Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 – TOP 10 Q&A

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 – TOP 10 Q&A

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 TOP 10 Q&A. Dragonglass Greyscale Theory, Jon Snow Daenerys, Arya Stark and The Hound’s Vision of the Night King ►
Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Trailer ►
Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 ►
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20 Responses

  1. Emergency Awesome says:

    Comic Con is this week, so there’s going to be a lot of extra footage for everything. I’ll be doing as many videos as I can handle, but leave all your requests in the comments!

  2. SuperChivasLover says:

    “Tell them the North remembers”. Chills

  3. Rj Westra says:

    they really need to address a few things, how is arya able to steal faces without being at the house of the undying. does everyone know that cersei destroyed the sept of baelor? how are the people not revolting right now? theres no grain coming from the reach and now they have a crazy queen who just murdered the common peoples great leader (high sparrow) along with a portion of the citt. and finally why is no one upset that jon snow has desserted from the nights watch and his lords automatically believe him about coming back to life and seeing the army of the dead.

  4. FitnessFreaks says:

    How could the maesterrs not know about dragonglass? They have books on it aren’t they meant to be the google of westeros?

  5. akaHgN says:

    Concerning Edmure, if you rewatch the last episode of season 6, Walder Frey clearly states to Jaime that “Edmure is back in his cell, couldn’t kill my son in law now, could I?”

  6. C. Kokosnuss says:

    Does anyone think, that Arya will kill Cersei wearing the face of Jaime or Tyrion?
    Bitter bitter death…

  7. Andreas SK says:

    Arya and Hound vs Cersei and mountain ?

  8. Kevin Henson says:

    the gift could be the horn that binds dragons. from the books. this could balance the power. I’d rather that than a dragon dying.

  9. Xeekei says:

    If Dragonglass is the cure, it’d explain why the Stone Men all gather at Valyria. They’re looking for the cure?

  10. Count Blah says:

    Ser Jorah is not a prisoner. He is in quarantine trying to get healed. Remember when Stannis said that he got every maester he could to cure his daughter of grayscale. That’s why I Jorah is in Old Town because the maesters are probably the only ones who can save him. however, he is definitely in quarantine while they try to heal him. Notice the gloves that Sam was wearing?

  11. J. Skellington says:

    The Valenqar Prophecy says the little brother will wrap his hands around her neck and choke the life out of Cersei.1). Tyrian’s hands are too small (look at Shea)2). Jamie only has one hand….BUT Arya has two hands and could possibly acquire Jamie’s face.

  12. Joe Pereira says:

    5:37 On the left side, it says “There are even tales of the less sou- … -dered dragonglass as a cure”. I’m going to take a guess by filling in the blanks as: “There are even tales of the less sought after method of using powdered dragonglass as a cure for greyscale”

  13. TheNyanNoodle says:

    A R Y A S W O L F

  14. Jinu Choe says:

    After the Lannisters used Lord Edmure to get Riverrun back, Lord Frey threw him back in his dungeon.

    “Can’t go killing my son by law. Wouldn’t be right.”

  15. Joven Jubilo says:

    I don’t hate the Sand Snakes….have you seen that Prison scene…? Yep, don’t hate them. 😀

  16. Sertan Logical says:

    Arya will be shocked seeing jon snow as the king of the north, that is gonna be a sick reunion!

  17. Lori Morgan says:

    How poetic would it be if The Hound ends up being Azora Ahai?!
    I’m in love with that theory, even if it’s a long shot!

  18. ashante says:

    Wait a minute. Isn’t the reason why Robb wanted to legitimize Jon Stark was for him to be able to legally rule as King of the North. Wasn’t he afraid that Sansa, who at the time was being manipulated by the lannisters, would inherit Winterfell. So in order to forsee possible Lannister control of the north, he tried to legitimize Jon?

  19. Lucie Římanová says:

    Dude, love your shirt!

  20. Alvaro Olguín says:

    I really think Arya will join the Lannisters army disguised as one of the soldiers we saw i the first episode, then while in combat Jamie will die and Arya will go on to kill Cersei while in disguise.

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