G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More

G-Eazy On Stepping Away From H&M, Being A Crazy Gemini, Halsey & More

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90 Responses

  1. Lavar Cole says:


  2. Marrow Morrison says:

    Morning my black brothers and sisters. Keep shining and don’t stop thou, do what you were born to and continue fighting the good fight ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #blackunity #blackinsight

    • Stiffler says:

      Saket Manolkar WACIST

    • Stiffler says:

      Pure.Blackness but more whites are killed by police😂and the overwhelming majority of blacks are killed by…wait for it…Ohhh it’s other Black’s…well ain’t that just like the artery in your neck and the paper cut on your pinky analogy I gave earlier😂

    • Haluwazone says:

      thekiddsean330 I thought you were stupid in an earlier comment, I see that I’m wrong now, pound for pound you a champ for saying that son!

    • Stiffler says:

      Haluwazone yeah he’s real stupid actually seeing that blacks do more damage to each other than whites do in today’s America..get that mirror and have a word with your stupid self

  3. The_other_black_guy says:

    “G’s dope, might blow up. Think I know I’ve got a hunch “

  4. KIMMY says:

    That’s crazy he mentioned Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho”…..he looks like him! 😳

  5. All Day says:

    G Eazy the coldest white rapper since the one with the bleached hair 💯

    • Ghana Mafia says:

      Ok…but nobody cared for him until last 6 months so clearly 4 or 5years of him being around didn’t mean shit….so you’re a fool for bringing that up.

    • freemaxbbb says:

      Post Malone is a faggot as is every other white rapper except atmosphere old Eminem and vinny pax
      G easy may not be great but he is fucken honest and modest so keep talking about faggot ass Malone who should be shot for ruining when you should be fucking with stack bBundles why so many faggots with shit taste and hate stop hating g-easy just because he is the hottest white dude out don’t ever say that Malone cocksucker again

    • freemaxbbb says:

      And Mac Miller is the definition of the biggest faggot in the world who was always trash, him and all his fans should be traded to death so we can get Stack bundles back

    • Ghana Mafia says:

      Slow down….it’s kinda retarded to use the word Faggot in 2018….that word fell off in 2015….

  6. Albane Vogg says:

    i find it a bit disturbing he’s not looking at angela yee when he’s answering her questions

  7. Gates 3 Designs says:

    He looks like Andrew Schultz if Schultz steps in the Steve Urkel transformation chamber.

  8. Ashley Reid says:

    I think he’s too quiet of a person for this breakfast club interview.

  9. Frank Smith says:

    Andrew Schulz rapping now? 😂

  10. Rowvi the Bad says:

    Damn… my prejudice ass was not giving G-Eazy a chance… but the dude seems cool and chill.

  11. LynnJrMusic says:

    It feels good to finally see Andrew Schulz back on the breakfast Club

  12. Jeremiah Davis says:

    I love how he stuck with the moral decision with h and m instead of hanging on the dollar sign he’ll have plenty of opportunities to come.

    • Xclus IFE says:

      Jeremiah Davis but hm did nothing… like really the shit was not that damn serious…

    • Jeremiah Davis says:

      Xclus IFE in my opinion to THERE knowledge they didn’t do anything wrong but you CANT tell me they didn’t believe a red flag wasn’t going to be raised on this when we’re in such a sensitive social media era. There’s freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean others won’t get offended by it. Regardless if they meant harm or not they should’ve been smarter to see this coming.

    • Xclus IFE says:

      Jeremiah Davis that was my comment on another vid. I can gurantee that was a conversation. Butnmaybe they thought in 2018 people would have more common sense. Cause tbh ppl only called it racist cause of his color. And it was the ppl who did it so thats kind of a self-prejudice. Refardless people did the most about this shit

    • Xclus IFE says:

      Jeremiah Davis also fam why u goin so political? Freedom of speech implies they meant to call him a monkey. Its called a clothing company who wants to make cool hoodies for kids. They have had shit like this before(the hoodie). This outrage is retarded.

  13. Pilar Allen says:

    Angela always got that green smoothie. She goin live til she 100!

  14. reep3r says:

    Iv gained a lot of respect for g eazy after this interview

  15. Tavon B says:

    G Eazy look like he works for the mobb on the low.

  16. Tykia and Omillo says:

    Damn envy have some morals everything isn’t about a check ….so what if they hire new people the damage is done

  17. Darnell Jackson says:

    “G-Eazy is 6ft 6 with gel in his hair” – Joe Budden


    Good morning to everybody who is innocent and has love to other people Thank God for another day 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾all y’all my brothers and sisters no matter what race u are God sent us in planet that we call Earth to be together we the good people should stick together and fight the hatred and racism


    Most Geminis are sooo two-faced

  20. Couch Tomato says:

    He dresses like a Vampire

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