Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #9 Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #9 Preview (HBO)

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20 Responses

  1. Maxblind20 says:

    Why does this battle looks 10x better visually than any medieval movies
    today ?

  2. AIDS SKRILLEX says:

    I hope Sansa dies, I don’t want her to rule Winterfell. She’s just an
    annoying brat with entitlement.

  3. Primrose M. says:

    what did Jon say in the beginning? (before “I fought beyond…” ) I’m not a
    native speaker help

  4. Carlo Magno says:

    no Cleganebowl, no lady stoneheart, the blackfish dead
    i’m so disappointed

  5. g cyril says:

    If their gonna kill Wun Wun I am gonna lose my shit.

  6. Jay Bal says:

    I’d wager 20 good chickens that Littlefinger’s Knights of the Vale will
    come after the victor (presumably Jon) and take Winterfell for himself. He
    did say this line back in season 5, “It is critical to strike soon, while
    the victor licks his wounds”.

  7. Natascha says:

    is this the final Episode of the season? or how many are there?

  8. Neon Pheonix says:

    Please, for the love of Old Gods and the New, don’t make all the fucking
    fighting off screen. I wanna see every character at their death so that I
    know that you don’t make it as stupid as Summer. (I know Summer held off
    the wights, but it was still cringe. RIP)

  9. Aydee Zurie says:

    0:42 white walkers in the background? WTF

  10. LovelyYTRocks says:

    Can someone explain why Ramsay would engage Jon in a battle? It was
    explained that in a siege, 1 man in Winterfell is worth 10 outside. Ramsay
    outnumber’s Jon’s army 5,000 to 2,000. They also have provisions inside
    Winterfell to last years. A snowstorm is coming, and Jon has no supplies
    out side the walls.

    So why in the hell would Ramsay fight Jon?

  11. 96miffy says:

    0:13 I bet the horn is the Mannerly arriving for help or they are
    starting for war.

  12. davy209 says:

    Sir Davos of House Seaworth better not die!

  13. jj jack says:

    i pray ramsay wins. When he does win, will he take his shameful, ungrateful
    wife back?He is the strongest lord while Snow has alread managed to get
    himself murdered once.The starks may have been strong house for thousands
    of years but this current bunch are a bunch of naive weak twats. They had a
    good run, let someone else rule the north!

  14. Manu Pillai says:

    goodbye Rickon

  15. kleanthis Aristidou says:

    well if he dies again we bring him back, right guys ? :DDD

  16. Petter Söderberg says:

    0:04 We see Hornwood and Mormont banners, i’m going to asume the gray/white
    one is Stark. Who are the blue and white banners? Mazin?

  17. FIRST ! says:

    No One expected this episode to be full of teases

  18. Paul_DX says:

    a girl is ARYA STARK of winterfell! and she is going home bitches!!

  19. Joe Rigby says:

    Ramsay burns four people before the battle for jon to see, rickon, osha,
    stannis and walda maybe?

  20. Josh S says:

    Don’t kill Wun Wun off dammit!