Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Preview (HBO)

The Dead are already here.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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80 Responses

  1. Justin Gonsalves says:

    Next episode directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Director of Hardhome and Battle of the bastards. So expecting nothing short of extraordinary scenes

    • Bernat says:

      And the best episode of the show, The winds of winter.

    • Tweezy786 says:

      Justin Gonsalves Did he also direct the loot train battle episode from season 7 too? That scene with Drogon & Daenerys flying down from the clouds was epic!

    • Guillermo Urdaneta says:

      Tweezy786 nope he didn’t. Spoil of war was an OK episode. Yep the action was outstanding. But most of daenarys doings was dumb. Why to burn all the logistics from the lannister army when you already overkilled the entire army? That was dumb

    • ayysha says:

      it would be even more extraordinary if the battle didn’t take place at night, we’re not going to be able to see anything because it’s so fuckin dark

    • Ash bash 8717 says:

      This bit of information now has me pumped. The battle of the bastards was epic.

  2. Michael ben says:

    Gendry: I think its time we start seeing other people.
    Arya (pulling out her faces): who u wanna see boo?

  3. Not Friendly says:

    Tyrion:would you like a drink pod?
    Brienne:half a cup tho!

  4. Someone123 says:

    Tyrion: “does anyone know a song”


  5. TVD Forever! says:

    Jaime:Things I do for love.
    “Ser Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the seven Kingdoms”

    • Andrew says:

      Episode two was in part about celebrating Brienne, she got the respect of everyone, including Jamie, her lifetime dream of becoming a knight came true. She will die in the next two episodes, guaranteed

  6. sandeep chaudhary says:

    Tyrion lannister: If i die,i will go to king’s landing and rip my sister apart.
    Edit: thanks for the likes?

  7. Jasper Marcos says:

    Yo GOT producers, I still can see it. Make it darker a little bit.

  8. Zain Nikon says:

    Jaime: what about afterward?

    Bran: how do you know there is an afterwards?

  9. Ranjoo Pandey says:

    I don’t know weather you guys noticed but arya got laid in exactly the 69th episode


    For all the people getting confused kindly search the meaning of laid and 69 in terms of the scene of Arya and Gendry

    And ya welcome to adulthood

  10. Lungam Bangyang says:

    *trying to impress a girl*
    Jamie: i can make you a knight
    Tormund: i sucked giant’s milk

  11. Bimbisar Shikare says:

    The way Tormund clapped for her and Happy for her that’s called True Love……

  12. Anung Temjen LKR says:

    “The perils of self-betterment” is my new favourite quote.

  13. Nikola Nešković says:

    Dany: just wants a soft moment with her boyfriend.

    Jon: “You’re my aunt.”

  14. Awarapan says:

    Jon: I am a Targaryan.

    Dany: * *ignores she’s been doing incest with her nephew* *
    That means you have a claim to the iron throne.

  15. Giemuel Uy says:

    “The big woman still here?” – Tormund, 2019

  16. Mirdan2102 says:

    In episode three:
    Everyone: OMG! THEY HAVE GIANTS!!!
    Tormund: Hold my milk

  17. hi says:

    Why is no one talking about the conversation between Dany and Sansa?? It was a roller coaster getting through that dialogue

    • r. rrroobi says:

      The better question is why no one is talking about the fact that tyrions eyes turned completly white in the last few seconds of episode 2. Looked like hes possessed by the night king.

    • XYZ 123 says:

      Emilia Clarke is a very good actress, just look at Daenerys season 1 or 2 , the point here is that her dialogue lines are weak af since George R.R Martin didn’t follow up with the producers in making two last books in time. Same goes for some other GOT characters, in the first two episodes of s8 i felt cringe few times, which I can’t say about first two chapters of the story

    • M A says:

      +XYZ 123 It’s because of David Nutter

    • HAKATAPAWA says:

      +Enella Mae it’s time for every kingdom to become democracies

    • Vansh Mehta says:

      Dany will turn into mad queen ???

  18. M0nkyyy says:

    Characters: the cripts are the safest place.

    Dead Ned Stark: Hol up

  19. decentradical says:

    The finale will simply be 50 minutes of a black screen with the wind howling in the background. It’s HBO after all.

  20. MagicMiller says:

    Imagine spending millions of dollars on a battle sequence that nobody can properly see…………

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