Galaxy S6 Active vs Slapshot!

Galaxy S6 Active vs Slapshot!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is obviously a pretty rugged phone. In this video we aim to find out just how “rugged” it actually is… This is obviously an extreme scenario, I don’t recommend trying this yourself.

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20 Responses

  1. MrBlitz says:

    Hockey? Get it? Because he’s Canadian?
    Yes I see the door.

  2. Steven Levi says:

    OK so i reserve my comments for those most deserving. That being said……
    BEST REVIEW VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!! Production value through the roof. Lew you
    hit this one out of the park! Home Run! Touchdown! Bullseye! What am I
    saying, GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!

  3. Phoyosabre says:

    BAD ASS, I might cut off some clips for my next FRIDAY VIDEO. SUBSCRIBE TO
    SEE IT ! ! !

  4. Blue Neighbourhood says:

    This was a well edited video and pretty cool that the phone got through
    those slap shots

  5. connor tokarz says:

    This could be a commercial that’s how good this was

  6. Helmi Nurfuadi says:

    2-3 years ago never came to mind that a torture test video would be this

  7. Charles G. says:

    This was an amazing video!

  8. Mark Shawn says:

    anyone else see the crack at 2:24?

  9. Saeed Daakeek says:

    That feeling when you see your phone falling but you cover your face
    because you don’t want to see the impact hit. Did many times when that
    phone was slapshot and in the shooting tests especially. Great vi +Unbox

  10. goustune says:

    it must be so annoying to change phone every few months and reinstall
    everything back

  11. Benjamin Burgess says:

    if otter makes a case for this phone, you should try test the case for the
    same tests

  12. Ahmad Zaben says:

    This would be a great commercial for Samsung.

  13. True_ Dublock says:

    This is epic holy shit

  14. antoine williams says:

    been watching for a long time

  15. Jacob Camacho says:

    Could I get a gray IPhone if I do get one please

  16. Abdullahi Hussein says:

    Hey unblocking therapy are u doing a give out for a ps4 plz reply

  17. M3ntalSquidz says:

    Favorite YouTuber

  18. Jamie Woodhouse says:

    awesome video you should do more tech destruction videos

  19. eraj raza says:

    I love your set up such a simple sleek design

  20. Michael Pinto says:

    Lew, this is probably the most amazingly Canadian Video I’ve ever seen.