Game of Thrones Prequel – Doom of Valyria – Animated Pilot (unofficial)

Game of Thrones Prequel – Doom of Valyria – Animated Pilot (unofficial)

For 5,000 years, the Valyrian Freehold ruled the world, until its surrounding volcanoes obliterated it from history. But, what truly destroyed Valyria?

This project is not affiliated with HBO, Game of Thrones, or any property belonging to George RR Martin. This was produced unfunded and is distributed not for profit. It is for exhibition purposes only.


Inez Kratman (professional inquiries)
Patrick McCarthy

Music By Philip Timofeyev

Sound By Tom Croke

Brandon Hearnsberger –
Robert Watkins –
Adam Dooley –
Inez Kratman –

Valyria is on the eve of celebrating its first incestuous marriage, but this has stirred controversy among the elite and underclasses. What appears to be a metaphor for the downfall of the Valyrian Freehold is simply a precursor to the true destruction about to come.

We produced this to help inspire the next HBO series. Loving Game of Thrones, we spent years compiling a story and world that can help give audiences a new adventure that brings audiences closer to the franchise they already love. This is essentially a pitch to HBO to hopefully produce a live action spin-off. The real pilot is an hour long and the scenes play out very differently, but the characters and plot lines are the same.

I have used this channel as a portfolio to become a professional writer/director in Hollywood. I would love to continue forward with both Doom of Valyria AND Stewie Potter. But, I wish to do it for their respective owners. If either HBO or Fox wanted to push forward with the ideas I put out, I will happily work with them. Otherwise, I will continue to make projects that inspire audiences and inspire the industry. An episode 2 of anything is very possible, but I can not guarantee what will be the next video posted to this channel. I appreciate all of you, and I am ALWAYS working on content. But, the industry is unpredictable, and whatever happens next will help determine my next project (maybe one day one of my original properties πŸ™‚ ).

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19 Responses

  1. Nicholas Barton says:

    Amazing work Patrick and Inez!

  2. bakchod kumar says:

    bro you did it😊😊😊😊

  3. Corina 3 says:

    This is epic, I hope it becomes famous and this is HBO’s plans for the spinoff!

  4. DhDeadMan says:

    That was fun, nice job.

  5. Christopher Birley says:

    pre cool

  6. Ashley Everhart says:

    kudos on the hard work!! I’d have kept watching.

  7. Rene says:

    Excellent work! you should get into the movie industry.

  8. nathen mcneil says:

    Yes finally I’ve been waiting since the family guy episode

    Ps. Do you remember me Patrick I’m the guy who commented three years ago and you gave me my first like

  9. Lisa Ligon says:

    Terrific!! This would be an excellent prequel.

  10. Sirkay Shah says:

    epicc video nice

  11. Saadi says:

    That was awesome! Love the details on the characters and how each background has its own feel to it. Looking forward to what happens next

  12. Gui Eggert says:

    Why did your post on reddit get taken down?

  13. RockSolid says:

    Very well made! Hope this works out for you.

  14. Omkar Kulkarni says:

    This is amazing! I wish this was the actual spinoff!

  15. Brian Yuan says:

    can i just point out that the legnth is exactly 20:17 long

  16. starlord says:

    is there going to be a episode 2

  17. John Jepsen says:


  18. Kevin Watson says:

    Awesome, please make more! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  19. Zuzanna Sokal says:

    I really respect you and can’t help but admire you for the hard work.

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