G Herbo – Break Yoself

G Herbo – Break Yoself

Break Yoself


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57 Responses

  1. #773 Tonioo says:

    Swerve ain’t missed inna minute i won’t even lie 💯🥴

  2. Die Rich Entertainment says:

    boy how this shit so fire and i aint made it past the ad yet

  3. Danny The Coon says:

    2 drops in one day? Bro decided to bless us tdy, lol

  4. Gabriel BandzVEVO says:

    Already a certified classical hit

  5. Liyah Liyah says:

    I’m up like Ian got school inna morning 😭😭but this straight heat 💯

  6. j Davis says:

    That swervo whistle more iconic than 42 duggs 💯

  7. Keinon Green says:

    these bars is so raw you don’t even kno what to say but damn 😭💯💯

  8. Gabe _ says:

    “i’ll Pull up in the Newest Beamer Like i’m Money Mitch” 🔥💰

    • Sheldon Cooper says:

      @LL No Cool J that shit really inspiration no cap got me working

    • ___MY ZQUAD IZ GODZILLA’z ___ says:

      He will pull up in the newest Beamer like money Mitch
      We will crack his whole frame leave him funny bent
      Have his bitch looking for the fucking rent
      Everyone goat till Godzilla shows up
      I’m smacking the shit outta him since he froze up
      You think he that and this till we make him fold up
      He sold what ? Like I give a fuck I’m stomping his face in he ain’t better then luck

  9. Tooli B says:

    “Bought a watch and chain tryna make yourself cool” Herbo dont Neva miss🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  10. Buddy Scarver says:

    🗣”Death from all this smoke real gas dont be inhaling it”

  11. Pops says:

    *I might flip the black rolls white like it’s heaven sent*

  12. Sølø. Clåudiännä says:

    “If you want me u gon have to make yo best move”🗣

  13. Arabang Mpete says:

    Smh,I’m in school rn and I left class to go listen to this song in the bathroom. Its straight up gas though

  14. Dwayne Cole says:

    i’m glad g herbo got all his real fans back nigga was getting use to dropping n getting a milly in a hour 😂 to many fake fans

  15. Nick Boutin says:

    Herb tops everyone. Actually lyrical, not mumble non sense

  16. Chaac1521 says:

    “Death from all this smoke, real gas don’t be inhaling it” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 my gawd

  17. HoodFamous Tae says:

    “I’m not in that top 5 put me in that top 6”-herbo they sleep on me too😴

  18. BoZe says:

    They say this and this and I’m pissy rich I got mansion cribs went through 20 whips I bought 6 legit 🔥🥴🥴

  19. YOUNG MIKE. says:

    Here before a million 😈

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