Gabby Petito Case: What We Know About the Van Life YouTuber Who Went Missing in Wyoming

Gabby Petito Case: What We Know About the Van Life YouTuber Who Went Missing in Wyoming

Gabby Petito hasn’t been seen for more than two weeks and the search is heating up for the Long Island woman on a cross-country trip with her fiancé.

This week on The Debrief, Pei-Sze Cheng reports from Grand Teton National Park, where Petito’s stepfather is doing all he can to drum up leads and convince Brian Laundrie to tell authorities what he knows about Gabby’s whereabouts.

0:00 Intro
1:16 What we know
2:17 Gabby’s stepfather speaks
6:40 What police are saying
11:38 An investigator’s take

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47 Responses

  1. Ms Gottaluvme says:

    Seems as though he would’ve alerted the police when he couldn’t find her instead of going home…Prayers for Gabby and her love ones

    • Pretty Boy says:

      The loss of woman isnt important , the very significant here is the man because he looks so hot we wonder How will it feel him pounding our tight holes wow…

    • Ryan Sayre says:

      ​@le th oooo edgy

    • chris tucker says:

      @Paul franciosi Shits crazy man, a guy from where i live in ireland completely vanished in grand teton at the start of summer, still hasnt been found.. Last seen with some dude he didn’t arrive with up there

    • Ryan Sayre says:

      @UCe41gTZCNgFti_RhIoS0v3Q Completely agree, but if this man has anything in defense of himself, it certainly could be said. that might help the full fledge attack on him right now.

    • Pretty Boy says:

      @Ryan Sayre damn! Forget the girl just focus on how hot this man, imagine him with you at 1am in a tight boxer short and dim lights

  2. Dark & Twisted says:

    This story has been on all of my social media feeds. Someone really needs to start talking! I hope Gabby is alive and safe 🙏🏾

  3. Frances Charters says:

    I’m praying that shes ok and comes home This is very disturbing Why did he leave her there ?? Also the other 2 people murdered

    • Sina Bagheri Sarvestani says:

      I’m not an expert here but I think they got into an argument and she left the boyfriend and got lost while hiking or there is a serial killer out there , hopefully she is lost and she will find her way back home . I noticed there is a subway restaurant near her hotel where her parents said she stayed at , maybe the owner saw something to maybe she used the wi-fi there to check her map route .

    • Ed says:

      She dead. He did it. Reporter is trash.

    • Rynik05 - GC Pirates1205 says:

      @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani if that were true he would say something there would be no reason to stay silent and not help find her. He most likely killed her which is sad but I honestly believe if anyone is a serial killer it’s him. Seems weird that a couple is murdered right near where she was seen last and then she disappears right after? Makes me think he killed that couple camping and either she caught him and he killed her or she said she was going to the police and he killed her! Either way he’s a piece of shit even if by chance he is innocent which I highly doubt but say he was not helping the police find her or giving any information is fucked up!

    • EstaWorks-3D says:

      @Ed he didn’t do it. and he’s dead now aswel (they are both missing now)

  4. MedzCreation says:

    If she was just lost he would’ve been looking for her he knows she dead “allegedly “

    • Indrid Cold says:

      Sadly, this is yet another case of a dead blonde girl that will be swept under the rug.
      !LAUNDRIE is NOT this family’s REAL SURNAME!

      Each family member has multiple aliases, even more addresses, Social Security and IRS information that doesn’t match their dates of birth nor places of birth… known associates who have been business associates, but also shared the same residential addresses, each living at tgese addresses for only one to three years at a time. One family in particular, very close to the ‘Laundrie family’ shows at least three untimely deaths amongst less than a total of one dozen relatives. The dates of these deaths coincide with certain transactions, etc. If you catch my drift, you catch my drift. If you don’t, you don’t.
      I could go on and on, but these are the kind of @ssholes Who are involved with the kind of people that will track you down and kill you for outing them in detail, especially if you provide any evidence.
      They have strong ties to the intelligence- community/military, shady real estate dealings, and shell companies galore 🙄

    • Sarah Rollins says:

      Can’t they track the location from where that text was sent

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      She beats him up regular maybe she’s fine n he just left her cause shes not a nice person ? Love how you all just jump to the worse conclusions , shocking

    • Alina says:

      @USSR if this would be the case he would definitely talk about this since there is no crime in it. he has something to hide thats why he is silent

    • Alina says:

      @Chris Reed she is a girl and physically she cant seriously hurt him but he is like few times stronger her and if he hits her she can die. it applies to all men. thats why women can attack since it brings no harm but men cant

  5. Jessica Lee says:

    I don’t think she’s alive . He’s her fiancé , and he returned without even making any calls or report her missing before he made the trip back. He traveled back calmly. He’s very guilty .

    • EstaWorks-3D says:

      another possible scenario.

      they owed money or got into a dug deal. and they sent him to get money and would threaten to kill her if he told anyone.
      now he failed. she is dead. and they found him because he is missing aswel

    • James Tatters says:

      @EstaWorks-3D and another possible scenario is aliens came down and abducted her!!? Or maybe she see a drug deal going down and they’ve kidnapped her!!!? What’s the point in guessing and making up totally random bullshit how’s that going to help… you could guess all day long and work out a million and one scenarios but the fact is you don’t know stop guessing.

    • Cory says:

      Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s guilty.

      Maybe he was kidnapped and she was threatened.

      I don’t think he seems like the type at all.

    • relaxation station says:

      She’s dead. We all know how this story ends. Whether it was on purpose or an accident the boyfriend killed her.

    • Cory says:

      @relaxation station You guys are dense

      He didn’t kill her.

      I’m a pretty good read of sociopaths and he just isn’t the type. At all.

      Utah is an incredibly sketchy place. There’s a lot of messed up stuff that happens there.

      More likely something happened to both of them and he’s not talking out of fear or something.

  6. That One Lady says:

    Hopefully so many can learn that this just goes to show,it’s not always so pretty behind the scenes of what looks like a “perfect happy couple living the youtuber dream”

  7. Harvey Rogerski says:

    Assuming Brian is innocent, he needs to state where he last saw her to narrow the search. Anything less isn’t just unhelpful – it’s inhuman.

  8. John Ruiz says:

    If she was alive she would have contacted her parents by now. That in and of itself is telling. Sad situation.

  9. LittleLulubee says:

    If they had broken up and parted ways, he would have admitted that and revealed everything he knows, as soon as he found out she was missing. The fact that he didn’t makes him look SO GUILTY.

  10. Fredrcg says:

    She ain’t lost in the woods. Her boyfriend is silent because he killed her.


      @Nep Michael
      No I didn’t see the video..But thanks for the update..The police supposed to put her in a hotel or something to separate the two.. Why not there is a possibility that the police or someone else is involved in her and his disappearance..Who knows

    • Riitta Puhjo says:

      He took her van as if it was his own because Gabby no longer needed a home or a transport. He knows she is dead.

    • psycholordb says:

      @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe no the police are supposed to put her in jail for domestic violence

    • IDK 3000 says:

      According to your comment, Scott Petersen and Chris Watts were NOT silent…so they’re both innocent, correct?

    • Nep Michael says:

      @IDK 3000 how about this Laundrie guy can’t stand to lie in front of other people like those guys you mentioned. Some people don’t know how to lie like those psychos did. It’s pretty obvious he’s got something nefarious he wants to hide

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