G Herbo – Cold World (Official Music Video)

G Herbo – Cold World (Official Music Video)

Official music video for G Herbo “Cold World” from the new album 25, available everywhere now: https://GHerbo.lnk.to/25Album

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You know we believe in the power of manifestation, man
I always spoke this shit into life, into existence, man
Said I was gonna have this shit
And I really got this shit
That’s why I call it two-five
You know if you from the ‘Raq man, this shit hit different
2 plus 5 that’s 7, that’s the God year
I beat the odds man, all this adversity, and for what?
Greed and disloyalty
Know we beefin’ with the opps on top of all these lawyer fees
When we lurkin’ on they block the chopper speakin’ Portuguese
Strapped with 30 shot Glocks, we got like 20 more of these
Now I’m millionaire status, watched some homies leave
Thank God, I found out he a rat before the cheese
In the California sun, I’m rockin’ shorter sleeves
Some of my niggas really gon’ be gone for 40 seasons
Can’t believe I beat the streets, I’ll give you 40 reasons
I was on my toes from the morning to the evening
Think I was a doctor how I seen a nigga bleeding
He a real pussy hole, I seen the nigga screaming
He a real demon and he lookin’ like he mean it
Hollows in his chest, he stretched, I seen it how he wheezing
Yeah I’m hot like Weezy, yeah I’m hotter than the sun, I got ’em stoppin’ breathing
All the shit I’m spittin’ sick, you might start coughin’, sneezin’
Fuckin’ with these rappers, might get tricked, don’t believe ’em
I made it out with heathens, dissed & I received it, blessings that is
Blessings, yes I did, stacking M’s, that’s just for my kids
You like this song Sohn-sohn?
Yeah, I like this song regardless
You like it? You love daddy?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
What’s yo’ name?
I am, Yosohn
You love daddy?
Yeah, I love daddy
I ain’t know the world was cold, I saw a murder at nine
Still thought I was fine
No wonder I played with cap guns all the time
Can’t make new friends, ’cause I lost all of mine
It’s a blessing to be alive, that’s why I strive
It’s a cold city, windy, even the hoes gritty
Watch out these hoes tricky, nobody owe pity
Ain’t no more OG’s cause most niggas told and them niggas old bitches
Gotta go on a hit with two 30’s or more cause most niggas roll with 50’s
Whole city got a brand new wave of Glizzy, now them bitches came with switches
When the fuck they bring out them editions, man this shit gettin’ fishy
The police still too quick to kill us when we look suspicious
They tryna knock me off my square, but I’ve been in stiff positions
No coincidence I got here from there cause I’m just a gifted nigga
Doing 150 in a Urus carefully tryna miss collision
I’m strapped, it’s easy to get whacked, I make a split decision
And ‘Sohn he miss me cause I lost my vision, damn
Yeah I know you want that, man these niggas trippin’
Holding in that stress, and DMX, I get to slippin’
Fell in with the opioids and I started clickin’ out
Always angry with my girl cause I felt like she bitchin’ out
I was just swimming with sharks before I walked up in the house
Know this pain lay deep inside of me, I just can’t get it out, so now I feel like shootin’
You can’t wait to let it out too, yeah I feel like you
In a fight with my anxiety, I feel like Juice
And I beat the streets, man
Not by coincidence, it’s because I embraced it
Like, all the toughest shit I been through in my life, I took it
Head on, I ain’t complain about it, man, you know what I’m sayin’
It actually get greater, later

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49 Responses

  1. thatsnotjayy says:

    Who thinks G Herbo The most underrated rapper ever 🚀🔥

  2. jus says:


  3. Lamar Anderson says:

    Love the collaboration with his son

  4. Rojo Loko says:

    Respect for putting his son on the track and with credit to his name 💯 real shit

  5. Serious Cyrus says:

    My favorite song off the whole tape! But I didn’t think that he would make a video for it tho. I’m hyped af for this💯

  6. oscar peredo says:

    “so now I feel like shootin’
    You can’t wait to let it out too, yeah, I feel like you In a fight with my anxiety, I feel like Juice”

  7. vStxnna says:

    imagine 20 years from now when his son is grown and he hears himself on this song

  8. Kosfinger says:

    Herbo gotta be up there in the top 5 rappers for me. Hes just so underrated

  9. lucent says:

    When he says anything before the song starts you know it’s a banger🔥💸

  10. Arturo Soto says:

    Don’t get me wrong, herb cool…I remember being in the county when he got locked up on some gun charges, already established, and refusing pc. Herb was in gp…don’t get me wrong, he was on an older nigga deck, but that wasn’t on him. He did deny pc though. With that move I respect his music. He been developing as he’s gotten older, and for where he comes from, his messages been getting deeper. Anyways, and for those who say he underrated, hey that’s your personal perception of him then and now. YOU underrate him. What makes a rapper a great rapper is your personal taste of music. Perhaps he just now hitting ur vibe therefore you refer to him as underrated. But looking at his whole career, he been cool and developing just like all artist.

    • Mr. Wade says:

      there is great rappers then great artists.

      Herb a great artist. If not great now he will be.

      Like you said some of his shit deep.

      It definitely depend what life you life but herb touch my soul. He got some dope musical concepts. And he got some timeless shit. Plenty mfs got bars, but they shit ain’t timeless.

    • montell miller says:

      I been listening to him since his first ever track, he underrated because a lot of niggas ain’t really in them streets so they don’t resonate with it the same. You said all that just to mention you was booked with dude in the county lol, Lil heroin the coldest

    • Marquise Green says:

      @montell miller lmao on god his fan ass

    • Jus Tice says:

      Read this whole comment real shit 💯💯💯✊🏿

    • Joao V. M. says:

      @Mr. Wade yep to feel fr his music u gotta live/lived certain shits cos his music catalogue is 90% bout personal shit

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