Gallinari punch huk|pugno a huk (olanda)

Gallinari punch huk|pugno a huk (olanda)

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20 Responses

  1. Luca Bertoli says:

    Grande Gallo!!!

  2. ibrasibo says:

    Il Gallo è stato un pollo (scusate, non ho resistito xD)

  3. Alessandro Chezzi says:

    Frattura al metacarpo per lui, salterà l’Europeo per questo pugno.

  4. Žilvinas Žuromskas says:

    Fuck you gallo!!!

  5. makaveli2584 says:

    Porco dio Gallo porco dio!!!

  6. Francesco Zanetti says:

    Mi sembra una reazione troppo violenta non va bene gallo.

  7. Admiral Bulldoge says:

    helloooo. just an english comment passing through

  8. Jeff Klein says:

    Keep doing u gallinari! Fuck tht guy!

  9. Ricky Ticky Bobby Wobbin says:

    Skootzi babadaboopy!!

  10. Red Arrow says:

    Gallo a thug lol

  11. BeepBeepBoopBoop FC says:

    Kenny the Jet: “La Sausage!!”

  12. Alex Delligatti says:

    Quello che un jerk

  13. Dave O. says:

    barilla? i eat that pasta brand who else?

  14. AceWolffian says:

    Didn’t realize getting a touchdown in futebol was so aggravating to players.

  15. santillanlove says:

    What thees

  16. Preston Callahan says:

    Sorry for my bad English.

  17. hykyktvtjfujfutjyftkurtfukyygiikukgyjykudydkuluylz says:

    Hello English people comment under here for discussion so we don’t have to scavenge for other English comments

  18. avery nacho says:

    Great video quality

  19. ALPO says:

    I would’ve punched him too?

  20. Dani Morrow says:

    *mamma mia!*

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