Game Jam Hollywood – Making Games in Fortnite Creative for World Cup Finals

Game Jam Hollywood – Making Games in Fortnite Creative for World Cup Finals

Game Jam Hollywood tells the story of a secret Fortnite event in Hollywood, California. Sixteen of the best Creative community builders came together and combined their powers to create brand new Creative games for the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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84 Responses

  1. xsenda says:

    who else is just gonna watch this for the rewards lol

  2. Arnas says:

    Well, waiting for the rewards.
    WHO ELSE??

  3. TotallyNot Alex says:

    I bet after 20 minutes thousands of people who’s in the livestream will leave

  4. 3ddypogi says:

    I just want the rewards!

  5. Joel SRP says:

    My friend: hey u watching the game jam for the spray
    Me: no I’m reading the comments for the spray

  6. itzame Moofstera says:

    please fix replay mode on console please

    edit: add my epic because I need friends: SHaDE_Moofstera

  7. Adam Playz says:

    Omg guys thanks for telling to put 2X playback for everyone that doesn’t know how to put it 2X Tap the video then press on the three dots put playback then put it 2X

  8. ShadowKidGaming says:

    Everyone: Talks about maps
    That one dude: *My Coach called me Dolphin Dom because I was good at swimming.*

  9. PrezoGaming 97 says:

    I thought I was 5 minutes in but I was 19 minutes in lol that means it’s entertaining good job epic

  10. Everywhere says:

    I watched this for 20 min but didnt got a reward. Anyone knows how to fix?

  11. Wonka Willy says:

    I could not allow myself to do something like this I would start having seizures due to the maximum cringe

  12. BloodWalker96 says:

    I’m a graphic design student, a senior in college in California about to graduate soon, is there anything I can work on with Adobe programs maybe as an intern? @BloodWalker96
    Great designs and creativity.

  13. ROBLOX-MINECRAFT//Gaming Channel Any Gamings says:

    I Bet $5 That Everyone Is Letting It Play While You Read The Comments

  14. Granit Kryeziu says:

    Omg i watched it like 3 times, my account is linked and I still didn’t get the Spray ( btw make the video 2x so u can see it for 10-12 minutes)

  15. Mischa Wals says:

    I watched the video twice but I haven’t got the spray yet. How long does it takes before the spray is added to my account?

  16. Takiman Gaming says:

    My man DolphinDom plugging the Lachlan Merch

    • Grm13aper206 FTW2 says:

      Sponsored by Lachlan
      Merch season 3
      Link in description
      Jk lol I thought it’d be funny idk

  17. Diddyp17 YT says:

    Happy 2ND Birthday Fortnite!!! ?❤️???????

  18. River Reid says:

    If it doesn’t give you the spray then try these tips-

    Restart Fortnite
    Rewatch the video for 20min
    Make sure your account is connected.

    • YoMama JR says:

      I can’t watch live because I’m at work all day, hopefully this works here just to watch video

    • Bigmine says:

      If will take 24 to 48 hours because it take time to put the spray in your account for example like you have to play fortnite on note 9 to get the galaxy skin then in the next 24 hours u will get skin is like that I will take to for the spray ?

    • VRS_Bolo says:

      If you watch live you will get the spray only and good luck on your work 🙂

    • YoMama JR says:

      @Bigmine thanks, hopefully it does it, but I’ll watch the one tomorrow. It starts while I’m at work and I hope it goes on for more that 4 hours

    • Jared Antone says:

      @YoMama JR rip

  19. Juan Rengifo says:

    99.9% fortnite players in this moment : WhErE iS mY sPrAy?
    0.1% asking: how to get the spray?

  20. Sun Huntxr says:

    I watched this thing about 4 times already and never got my spray

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