Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – Wildfire (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – Wildfire (HBO)

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20 Responses

  1. An0nym0us9001 says:

    Cersei did 9/11 confirmed.

  2. Spykermation Productions says:

    Well, this was an EXPLOSIVE episode!

  3. Grey Worm says:

    This was a tragedy, they were all slaves to their gods. Im glad that queen
    is dead though, she made me feel funny.

  4. Brian Wenger says:

    2:25 awesome shot of the fire blowing up the star.

  5. garance ahran says:

    cersei, queen of the badasses

  6. Laila Sayed Ismail says:

    “Oh yes, you’ll be Queen…for a time. Then comes another, younger, more
    beautiful to cast you down and take all you hold dear.” ~ Maggie the Frog

  7. Julia Rose says:

    so theres this kid at my school who always sucks on my nipples even if i
    tell him to stop and we need to teach him a lesson my disliking all of his
    videos! his youtube channel name is iWillSuckNipples24/7

  8. Renée McDonald says:

    Okay, so it seems Jon Snow is Robert Baratheon’s son and his mother is Ned
    Stark’s sister, so he is high born on both sides. Wow :D

  9. LOSTEpisodesForFree says:

    Plot twist: Cersei is a cunt.

  10. Catfish Tully says:

    The fear on her face is what makes it so real. She was literally just
    collateral damage.

  11. 33LOVEPINK says:

    i cant watch other tv shows bc GoT is the best

  12. Jacob Fuad says:

    Who do you want to kill ?
    Cersei : Select all

  13. kevin P says:

    Ah CerCi is so deliciously evil

  14. SheNoob087 says:

    Most amazing and horrifying explosion ever. Fucking 20/10 episode.

  15. Palanoobz says:

    when dany gets back to westeros and presumable defeats cersei she is
    probably going to have to hold a lottery among the great houses to decide
    who gets the pleasure of having to kill her. or dany could just order the
    entire dothraki horde to violate her.

  16. Pat Rick says:

    Still can’t believe that scene. So awesome

  17. Christina Huang says:

    I was so scared for Margaery my palms were sweating…I was yelling at her
    to run! take loras and get out of there!!!

  18. Krisb BeatS says:

    Ramin Djawadi deserves an Emmy, an Oscar, a Grammy and a Nobel Prize for

  19. Fataley says:

    Remember Lancel from season 1 lol xD

  20. Cristian Jimenez says:

    Forget about the bloody gods and listen what I’m telling you.-