Game of Thrones Season 8 EP6 (The Iron Throne) Review, Critiques, Analysis

Game of Thrones Season 8 EP6 (The Iron Throne) Review, Critiques, Analysis

It is the end.

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94 Responses

  1. MeowMeowChocoChow says:

    When Bran the Broken said to Littlefinger, “Chaos is a Ladder.” He wasn’t warning Lord Baelish, he was agreeing with him. Bran manipulated everyone. Evil Triumphed.

  2. andy says:

    Bran: no worries brought my own throne

  3. NunyaBiz says:

    The writing for the last two seasons barely surpassed junior high level.

  4. Travis Hammer says:

    In the end nothing radically changed, a new king with new advisors, Jon went back to the north, dragons disapeared again. It’s almost cyclic like next winter the others will come back.

    • Nomadic_Warrior says:

      The population of Kings Landing massively depleted.

    • TheShakey99 says:

      That was my thought,everything changes, everything stays the same. It’s almost realistic. But massively disappointing how it was shown.

  5. felipe estay says:

    Arya is not an experienced sailor, no maps, no one has ever returned from west of westeros……she dies on the sea from scurvy, mutiny, starvation or a storm ??‍♂️

  6. Travis Hammer says:

    Bran will create a thousand year reich.

  7. Travis Hammer says:

    That would be hilarious if George R.R Martin lied to the show runners about the ending and instead used the whole show to sell more books.

  8. Ser Darby Coombs says:

    You’re muh kween you’ll oolwez be muh KWEEN

  9. Kyrious says:

    1-4 and 5-8 are completely different shows with the same characters.

  10. Xenos369 says:

    So now Bran is king and Sansa demanded the North to be independent and she got it… Wasn’t Yara promised independence as well? Whats stopping other lords from claiming independence? There is no centralized army loyal to Bran. For literally everyone else except the Starks and immediate allies, Bran just looks like he had way too many edibles 24/7

    As for Jon Snows punishment… What punishment lmao? Isn’t the Wall now Northern Territory, no longer under authority of the crown? As for the Nights Watch, whats the fucking point of it? The Others are dead, FreeFolk are like 1/10th of their population and they made peace with the Southern Kingdoms… How is Jon getting “punished” here? Grey Worm is fucking off to Naath (i really wish the butterfly disease takes him and the unsullied), so whats stopping Sansa from Exonerating Jon from the Nights Watch? She is the highest authority after all. The ending also has me believe that Jon basically said FUKKIT, and joined the Free Folk.

    Is Tyrion Lord of Casterly Rock now? If anything, Tyrion won the game of thrones. He is basically King, as Bran straight up doesnt give a fuck about anything. How is Samwell a Maester, isnt he still a sworn Brother of Nights Watch? He got Gilly pregnant, so didnt he break his vows (punishable by death)?

    This episode literally had me furious. I knew the spoilers and I was still pissed with the writing. So many fucking questions…

    • Henrique Rodrigues says:

      Also, why in the fuck are the freefolk going back beyond the wall? Have they forgotten the other Seasons? It’s trash up there, there’s no farming Land, there’s a reason Mance rayder United ALL the wildlings, so they could flee from the beyond the wall. Jon Snow himself saved them and gave them Land in the north. Like why the fuck are you guys going back?!

    • Noah Kanku says:

      +Patrick Johnson Sam is not the Lord of Horn Hill his sister is the Lady of Horn Hill

    • Jakub Mike says:

      +doubleP Dude, Bronn who was born in flea bottom and likely cannot even read became master of coin.
      I guess Westeros will needa receiver of bankruptcy estate.

    • One Night says:

      This season has made me dread the final books. Sort of like how everyone thought the NK was the final threat. The were like no Cersei is the final threat. And now Dany is. People think the books will do the series justice, because GRRM is the author. But no it’ll be rushed and lack luster as well I bet.

      Why rushed after all these years? Maybe thats not the best word, bei suspect alot will be lost in the wind, considering there’s still a fuck ton of POVs, lore left, conclusions story etc and there’s only 2 books to do it in. The main thing I care about, which are the white walkers. Are likely to get the short end of the stick, just like in the show. And just like in the show, we still know fuck all about them. No way how robust these books are will the WW be fully explained or even partially. We won’t learn shit about the nights queen, others etc. Remember Dany isn’t even in Westeros yet and Hodor didn’t hold the door yet. So that said. I’m feeling pessimistic

    • Hypo Flump says:

      I didn’t really mind about Daenerys dying or not but it just felt empty.
      Jon pretty much went full brain dead and was just like
      “Eh alright”
      Bran is just a fucking fungus and I’ve always hated his character.
      Jons ending was trash

      Fuuuuuuuuuuck I’m gonna go watch jojos bizarre adventure

  11. Helion Dzhervitki says:

    Jaime is such a good regicide that he tried to kill Bran before he became king.

  12. Stephen Enzor says:

    GoT Quality Breakdown:
    Seasons 1-4 -> Awesome, some of the best television I’ve ever seen
    Seasons 5-6 -> Worse than seasons 1-4, but still mostly enjoyable except for Dorne which was awful
    Seasons 7-8 -> Terrible, tons of stupid episodes like Beyond the Wall and The Long Night. Lots of people acting like idiots or out of character or forgetting important things for plot convenience. Very little internal consistency or general attention to detail, huge disappointment.

    • Julian Olivos says:

      What they did to Dorne was unforgivable

    • doubleP says:

      Pretty spot on and may I add: in seasons 1-4,GRRM was heavily involved with the show.He acted as executive producer,was there during the shoots,advised the showrunners and actors and even wrote entire episodes.
      What most people ignore,GRRM worked many years as a writer for successful tv-shows in the 80’s.
      The moment,Dumb & Dumber pushed him away,in season 5 the show started to go slowly downhill.

    • Richard Hauer says:

      I still think that nobody would complain if it wasn’t such a great show overall.
      How many series do you remember that give a shit about internal logic or consistent character development?
      GoT just fell back to “normal” in the last two seasons.

    • Aegon Targaryen says:

      Spot on perfect. Glad people see that

    • philwill0123 says:

      +doubleP easy for GRRM to be heavily involved when there are books providing a plot guideline. But fact is, he provided a story with a beginning, most of the middle and no end. And essentially made D&D have to guess the ending of his books. GRRM is at least 50% to blame for this. Fact is cast and crew can’t hang around for years for GRRM to sort it out.

  13. William McNally says:

    Jon: Why did you think that was a good idea?

    Daenerys: I can’t count to 20.

  14. Argonova says:

    Bran was never even a player. He just had the cheat codes.

  15. Ethan Davis says:

    Cersei and Jamie pushed Bran right off that ledge and into the iron throne.

    Incest decided the King of Westeros.

  16. Sam Knob says:

    Why didn’t they just dissolve the realm back into 7 independent kingdoms like it was for thousands of years before Aegons conquest? The last Targaryen “does not want it” so why not? It would make much more sense than naming Bran the king. That just came out of nowhere and made absolutely no sense.

    • Sylvine says:

      They’d get crucified for alluding to brexit? xD

    • SoluceWot says:

      Nah your idea makes less sense. Independent kingdoms would lead to invasion, therefore more and more wars. A king who acknowledge the past, understand the causes of wars and who is willing to spend his life to maintain the equilibrium between the realms is far more clever, plus they came up with the idea to elect the future kings instead of making them inherit it from their predecessors, which puts a wonderful conclusion to years of battles and wars.

      They could have decided to end up with a loop (unhappy ending/loop just like in Dexter), but that’s just too easy. Making them actually succeed at creating a better world for the future but with big losses is a perfect ending imo.

  17. John Snake says:

    Kit Harington. The highest paid extra in television history.

  18. mmarlaire says:

    Arya: I know a killer when I see one
    Jon: did… Did you not see her burn down the entire city 5 minutes ago?

  19. alhesiad says:

    Bran should get impeached for collaborating with the White Walker to be elected King.

  20. Yavuz Zenginerler says:

    John: Why did you kill all the people Dany!

    Dany: I thought they were just 20 people…

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