Galaxy S8 first look (parody)

Galaxy S8 first look (parody)

Apple parodies:
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20 Responses

  1. Thelegend27 Formerly know as luke First says:

    First episode in the last month that hasn’t included me me big boy

    Edit: yes after the 70th fucking time I noticed the thumbnail and the shirt

  2. Molly Kaye says:

    Well I gave it a 10/10. A S8ten.

  3. BlueLP Diamond says:

    NOT MY DISNEY! Moment of silence for Club Penguin.

  4. EmHo says:

    Only 7 faps?!?! I’ll stick with my Blackberry!

  5. Superman says:

    You mean Donald “Not my Rodrick” Trump?

  6. PokeWaffles says:

    Ah, it’s about time someone included a GameBoy Camera on a phone. It’s the technology of the future.

  7. theVHSvlog says:

    HOLY SHIT what’s on your face

  8. The Rio show says:

    **Original funny comment that’s very relatable**

  9. Ashwin Kumuthan says:

    With the new Galaxy Note 8, we replace the tiny battery with an atomic bomb.

    BOOM, fixed your phone

  10. nobody 123 says:

    we we big boys

  11. musty max says:

    The thumbnail says me me big boy

  12. Excal says:


  13. TacticalCraze says:

    2:28 unskippable ad about global warming on a 2:10 video thanks

  14. Nick Mucci says:

    Would have been funnier if the explosion graphics were Samsung Note exploding phones

  15. Bandoum says:

    Chas-v-me guys

  16. Jake Meyer says:

    Anyone else notice the elusive, “me me big boy”, on the phone in the thumbnail?

  17. Sarah Gill says:

    “There’s a fingerprint scanner on the back so they can find the killer”
    *moves to Canada*

  18. Stefan Steynberg says:

    If you could please review your free year supply of burritos from chipotle that would defiantly be nice..

  19. Connie Smith says:

    “with 4 headphone jacks, witch is an obvious middle finger to apple” XD

  20. DammitSinged says:

    Samsung = Big Boy
    Apple = Small Boy

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