Gabby Petito’s final days: odd texts, growing tension, severe anxiety detailed in search warrant

Gabby Petito’s final days: odd texts, growing tension, severe anxiety detailed in search warrant

The North Port Police Department and Sarasota County executed a search warrant on September 16 in connection to the investigation into the disappearance of Gabby Petito.

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50 Responses

  1. M Ashton says:

    I think he may have offed himself but he’s hiding in one of the parents friends hunting cabins somewhere

    • apapz3245 says:

      @Wildfire exactly thank you for seeing how it is unlike everyone else getting all upset

    • apapz3245 says:

      @John Dillinger you seem triggered. Moron. The people that called the police didn’t see the whole thing, SHE told the police she was hitting him as he was driving, he was trying to push her away.

    • apapz3245 says:

      @leah murphy he was being attacked by a psycho girl, DID YOU NOT SEE THE BODYCAM FOOTAGE? Holy shit this is why you don’t argue with people on the internet, complete idiots lol

    • michelle belle says:

      He’s too much of a coward to kill himself. His parents are helping him hide.

    • carpii says:

      his parents gave him a 3 day head start on the cops, I doubt he wanted this just to go and top himself. He’s hiding out somewhere, maybe he’ll kill himself when the cops close in. How come nobody is reporting whether he took his passport with him, or whether the FBI have put airports on alert?

  2. wayne harris says:

    If Brian’s intention was to impersonate Gabby in the text to her mom, he failed miserably. Referring to her grandfather as “Stan” was a dead giveaway. However, for whatever reason, if Gabby was forced to send that text, she might have typed “Stan” in hopes a red flag would go up. I mean, can Brian be that stupid?

    • ༺Ashera༻ says:

      I mean Brian has to be one of the dumbest people to commit a hxmicide. Leaving suspicion and red flags everywhere. Not the brightest bulb, wouldn’t put that kind of text message past him

    • ༺Ashera༻ says:

      @Andy Freeman ah yes, the paradise that is Florida… All the druggies and crazy folk who make the Heaven’s Gate cult look sane in comparison.

    • ༺Ashera༻ says:

      @Thedudeman Herobruh “doing everything legally right.” Yeah okay, if he’s alive he’s getting crushed by the hammer of justice. That’s not what happens to people who’ve done everything “legally right.”

    • Andy Freeman says:

      ​@༺Ashera༻ I’d sure as hell rather live in Florida right now than some liberal shithole that’s for damn sure. Fucking insane ass libtards stay where u are and do us a favor, keep disliking Florida and stay far, far away from here lol. No sweat off our backs, i guarantee u that.

    • Thedudeman Herobruh says:

      @༺Ashera༻ it happens to them if they are a criminal…. I’m sorry your rights are confusing. You should look into them.

  3. Steve Rinaldi says:

    Clearly makes zero sense Brian goes “hiking” under the circumstances.

    • A Alvarez says:

      @Sheila R well if he is then he most definitely wont last there at all

    • A Alvarez says:

      @Jonathan Chui wont go far at all its either suicide or he gets caught this will keep fucking with his mind

    • Words Unheard says:

      News said his parents found the car but not him at the park, so they drove the car home.

    • Keith Mandeville says:

      @Makesha Murray Sounds to me like she was just agreeing because she was scared of Brian.

    • Tamara Mc says:

      I knew it, I just knew it. When they were pulled something did not seem right with her behavior. As I’ve stated before about Brian, who is a narcissist. I’m so glad this tape came out. I knew because of a long ago past abusive situation I was in. I just knew it. She was covering for him when the police pulled them over, because when a women is in an abusive relationship or is abuse, they protect the abuser. If you’ve never been abused it’s difficult to explain why. I got out in 1999 but I can see the signs a mile away. Also, the news said in Gabbys text she called her grandfather Stan by his first name and that wasn’t like her, that probably wasn’t her sending the text🤔

  4. Dwayna Robbins says:

    The night she had to stay in the van I wished to God she would have just left him at the hotel. BLESS HER SOUL🙏

    • Bobby Ackerson says:

      @Tracy L it was flat ground were they were, there were no cliffs nice theory though

    • Diane Tatakis says:

      I think this would have turned out differently if she had gotten to go to the domestic violence hotel. It would have saved her life but the cops let him go not her because he said she scratched him. Thisis sad. So sad. Rip Gabby

    • Skitdora2010 says:

      @Bobby Ackerson A stranger would be 100% more likely to pick her ass up than his if they separated. I don’t know where you have been but pretty young blonds get hand outs and perks way more than passive aggressive older bald men. That is just life. Men are always bigger threats and that guy is shady looking as hell. What he did was illegal no matter what he did, because he took her van and that is theft. And she would not have died if she had that damn van so he didn’t leave with a ride and then come back to find her dead.
      And certainly I would have gotten sick of his shit as soon as he tried to lock me out and called police myself on his ass doing that to my car. She could have had him arrested for that.

    • Jasmine Bebe says:

      @Diane Tatakis They took her to a safe place and let her go… they separated them. She chose to go back. Stop blaming the cops. Since he was the only one with marks they text book should have charged her.

    • Randell Duncan says:

      @Bobby Ackerson same thing I was thinking . I know at the time she didn’t wanna go to jail but had she only knew it would have saved her life . Just makes me sick he took away such a beautiful soul from soo many ppl

  5. Bobby Swain says:

    Did le lie when they said they knew exactly where brian was or were they just going off of his parents word again? This whole thing stinks to high heaven

  6. David says:

    Man, this relationship was toxic and it got worse. It’s such a shame.

    • Jasmine Bebe says:

      @Jelly Jam You just won the internets

    • Chris McDowell says:

      @Serena Williams – Of everything I have read, regarding these two, what you expressed in so few sentences, is straight forward and says it all.

    • ThePresentation010 says:

      @Tony Montana to someone low iq who cant comprehend advanced concepts yes.

    • Joan N. says:

      @Corners of my mind He would be fairly attractive if he had a full head of hair! Personality matters too, of course! Did he have much of that?

    • Backintime Alwyn says:

      @Serena Williams women really need to know how to spot a psycho. It’s so sad. Mean people exist and there is not always an excuse, they just need to accept that many people get a huge kick at hurting others and it’s not because they hurt in the inside. Take that as a fact and save your life.

  7. Radha Das says:

    Gabby said he kept threatening to abandon her when the police questioned the two of them.

  8. Vida McCurdy says:

    These parents are exactly like the Watts.they will protect him until they can’t, no matter what he’s done..

    • JB Curran says:

      @Smita Gurl Parents are protectors it doesn’t matter how old that child gets, and Brian happens to be the youngest born as well which means the parents dote that much more on them. Not justifying what took place it’s just the family dynamic.

    • Backintime Alwyn says:

      @Smita Gurl you’re trying to opose valid moral arguments to antropological reality. Okay, good luck with that. I’m not saying you’re wrong , i agree from a moral point of view , but it’s not what’s going to happen. parent’s role always has been to protect their children many will take it to the next level. I just find idiotic to go all baffled that parents would defend their children, what a waste of energy. You’d sell your own child? good for you.. I guess.

    • Smita Gurl says:

      @JB Curran and that is something I have a problem with some people’s parenting. Never teaching your children accountability is what lands them in such situations. There’s a high possibilty Today’s theif might become tommorow’s robber, and today’s abuser might become tommorow’s killer if there is not proper intervention at the right time. Love,support and care for your child but teach them accountability at the same time. Correct their behaviour when you still can. Tell them there are consequences to your actions. If you are always hiding your child’s mistake and always cleaning up their sh!t for them there might come a day when you “help” might be considered a crime.

    • Ohio Grassman says:

      @Smita Gurl you need to read what I wrote again lol. Maybe a bit early for you reading comprehension skills??

    • Smita Gurl says:

      @Ohio Grassman   i read it pretty clearly thank you very much and I ask you again, when could they have asked him to speak to police. When they hired attorney for Brian? When they refused to let police meet with him? Oh must be when they refused any communication with petito family even before missing person report was filed? Nope definitely when they mislead the police to waste the time and resource of LEO while making them search for their darling son Brian in a place he never was.

  9. calli love says:

    I’m sorry your life was stolen Gabbie, you’ll never get an apology from that man, but I am sorry that happened to you. May God keep you in his Holy Spirit.

  10. Monique Cobb says:

    Young People: It is NOT IMPORTANT to display a happy, perfect loving relationship online, when it isn’t! There’s no pressure to show us a perfect life either, because there is NO SUCH THING.

    • Jay Joy2 says:


    • All Things New says:

      Victim’s are coercively controlled and often blamed, Stockholm syndrome develops and we try to get away but no one believes the abuse or they minimise it so we blame ourselves. When a prisoner of war you don’t tell the guard you are awaiting an opportunity to escape, the police rarely help so its safer to say everything is fine. So we are stuck in futility and toxic hope that the beast might just change this time if we love enough, give enough, forgive enough, jump through hoops, stay silent and promote the abuser so he has a little mercy on us. From experience they do not change, they only want to steal your virtues, kill you then destroy your spotless reputation. Run quickly but quietly narcissistic psychopaths are that charming Chris Watts, pure evil, wolves in sheep’s clothing, no one sees what really goes on.

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