Gabrielle Union – All the Reasons Why “We’re Going to Need More Wine” | The Daily Show

Gabrielle Union – All the Reasons Why “We’re Going to Need More Wine” | The Daily Show

Gabrielle reflects on being a black actress in a largely segregated Hollywood, how society views blackness as inherently threatening and her experience as a survivor of rape.

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59 Responses

  1. Nae West says:

    🙄 I feel like course of my life would have been different if I went to a Prince party or at least got to met him in person

  2. Carmen says:

    awesome, deep, inspiring interview.

  3. Cybr Friends says:

    Proof we need more inclusive diverse parties. Prince would have wanted it that way.

    • Tracy Crawford says:

      +MDZPNMD .

    • Mortimer Laforet says:

      what do you mean by “travel more”? travel where? like in africa or middle east? i already see the kind of people those regions are sending us…

    • The Adept says:

      Lol! That should become a thing. So…we’re at a mansion party and we’re all getting kind of board and then someone just says, “Hey guys, is this what Prince would’ve wanted?”

    • 666Tomato666 says:

      + Mortimer Laforet riiight, because when person makes one, or even few mistakes, it invalidates everything else they ever did – “you jaywalked, you’re worse than Hitler” school of thought /s

    • Momon says:

      Mortimer Laforet I’m going to send you so many Syrians for being so ignorant.

  4. ziljin says:

    Damn she’s beautiful!

  5. Siddhartha Verma says:

    We’ll get new episodes of Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Seth, Colbert etc this week. And it already feels like it’s been an year.

  6. Jan Hoogendijk says:

    Great lady and respect for she fight a real battle and she got stronger. Not easy at all.

  7. Izere Lynda says:

    I always love listening to Gab Union. Intelligent, smart, funny and just downright amazing!

  8. Hannah Rose Meuschke says:

    Just bought her book! She’s awesome! Come sit at my table… I wish I could cast you.

  9. Linnell Jones says:

    This was the best interview yet. The world needs more positive women like this.

  10. M. Murray says:

    I appreciate her realness. It is very inspiring ☺️

  11. TrentBoogie 13 says:

    My acting is completely informed by my blackness. Awesome quotable.

  12. kelly muigai says:

    So much beauty in one interview!!!her brains and physical appearance. Just lovely!

  13. Anders Vesterholt says:

    How the hell is she 45.

    • Joanna Lee says:

      +William Cortelyou 😂😂 funny . I am 46. No one believes me.

    • Truth Never Lie says:

      cnashford2 Black is still Black, it hasn’t changed nothing new about it.

    • The Empress says:

      William Cortelyou Sounds like something I heard from comedian Bill Burr and it was hilarious! Yeah true enough lotion helps but our Melanin is most responsible.

    • Holly Huffstutler says:

      Played a high school SOPHMORE at 30. Insane

    • Melissa Bellais says:

      Still trying to wrsp my head around that… I am not american and the type of racism you have in America it is completarlo foreign to me, but I see her point, the way she explains it makes it so clear to me, first tune I ever knew about her was Bring it On, I know I’ve seen her before, but I KNEW who she was after Bring it On… And she’s about 10 years older than Kristen Dunst abs the rest of those girls, she has a much longer career

  14. Magret Haynes says:

    She is so amazing. Absolute deep deep conversation. God bless and safe our children.

  15. gryphonshire says:

    Gabrielle Union has the courage to tell it like it IS. I’m a white great-grandma who’d be proud to call her my friend.
    Since we’ll likely never meet, I will read her book instead. Thanks, Trevor, for this fabulous interview!

  16. Animus Nocturnus says:

    Wow. She seems effing cool.

  17. Mallory Ütebay says:

    DAMN she’s awesome. Intelligent, beautiful inside and out, well-spoken, educated, talented, funny. Definitely need more women like this in our world.

    • blckstrdust says:

      Mallory Ütebay and in her mid forties…. sheesh! Wow!!

    • tomoko kanehisa says:

      There are many intelligent, smart, beauty, black women like this. However they do not get recognized.

    • blckstrdust says:

      tomoko kanehisa I second that!! So many beautiful black women who are gorgeous, 45 but look 27 and are out of this world with their smarts, wittiness and talent. But you are correct in saying, they do not get recognized. So sad. There’s a very specific reason why people say, “black don’t crack” referring to the age vs appearance of s black woman. And “once you go black, you never go back.” Lol seriously though.

  18. Terrian Wa says:

    Trevor Noah is the BEST Interviewer/Host of all time!

  19. Nosihle Mbambo says:

    I love how he conducts his interviews. He makes reference to the book and he allows the interviewer to speak and have a conversation with them , never going off topic. Also  , the people he brings to this show are also amazing!

  20. Aiden Kasakya Muganzi says:

    I can feel both Trevor and Union walking away from this exchange more grateful and nourished. Very candid interaction.

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