Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review and Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Review and Breakdown

In this video I give my opinion on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3! I breakdown and review my thoughts and feelings on episode 3 and give my theories and predictions on what I expect next!

Let me know your opinion in the comments down below 🙂


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83 Responses

  1. Nandita Chaturvedi says:

    Did anybody else feel that the night King deserved a more difficult death or was it just me

  2. oni zuka says:

    The MVP of episode 3… melisandre turning on the light in this dark, dark episode.

    • Erick B says:

      oni zuka ya I couldn’t see shit the entire episode , wtf

    • a swartzx says:

      Coming from someone who never whines about how light or dark a show is… This season has been much too dark. I thought it was my monitor so I started watching the episodes on my friend’s 120″ tv screen and there was no difference in viewability.

    • Ash Mofo says:

      Is every game of thrones fan going to keep recycling other people’s comments?

    • Christopher Allison says:

      +Ash Mofo it was dark for reason. Setting the mood. If you don’t like it read the books and paint your own picture.

  3. Alex S says:

    I agree man it’s so sad the episode was so perfect but Arya killing the night king with the valyrian dagger? Why don’t you just end it with John and Daenerys skipping down a field with a rainbow in the background.

    • Ashish Pokhrel says:

      good one

    • Alex S says:

      +Brittany Adams I agree, I think that’s the biggest issue, all of this stuff just feels so fucking rushed. It’s the god damn long night and it happened in a single day, and now were gonna destroy Cersei and the throne within the next three episodes. The pacing was good seasons 1-4 when they followed the books, then it just goes out the window. I think that’s just it, Dan and Dave were GREAT at adapting George’s text to the big screen, but George is the heart and soul behind this story. Without him in seasons 6-8 it just doesnt feel the same.

    • Alex S says:

      +Beep Badapup To an extent though you do have to give credit to the battle scene, I’ve never seen anything like it and I really did get that proper sense of dread, I felt the fear in the characters and losses felt real. I just wanted them to lose! That’s where this was going I wanted them to have to retreat, flee and come up with some insane plan something that didnt just happen in a split second, okay all the walkers are gone. I will say I loved the scene with Sansa and Tyrion where she hands him the dagger the acting with just facial expressions was really good there.

    • anyviolet says:

      +Alex S I have not read beyond the first book. (I do know the NK doesn’t appear in the books) I think I can see now how those who have, would have seen that different vibe and be less satisfied with how the show took care of the threat of the dead. That said, it was an unexpected twist but felt completely believable and prepared for, to me, because of the twin reasons of them having prepped Arya to be qualified to kill the NK, and because IMO it absolutely was portrayed on the show as a long-term, team effort and not just Arya’s doing. Again, Jon takes most of the credit for this.

    • Beep Badapup says:

      +Alex S ye the Sansa Tyrion scene was good. I’m just upset that not one main character died even though almost all of them fought at the front and were completely surrounded by the undead multiple times (and no, Theon, Lyanna and Jorah are not main characters). What made this show beautiful is that it opposed the traditional rules of fiction where characters only died once they fulfilled their purpose, Robb’s death caught us completely off guard because he had already made battle plans (that were then never executed) and felt safe because we thougt he still had to serve his purpose and wasn’t ready to die.

      If the show still had balls they’d killed of either Jon or Dany and at least 3 of the following characters:
      Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Sam, Brienne, Sandor Clegane, Davos, Gendry and Grey Worm.

      Also I feel like I wasted almost 10 years of my life for the whole NK plot to resolve, instead it went completely to waste.

      Hope y’all understand me, English is not my first language.

  4. T J says:

    Dear GoT creators,
    FYI, the “night” is supposed to be dark and full of terrors not the screen

  5. Mymomsaidiwascool says:

    I didn’t think the night king would die so quick. I thought everyone would flee and regroup while the night king moved further south.

  6. Alyxeee says:

    its almost inconceivable how a Multi Million Dollar staff can make so many wrong decisions in 81 minutes

    • chidioko says:

      I don’t think they got too many things wrong. They did get the most important thing wrong, though. The Night King was criminally wasted potential.

    • Darnell Conteh says:

      +chidioko They ruined multiple characters, Melisandre being another one….

  7. Kiwi Naki says:

    I found this episode surprisingly underwhelming. I did like the moment between Tyrian and Sansa but that’s about it.

  8. Jake McDonnell says:

    If they didn’t kill the NK it would have been one of the best episodes ever. Or at least have him have an epic sword battle with John in that open field before killing him??‍♂️

    • Michal Poláček says:

      Nah, girl power for you.

    • Linda Durkin says:

      Jon’s sword battle with the Knight King would be just like his fight with the white walker at Hearthome (?) north of the wall. It lasted about 5 seconds!

    • Jake McDonnell says:

      Linda Durkin but I’m sure the NK would have been a lot more skilled with his sword than a basic white meaning he would defend shots for a lot longer

  9. Ayoub KAMALI says:

    i totally agree…i said i was dispointed about the end of the episode on GOT fan groupe on facebook and all i got was insults, only Game of thrones true fans and legends gets me

  10. GnoixGenp says:

    This one episode just ruined GoT’s legacy in my eyes, it was my favorite show up to this point

    • drizzle says:

      It’s been going this way for a while. You knew women, and men who capitulate to women, were going to be the heroes. The ultimate cop-out will be when they move to some sort of democracy/republic because monarchy bad.

    • Dantres says:

      +hamill vertonghen It would always be, regardless. It’s unbeatable.

    • trever2244 Nels says:

      And yet you’ll still watch the rest of thd episodes of season 8. Intriguing.

    • Edward Kabata says:

      They first slipped up IMO when they killed off Little finger in the way they did. This guy was built up as a great strategist only for him to be killed off because some kid could all of a sudden see what had happened in the past.

    • M.G. N says:

      Hey, that’s what always happens in Hollywood…always! The writers always end up getting lost or fucking things up. Remember the t.v. show Lost? The Blacklist? Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher? Get over it. Martin got his billions and he doesn’t give a shit now what they do on the show.

  11. incarser101 says:

    They spent more time talking about the night king than they did fighting him ?

  12. Anti Human says:

    The Night King was hyped to be a catastrophic threat but got dealt with like he was nothing. He lost the first major battle past the wall. So garbage.

    • Dooky says:

      +Ash Mofo Yes. A DBZ fight would’ve been better.

    • Thelrake says:

      +Salt Yes, I’m aware of that thanks.

      The show, that is based on the books.

    • MSgaming says:

      Anti Human yall are acting like he didnt kill a shit ton of people for an hour and a half

    • yoyo2598 says:

      +Uchehara Chiagoziem It looks like they had maybe a few weeks to prepare. With how shitty their battle plan and fortifications were.

    • Richi says:

      The whole season feels rushed. And they killed the Nike because there’s only three episodes left. That’s what happens, they should have extended this series to 10 seasons.

  13. skatekid979 says:

    This episode was unfortunately very disappointing. The whole show has been building up to this moment for over 8 years, yet it was treated as a climax of visual quality, rather than writing quality. I think a major character was saved by another major character around 8 or 9 times – George. R.R Martin would never use cliche tropes such as this, his story ultimately attempts to subvert such unrealistic tropes. Overall, it was treat for eyes, but a poor conclusion to such an interesting story.

    • Byron Smith says:

      +Lysius James Jeketera Agreed. How hard would have been to have the 2 of them fight, Jon wound him with his sword or not, the NK escaping to raise the new dead soldiers, then be killed by Arya. At least give us the battle between Jon and the Nk they have set up throughout the entire damn show.

    • Lysius James Jeketera says:

      +Byron Smith I would have made peace with that. I don’t think the show runners are on speaking terms with GRRM. He could’ve at least proof read the scripts and to think about it it took them two years to write this garbage?

    • Byron Smith says:

      +Lysius James Jeketera Actually, my understanding is he was given the information on where the show was going and agreed with it. He was just going to give a different perspective. Remember, you can be WAY more detailed in a book.

    • Lysius James Jeketera says:

      +Byron Smith I think as one comm-enter was saying; plot holes were everywhere in this episode It makes us wonder whether their meeting actually took place. He was made aware but i doubt deep down he would have been OK with it. I mean it took the better part of two years to create something they were hyping as the best thing television has ever seen. I think their Pilot they never aired was better than this fan fare garbage.

    • Byron Smith says:

      +Lysius James Jeketera You have to understand that every tv show or movie that comes from a book is going to have plot holes due to time constraints. Let’s be honest, had the battle lasted for more than one episode, people would complain. Had Jon or Danny killed the NK, people would complain. There is no winning with everyone. I personally don’t mind the plot holes as much because I was still entertained by the episode as a whole. Am I disappointed, well of course. But I will still watch the final 3 episodes…

  14. Steve McMillen says:

    Melisandre’s real purpose during the long night was to ignite dark pixels on my TV before she died

  15. SA Haynam says:

    The Dothraki: scourge of the earth, slayer of gods, horselords of the endless grass sea, destroyer of empires, nightmares of kings- and it’s gone

    • Michal Poláček says:

      +SN S Dany had to show Jon, that she also knows nothing. They are made for each other 🙂

    • Michal Poláček says:

      +SN S Btw. last episode we saw the battle plan, they just ignored it.

    • Nayr The Slayer says:

      Why on earth would they charge head on into the army of the dead like that anyways lol….

      It’s beyond stupid !

    • Michal Poláček says:

      +Nayr The Slayer Man, not even that. They literally charged into pitch black darkness. I half expected the dead to just sidestep and surround them. Even AI in Total War games is smarter than that.

    • Michal Poláček says:

      Now, I realize, about the first thing people behind the show did, when they ran out of source material was to kill of 99% of wildlings. So there, “streamlining” the show for you since 2014.

  16. Pedal Power says:

    I think danerys should have fought Cersei first
    Then the night king
    Back to front

  17. Raptors Nation says:

    Am I the only one who really wanted a dialogue between the Knight King and Bran? so many unanswered questions.. who was the promised child?

    • Cerebral Cortex says:

      +massi delawari Hopefully we’ll get answers in a prequel. There are five in the works and two confirmed.

    • friizz erler says:

      lets go man, raps in 5!!!

    • Cerebral Cortex says:

      +Andy Mckay The Night King and the white walkers don’t talk on the show like in the books. They didn’t make it a thing, like Dany and all Targaryen’s having purple eyes. Ugh. She said she couldn’t handle wearing contacts. Lol. But yeah, it would have had to be a flashback. But nope. We got nothing…

    • Tina Clarkson says:

      You are not. I wanted to hear him speak.

    • Cerebral Cortex says:

      Do you mean the Night King and the prince that was promised? We’ll never know because the NK is dead and prophecies won’t matter.

  18. David Boyes-Varley says:

    NK has been so careful throughout the whole series not to expose himself. They’ve honestly ruined the storyline set by GRRM.
    The whole episode of:

    1. Flying towards the AofD only for the NK to shield them with cover.
    2. Using dragon fire to kill the NK only for you to realise he can’t be killed by dragonfire
    3. AT running towards the NK only for him to show that he can raise all those killed once again.
    * BUT: the NK exposes himself in the most obvious way and gets killed > LITERALLY horrendous.

  19. Sam Sal says:

    HBO be like:
    Main Characters death? Nah.
    The Night King has a bigger role? Nah.
    let’s make Dani’s army smaller in the battle so it can be compared to Cersei’s. Yeah

  20. mikeMcoa says:

    NK not facing off Jon was a major disappointment, The NK’s connection with the starks and it not being explained was another disappointment, The origins and purpose of the NK and why he’s after Bran and that not being explained is yet again another disappointment. Waited 8 seasons for one big disappointment good job show runners you fucked it up for everyone. I will continue watching the rest of the episodes just cuz but they could’ve did better I still like the episode but I’m very unsatisfied. They may as well create a prequel series about all of this.

    • Max Javaid says:

      mikeMcoa Bran not having an important role to play as a three eyed raven was also another disappointment. A character so hyped up and only to die in the episode he got the most screen time in is another disappointment.

    • Byron Smith says:

      They did explain his connection with Bran and his entire purpose (remember when Bran said he wanted to erase the memories of man, and how he was created to kill mankind). However, the fact that they didn’t have him battle once (with Jon of all people) or any of the white walkers was terrible. You can’t have them stare each other down multiple times for them to not battle once. That does not make any sense. You can’t have all that Valyrian steel in one place yet the only significant blow by one is to the NK by Arya and the smallest of blades, lol. As much as i LOVED this episode (Little Bear was one bad mofo), they threw away a lot of build up from the previous 7 seasons. Yes the battle happened, but in reality, did it really need to when the NK could have just landed his dragon where Bran was to begin with?

    • DaBlackBandit says:

      They are creating a prequel series about the first long night. Maybe this was the plan all along. I agree though I wish we got to see the nightking make it past winterfell. Good unexpected but dissapointing.

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