Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

Death has many faces.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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96 Responses

  1. Zahid Ali says:

    Season 1: Incest couple marches at winterfell

    Season 8: Incest couple marches at winterfell

  2. abhijeet kumar says:

    Sam: i healed your friend
    Danareys : fried your bro and dad
    Jorah : lol

    • callum aston says:

      bitchass she can win the game when ever she wants she has the most powerful army and 2 fully grown dragons

    • X says:

      +bitchass Omg stop with that peace of dog shit Tarly… He humiliated Sam and bend the knee to Cersei … Stop bitching about that fucking guy. He had a choice and chose to be burned.

    • Sally Vee says:

      +tru e How does she think she’s the most intelligent? She’s surrounded by advisors and always seeks their counsel openly. Looks like you just hate her.

    • Dasha Korneeva says:

      +thesenceofmorality totally. She was honest and just wasn’t sure how to react. Actually I really want to know what will Jon do now

    • PlasmaPhantom 72 says:

      +Dr. Héróé it was not a smart tactical move. It was Daenerys being blatantly bloodthirsty. She could’ve imprisoned them, they are noble lords, however she let her power get to her head and executed them. Daenerys is in no way smart, she just has military strength and good allies.

  3. Ananda Gaire says:

    Jaime: I’m sorry I pushed you out of window.
    Bran: I became the three eyed raven.
    I know what you did to Tyrion.
    I saw what you said to Cersei.
    You are a good man.
    Jaime : (faints)

    • EddictionZ says:

      Yeah forgot about her, should’ve had a Brienne and Hound reunion. I think if they can come to terms with Dany, they can come to terms with Jaime. After all, Jaime did save the 7 realms from a whole lot of shit from the Mad King.

    • Scrimjaw says:

      Yeah hes got Bran to back him up and Brienne. I’m sure he’ll be fine, all the worried faces in the clips after it are probably from people who are finding out about R+L=Incest.

    • Negan says:

      +EddictionZ Brienne and Hound were already reunited nearly 2 years ago …

    • EddictionZ says:

      +Negan forgot about that, didn’t rewatch the series after season 7 aired

    • Isa Belle says:

      Ananda Gaire Plot twist: Bran just stares lol

  4. The North RememBers says:

    Bran : Night king March South!
    Jon ; Enjoys Riding Dragon

  5. Anonymous Silent Killerzz says:

    Jon: at last I’ll get fired from my job
    The universe: you have been double promoted

  6. Rakesh Roy says:

    Most powerful dialogues of Ep1 was from Sam….no argument

  7. maybesoon says:

    Daenerys: dont be afraid
    Jon: ok
    Dragon: u better be careful with her

  8. Jailynn Silva says:

    am i the only one who feels like dany’s gonna frustrate me this season?

    • 83N5#4 says:

      She has become a self centered bitch.. crying she is the queen everyone should respect her… I hope she dies soon

    • Assassin M8 says:

      +Tay Thack i wished the same but I’m a guy lol.

    • bitchass says:

      Not to mention Dany is racist too. She imperialized the Dothraki, as a white woman and outsider, because she thought that she was “better at ruling” than they are, just like the Europeans said to the Africans. She also burned the leaders which made the Dothraki powerless against her. She’s imperialistic trash.

    • Akarsh Shekhar says:

      I think Dany will kill Jon in the last episode

    • Supr3m3 Zen-Oh-Ku says:

      The blind Daeny hate is getting really fucking annoying. People are really mad at her for killing Sam’s brother and father as if they didn’t choose to fight on the opposing side and as if they didn’t choose to deny the mercy she gave them.

  9. Parv 007 says:

    Daenerys killed Sam’s father and brother but whining about why Jamie killed her father.
    Who deserved to die.

    • CGCentral HD says:

      Bad writing

    • Supr3m3 Zen-Oh-Ku says:

      I dont get the comparison. They killed under two totally different circumstances.

    • xxdavecz says:

      +Prachi Sharma Dany’s father was king and Jamie was his personal guard who betrayed him because he swore to him. It was the worst murder for everyone even for Ned Stark, he is cursed for life, Randyll was traitor so it was punishment by law, it was justice, Ned Stark would kill him too.

    • Hex Kjelberg says:

      Killing his father was not that much of a problem but hearing his brothers death hurts him the moat

    • Maja says:

      You’re so dumb if you think she’s not going to turn the conversation around and this tease is only like 1% of the conversation. Dany knew who her father was.

  10. Sameer Khan says:

    Why isn’t anybody talking about Varys saying Nothing lasts?

    That’s some dark foreshadowing right there

    • Negan says:

      +Nikki Cane That’s why it’s interesting to see where they go now, with Jon being the heir to the throne and Dany executing Sam’s family. All relationships start like this. First is the honeymoon period when nothing even matters, then reality hits, problems start. Dealing with those problems is what defines a relationship. Sex just makes it good.

    • Zubin Mehta says:

      It’s one of the two things:
      1. Varys could be plotting to separate Jon and Danaerys. However, while white walkers closing in, the probability of Varys doing anything sketchy at this point is pretty low. When it comes to Varys you should remember, he is an unattached man, he has no desires, he always places himself in the position of the winning side, that’s all his plots are all about. He wants a new world, a better one, if possible without all the magic and witchcrafts.

      2. Varys mentioning “nothing lasts” could be merely a coincidence serving as a clue for viewers, now that Jon knows about his birth history, him and Danaerys will surely split. If it happens before fighting the walkers, one of them will die, mostly Danaerys because Jon already died once. He didn’t come alive just to know his birth history and die again.
      If this happens after the war with the walkers has ended, then Jon will give up the throne to Danaerys to avoid the feud between him and his lover. (This serves the theory wherein Cersei’s future in her pastimes have been foretold by the witch in the hut, that “She will have 3 children and they will die. She will be queen for sometime and after her reign is over there will be a younger and more beautiful queen than her sitting on the throne” (sounds like Danaerys to me).

    • MrCommenterx says:

      +Hakar muhsin I think varys being the traitor would be too obvious. Dany already threatened him . Also, who is there to betray them to? For cersei who he thinks is a crazy bitch? the white walkers?

    • Nikki Cane says:

      +Negan If they had presented it as such, I wouldn’t have any problem. But they didn’t. They simply tried to force on us the belief that they somehow fell in love, after two or three bland, boring scenes with absolutely no chemistry at all, disrespecting out intelligence. If they had been like, yeah, sure, they’re attracted to each other and it got physical, it would have been fine. But they didn’t go down that road. They tried to sell they were “in love”. Which is total bullshit.

    • Donquixote Rosinante says:

      Isn’t that sentence true presentation of whole GoT show.

  11. Thomas Feinherb says:

    ”whats up umber, what you doing?”

    -aaah just hanging around..

  12. Pratik jambucha says:

    “You gave up your crown to save your people. Would she do the same ??”— Steals the show!

    • dania says:

      i literally just screamed ‘she wouldn’t’ right after sam asked that question

    • DxDafs says:

      +dania same

    • Shaunda Swearingen says:

      I honestly had never truly doubted Dany once, until that moment. It is making me very uncomfortable, but that’s what I love about GOT and ASOIAF. It makes you uncomfortable. It makes you think, it keeps you uneasy.

    • Ayush Kumar says:

      She won’t because she has the capability to maintain her position and save her people simultaneously, however Jon is a stupid cunt

    • Miners And Crafters says:

      +Ayush Kumar every body has their opinion we get it….

  13. Jack Charles says:

    Bran: just saw Euron give your sister a finger in the bum lol

  14. Calactic says:

    I love how bran just stayed in the same spot all night waiting for Jaime lmao

  15. Coffee4life says:

    “Bran has…whatever he has”


    LMFAOAO that killed me

  16. Lungam Bangyang says:

    Exclusive Theory: Tormund gonna go undercover with his blue eyes and kill night king

  17. Edoardo Bussani says:

    “Is that a command Lady Stark?”
    “Don’t call me that”
    “As you wish my lady”

    Magic in the air

  18. Iku says:

    Golden company: We didn’t bring elephants

    Cersei: Am I a joke to you?

  19. zzginigzz says:

    Robert:”i have a son, you have a daughter. we’ll join our houses.”
    gendry and arya

  20. I I says:

    *Jaime rides into Winterfell*
    *Bran locks eyes with Jaime*

    JaimeLannister.exe has stopped working

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