Galatasaray vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UEL | Round of 16 – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Galatasaray vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UEL | Round of 16 – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Barcelona has markedly improved since the appointment of Xavi as manager. Tied 0-0, they face the difficult task of overcoming Galatasaray on the road.

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50 Responses

  1. Mukesh Khanal says:

    Looking at how confident and calm Pedri was with that goal, its hard to believe he’s only 19!!

  2. Abraar Jamaluddin says:

    There’s literally no way Pedri is 19

  3. Erick Castañeda says:

    The team needs to get those goals in. Madrid will be a tough game if they don’t get those “easy” balls in the net

  4. eduardo olacio says:

    That was ridiculous Pedri!!! Es buenisimo este men!!

  5. LakeShow Highlights says:

    Gala fans really did that? Jordi you savage for giving zero f*cks and kicking that ball at them made my day lol

    • The Name says:

      @David L trash fans ? How?

    • PeGaSus230 says:

      @LakeShow Highlights Don’t be unnecessarily mean…or jealous of their legacy. Lakers just taking a break from having won too much…thus giving another team a chance to shine. Then they’ll take that team down in a season or two😂. Plus, it’s good for the game…and fans…when the same few teams are not winning all the time.

    • LakeShow Highlights says:

      @Umur Gulsen touché, lakers dog water rn

    • Umur Gulsen says:

      @LakeShow Highlights just like you after every lakers game

    • margaret tami says:

      Yes they deserved it and that shouldn’t be a yellow card

  6. Migelon says:

    Barcelona spent the last minutes attacking – best defense possible when you dominate the game

  7. Exelixi says:

    The front needs to get better at shooting, specially from outside of the box. I think Barcelona could be scoring more goals if the front was more confident to try to shoot outside of the box.

    • Elder Onofre says:

      The final third need to step it up. I wish Kun Aguero never got that heart problem 🙁 hes way better than depay or Aubmengang

    • Brayan says:

      Ferran does shoot outside the box except it always goes high and wide

    • EA Xposed says:

      @Kostadin Zhelev 4 goals per game last month is an “ok” number?

      It says enough that 4 goals a game is “ok” and you expect more, it means Barcelona create a ridiculous amount of chances per game.

    • Kostadin Zhelev says:

      SamiGoesCrazy not really it’s an ok number but we are missing 3x the amount of goals

    • SamiGoesCrazy says:

      I mean tbf we have been scoring a shit ton of goals recently

  8. isaac luna says:

    As a die hard Madrid fan, I love to see Barca get back on their feet, let alone 11 games undeafted, xavi is a master and it shows 🔥 now can’t wait for el Classico this Sunday

  9. Alex Vargo says:

    Gavi is 17 really dang plus Dembele with the nuckle at the end on target that’s an amazing goal

  10. Murat İlik says:

    As a Galatasaray fan , I wasn’t expecting to win tonight, good luck Barca and Xavi for next games.

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