Gabby Petito: New developments with Brian Laundrie’s family car | LiveNOW from FOX

Gabby Petito: New developments with Brian Laundrie’s family car | LiveNOW from FOX

Police continue to search for Gabby Petito’s fiance Brian Laundrie in a Florida wilderness reserve, with a heavy police presence arriving early Thursday morning. Meanwhile, police have now returned the Ford Mustang belonging to Laundrie’s family. Laundrie had been using the car extensively since returning from the road trip he took with Petito.

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40 Responses

  1. Mon Slay says:

    I bet that when his parents took the camper and truck camping, is when they dropped Brian off somewhere and then parked the car at the reserve in order to stage the hike he supposedly took

    • Mike Eubank says:

      He’s probably still alive or they (parents) wouldn’t have done so much They need to be looking into the laundry Matt family members kin foke ECT and ECT I’ll bet he’s hauled (@$$).

    • Marisol Pagan says:

      Definitely they hiding him

    • Henry Rollin says:

      I believe the samething that his family helped him escape and have the authorities
      wasting resources looking in the woods, when in fact he`s in Orlando maybe.

    • Tim F says:

      @Princessa Lucia That range endurance of hat vehicle over 70 hrs at 75 utilisation allows for ABSOLUTELY that.

    • Tim F says:

      @liana sammartino that question has been very current on Websleuths and the answer is NO. UP to the time of the Weekend trip of approx 4-6 of Sept , there are multiple sightings around the house. After that NOTHING. Draw yer own conclusions. For me he never set foot in that Carlton reserve and the Mustang thing is one big Nothingburger to gain him time. Family are complete SOBs and I hope they get charged in the wash up.

  2. David S says:

    Brian’s family have sent law enforcement in the wrong direction, this guy is not in the reserve, he is somewhere else.

  3. Nick Carpenter says:

    Brian’s parents are gonna be in for a big surprise if the cops find him. Prison life for them as well!

  4. mitsy Ireland says:

    My heart goes out to Gabby’s family and friends. Justice for Gabby and her family praying they find that evil monster Brian. I hope the FBI are watching Brian’s parents every move

  5. DomKeyWest says:

    The parents should be making a plea for Brian to turn himself in. Very telling that they are not doing so.

    • WhiteTP0ison says:

      @cracaman B-T you are a lost soul.

    • cracaman B-T says:

      @grosbeak I’m gonna guess that u don’t have any kids… If u do, then I guess it’s safe to assume that u don’t love them unconditionally

    • MrTurbo87lx says:

      @cracaman B-T great to know u would support murderers.

    • Henry Rollin says:

      @Ariel Walker They helped him escape

    • grosbeak says:

      @cracaman B-T it’s ironic that you say don’t get it “twisted” in your original comment here, when you should have taken your own advice when it comes to your own thinking. Your sentiments are so misguided and misplaced, along with being self-righteous as if what you’re saying is virtuous. Non are so blind as those who choose not to see their own misguided thoughts and sentiments. But no, you think you’re being righteous and virtuous. Again, it’s kind of funny that *you* used the word “twisted” in your own comment. Hmmm.

  6. Tanner S says:

    They weren’t acting nonchalantly they were trying to make it look like everything was normal. Everything these laundries did was planned. They went camping in that small camper together, I don’t think so, they used it to move supplies and scope out places for Brian to escape.

  7. Kerigan Paige says:

    I honestly think his parents are helping him stay off the grid. I’m sure he’s hiding and they are suppling him with food , water and things he needs to live

    • John Burris says:

      IDK, they don’t seem that bright.

    • Michael Paul says:

      That won’t work for very long because they’re going to be watching them like a hawk.

    • Luis R says:

      Where’s your proof??? Your the type of person to accuse the Innocence because of public opinion that’s why we have courts that’s why we have laws and due process and etc.dont assume anything. When you do you make an ass out of you.

    • Christie Foreman says:

      A guy who eats at restaurants and post’s things on any social media is NOT a guy trying to live off of fresh water, fish and plant life. A van to sleep in on occasions when you don’t want a tent is not a wanderer that wants to stay in the bush. I literally think all American officials have Lost their mind’s because of the little horn who gave his followers the Illuminati and shadow government abilities. I noticed we at home are thinking better than our safety in the field and that’s an unsafe America.

    • Sherry Hazel says:

      I would think they are watching the parents like a hawk!

  8. Lupie Housewife says:

    He’s not in the reserve. If his parents even really believed he was there, they would have left him his car so he could safely return home. They picked up the car from the reserve because that was the plan. He’s not there! It’s a diversion!!! They took him on the camper 24-36 hours away and then drove back without him. His parents need to get arrested! That mom of his is a piece of work!!!!!

    • violetgypsie says:

      @Lupie Housewife There are many things we don’t know and we are all anxious to get him so he can answer questions. But we don’t know what he said to his parents when he returned on Sept 1 without her. He could have said that they broke up, or that they had a fight and she went home to either of her parents places, or that she decided to fly to Oregon where they were supposed to meet their friend. So he could have said anything and they didn’t figure out he was lying until later. At that point they might have decided to get him out of there. And the “camper” trip with the 3 of them is suspect, but again, you don’t know if he was lying to his parents either. We won’t have answers until his parents come clean, or he is found alive. Still waiting for the full autopsy report on Gabby as well. My heart breaks for her family.

    • Norah Inamara says:

      @Kristin Nagle strongly support you, utilize all the CCTVS and cameras to track the family

    • Lyn Patricia says:

      Just an incredible waste or resources.

    • Quinn Batiste says:

      @Lyn Patricia probably going to cost over 10 million dollars

    • Monika Ragsdale says:

      Yeah he is not there, searching in the wrong place. They drove him somewhere else, too much time waisted.

  9. Tom says:

    Especially odd that parents would take their son camping after he just returned from a months long camping trip. Seems unusual to me.

    • curtis lawson says:

      Not unusual as they knew they were hiding him. No idea why the authorities can’t see thru their crap

    • Lusi Myer says:

      Everything is unusual.
      Alot of things are just not right.

    • Beatrix Kiddo says:

      My heart goes out to the park ranger who tried her best to talk to her. I’m sure she sleeps with a heavy heart 😢

    • Larry Wakeman says:

      especially since he didn’t say WHERE Gabby was after she was living there 2 years….horrid

    • Larry Truelove says:

      @curtis lawson
      I think they did. However, sometimes it’s easier for lawyers to throw out objections than it is for police to resolve the obstacles lawyer place in front of them. Smaller police departments seldom have the kind of legal budget for the kind of investigation this has become.

  10. Patty says:

    I am sure he has a throw away phone, along with his parents. Who is everyone kidding? He is gone but not forgotten. His day will come and he is well aware of that fact as does his parents.

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