Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #2 Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #2 Preview (HBO)

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20 Responses

  1. wire barb says:

    Where the fuck did Bronn go?

  2. Christian Paufin says:

    I feel bad for Stannis after watching the end of the episode 1.
    So it’s true : “The night is dark and full of terrors”, if you know what I
    mean. c:

  3. anghaenga says:

    Who’s the actress who plays mature Melisandre at the end of episode 1?
    For research purposes.

  4. heyheyheyheyheyhey76 says:

    i wanna see jaime butcher ellaria and her stupid whore daughters for
    killing myrcella soon

  5. Archival31 says:

    Does anyone also wonder where did the hounds go, when the battle started

  6. operationNOBO says:

    D&D are just social justice warriors. The bullshit sand snakes and the
    Dorne storyline butchering is pathetic.

  7. Golden Eagle says:

    seven hells! what happened at the end of episode 1?

  8. Roland Dantes says:

    Ohhhhh wear the necklace back Melisandre! My eyes hurt! Lol. Melisandre
    indeed will do something soon regarding Jon Snow’s corpse.

  9. Rouzmary says:

    Now Sansa will know that all her younger siblings are alive. Starks are
    coming back!

  10. MortigaDawn says:

    I’ll never trust a nude scene again.

  11. Spotto26 says:

    Anyone else just constantly watch these previews throughout the week? I
    love it

  12. Yellow King says:

    Can someone tell me the Dorne plotline from the books? I haven’t read them
    but everyone keeps saying that they ruined the Dorne plot

  13. dragonmcmx says:

    Haha… Stannis poked a 600 yo cunt.

  14. Zack Fair says:

    “The Gods spilled more blood than the rest of us combined.”

  15. Lexyvil says:

    How did the Sand Snakes get on the boat with Trystane when they didn’t get
    on it with him in last season’s finale?
    Plot hole?

  16. Joseph Ballin says:

    Why do I keep watching this shit show? It just keep getting worse and
    worse. Bring back season 1 quality!

  17. gopaa07 says:

    Abort erection! I repeat, abort erection!

  18. 666melodeath666 says:

    If Stannis burned her daughter out of hunger I doubt he would ever eat
    again anyways if he saw what he was thirsty for all this time that’s right
    Stannis youve been fucking a GILF

  19. VegetableHero says:

    I wish Stannismania was still running wild

  20. VastedCouth says:

    Hopefully Dany gets fucked in episode 2.