Galaxy S7: Water

Galaxy S7: Water

The earth is made up of mostly water. We’re made up of mostly water. We need water to survive. So we made a water-resistant phone. Get all the details on the Galaxy S7 here:

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20 Responses

  1. CYPHAJINX says:

    Only if Iphone can do that to 😒

  2. Jose Cardenas says:

    s8 fire resistance

  3. Saidy Cedano says:

    I wish you guys amazingness today and everyday of the year. Don’t let
    anyone get in the way of happiness, not even yourself. you are strong and
    capable and amazing and if you are feeling ashamed, alone or unworthy know
    you are better then you could ever imagine and know not to regret things
    and don’t live your life ashamed but embrace the present and the world
    around you. YOU MATTER TO ME. Don’t mind those who made you feel like you
    didn’t. You are amazing and you’re not weaker then any battle in life. You
    are cared for. You are worth it!!

  4. Ali Khen says:


  5. KP prez music says:

    I don’t care about water proof or whatever. I care about the look and
    battery. Because ain’t nobody want to drop their phone. 😂😂😂

  6. Nathan Cooler says:

    Apple gonna have to step up their game

  7. Halo The Flygon says:

    Now you can watch pr0n while in the shower.

  8. Axel VI says:

    And iphone is getting their headphone jack taken off… come at me apple

  9. ace101ification says:

    And if you live in Africa you can’t find any so all galaxy s6 owners you
    must live in Africa.

  10. Thatguy says:

    how about you make it break proof

  11. Username 0100123 says:

    “Only two things you can’t live without: water and your phone” I certainly
    can’t live without Oreos.

  12. ElessarGR says:

    the new water resistant not WATERPROOF!

  13. cruman87 says:

    Water “RESISTANT”, not water proof.

  14. Royal skyline Fan says:

    “Water resistant”

  15. Bronze Bear says:

    Steve jobs is rolling in his grave now

  16. Moises Lane says:

    They copied iphone’s ads

  17. mamatea says:

    great, now i can do my ‘research’ while taking a shower 😀 neat.

  18. . “Bill Cosby's pharmacist” says:

    they got a point

  19. dre dayvon says:

    they are really focusing on the edge

  20. Kdubb815 says:

    Great commercial and this is coming from an iphone user.