Dizzy says:

      +Carter Williams Like puting fluoride in the water ?

    • Carter Williams says:

      +Dimsz Dizzy fluoride is only harmful in large ammounts like most toxic substances. They do put it in tap water because fluoride helps with keeping healthy teeth but there isn’t enough to have much of an effect on your brain or your teeth. It is not nessary to put it in though

      Edit: toothpaste has a much higher concentration of fluoride in it so just don’t swallow it.

    • 42 jade says:

      +Carter Williams flouride is also in many many other products, like deodorant, so that amount in the water combines with the toothpaste and the deodorant and the laundry detergent and etc., to add up to a pretty large amount. educate yourself on why the government enforces certain things.

  18. J Scott Hatcher says:

    anti-vaxxers are extremely ignorant and very dangerous people.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      J Scott Hatcher they are also extremely self-centered and self-righteous assholes. They think the fact that they don’t vaccinate their children somehow makes them morally superior.

  19. Star Cherry says:

    I’ll never forget that guys’ story when he was about to take one for the team!
    Oh gosh that’s so embarrassing

  20. Star Cherry says:

    Hey now Trevor don’t blame the people that were not vaccinated because of their parents.

    Instead blame the parents for not protecting their children!

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