Game of Thrones Season 5: The Sight: Brienne and Podrick (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 5: The Sight: Brienne and Podrick (HBO)

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The raven brings The Sight. Behold a vision of Game of Thrones Season 5 and watch the premiere Sunday, April 12 only on HBO.

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20 Responses

  1. lilcummy says:

    bet her face tastes good

  2. James Wiliams says:

    Boring story !!!

  3. wyl Kan says:

    Brienne is a dead woman walking.

  4. kingstoken says:

    I love Brienne. It is so hard waiting for the next season. I really want
    to see where they take her character, because it looks like they are
    deviating from the books.

  5. FAYMprod says:


  6. Cookoo Bird says:

    stop teasing …

  7. Blu-Tube says:

    What exactly is “the sight”?

  8. Pedro Henrique says:

    I have to read the 5 book before the spoilers start

  9. John Uysal says:

    Fuck you Brienne.

  10. eternalscorpio1 says:

    I love Brianne

  11. Javjean says:

    show that Dwarf (mythology) that can predict the future

  12. scamrasc says:

    every time i check a GoT youtube comments section there’s now always hoards
    of funny stannis-the-mannis “the one true king” comments…..i can’t tell
    if his fans are simply being more vocal now that he’s finally getting more
    of a story, or if the stannis fanbase really has grown…..
    either way…i feel there’s a stannis revolution going on.

  13. Marcie Heacox says:

    Did I stare at the white & gold/blue & black dress too long, or are these
    last two videos blurry?

  14. Ryan West says:

    Bran’s *actor* may not be appearing in Season 5, but the imagery that
    started and ended this clip—plus all the references to “the Sight”—have
    me thinking that his *story* is very much being told: I think Bran’s
    supernatural training/transformation/whatever up north involves him
    expanding his abilities with the Sight, and that we’ll be seeing hints
    throughout Season 5 that he’s observing certain events taking
    place—likely with the same visual cues: a squawking crow introduction and
    a dream-like lens filter over certain isolated scenes peppered throughout
    the season, which are revealed in Season 6 as Bran’s supernatural

  15. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    Did benjen stark warg into his horse? Is that why his horse came back after
    they had traveled 100s of miles

  16. Ritabrata Majumder says:

    I just want John Snow to kill the f*cktard Stannis! Even though suddenly
    people like him, I don’t! 

  17. ryanforeally says:

    She should have came across Lady Stoneheart by now but noo000ooooo

  18. Chancho says:

    “Brienne of fuckin Tarth!” <3

  19. Sycro Yasen says:

    aww poor brienne 

  20. Sam Melamed says:

    This white and gold after light on the show is really nice