Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Trailer Breakdown

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Trailer Breakdown

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Trailer, The Battle of Winterfell, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Night King Theory, Bran Stark and Character Predictions ►
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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 is the big battle of Winterfell with Jon Snow planning to end the Night King and White Walkers with Bran’s help. I added notes for which characters I think are wearing the thickest plot armor.

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64 Responses

  1. Emergency Awesome says:

    Here’s my *Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3* Trailer video. The Battle of Winterfell. Press “F” for your favorite characters. I’ll do a new Q&A video Wednesday, because I’m allowed to post my Non-Spoilery Avengers Endgame Review Tuesday! It’s going to be an amazing week.

    • Ashitaka says:

      Could it be that Hodor is the inside man because his mind was fractured in time and Bran often used him before when he was alive?

    • jack jackson3 says:

      Do you think Dany gets túrned into a white walker along with Drogon..or maybe he is killed.. Leaving only rhaegal as he is now jons dragon… Would this be why Jon is in shock… It would be a huge twist.. And the scene with Drogon and Dany looks like they are in a struggle In that flight clip..

    • Norm says:

      Let’s break down a trailer because people a so stupid to just watch the show.

    • Norm says:

      +Anthony GasperinoFIRST TO FUCK YOU!!!!!!

    • Yup Yup says:

      You do know that Brienne said that they were going to be leading a flank battalion to Jamie. So they definitely could have been pushing around the WW’s and got caught onto and that’s why she is saying hold your ground, about to get pushed.

  2. RitaVentures Group Cruising says:

    Oh I think Little Bear is definitely dying this episode and I even suspect she will become a wight.

  3. Anand Roy says:

    Nymeria n super pack definitely confirmed

  4. Robert Seeley says:

    “My brothers were soldiers. I want to fight”
    “okay, I will defend the crypts”
    Just wait…..

  5. G Saleen says:

    Damn!!! Thank you bro for brightening your content. I can’t tell you how freaking annoying it is trying to view other youtubers videos. Thanks for going the extra mile!.

  6. NorrinRadd64 says:

    I have always wondered if Melissandra would enter like Gandalf did at Helm’s Deep. Lots of light and fire.

  7. Brandon Ribera says:

    I think Melisandre will flank the army of the dead with whoever she went to grab. Braveheart style without Jon knowing what’s coming to help

  8. Joshua Waddell says:

    Dany and Jon aren’t taking the dragons around a loop of the area… they’re headed to Kings Landing because that’s where the Night King went.

  9. king Bertie says:

    I’m not ready for this week, endgame and battle of winterfell, I’m gonna be an emotional mess by the end of it

  10. NamFlow [CZ/SK] says:

    Night King won’t show up. I bet on it.

  11. Jon Paul says:

    I have to stay alive through Sunday night!!!??

  12. rowanirish says:

    I’m calling it. Drogon and Rhaegal will be wearing some sort of armour. They’re too vulnerable to those White Walker javelins.

  13. Ts Ts says:

    white walkers: we have giants
    Tormund: hold my milk.

    • Ted Shaffer says:

      Ts Ts people need to stop with these comments. Every YouTube video has a “hold my…..” comment. For fucks sake come up with anything original

    • Bd from the 213 says:

      Ts Ts lmfao I love that guy?

    • Skank Hunt42 says:

      +Ted Shaffer it’s YouTube what do you expect nothing is original

    • Anton Ellitsgaard says:

      This guy again

    • Ted Shaffer says:

      Skank Hunt42 I expect people to use some creativity or their brains. I guess I over estimates people….

      And the responses to the comment as if it’s revolutionary comedy are more annoying. It’s not funny if it’s been said 100,000,000 times. It’s lazy

      There are also plenty of original videos on YouTube. They just aren’t on everyone’s recommended list. Far be it for people to look for themselves instead of having an algorithm guide their entire existence.

  14. Ts Ts says:

    How many characters are going to die in the next new episodes?
    Hbo: Yes

  15. Marvelous Marv says:

    I think Jamie survives because (I like the phrase “plot armor”) he needs to confront his sister.

  16. NiallColg says:

    What if the hound dies protecting Arya, she then takes his face to kill the mountain and Cersei

    • Felipe Ferreira says:

      +who are you my ninja? Who is saying that? Man… Just give up.. If you want to believe in that good for you, but it doesnt make any sense. (and Arya’s face is almost unknown, the hound on the other way… Did you start watching this season?).

    • Exourish says:

      NiallColg no, I want the real hound to kill his bro

    • who are you my ninja? says:

      +Felipe Ferreira almost unknown yet gendry recognized her .you fan boys kill me ?

    • who are you my ninja? says:

      +Keith damn no Facebook. That sucks

    • AJ Franklin says:

      The mountain is gonna face his brother no doubt in my mind and when that happens the mountain is mostly likely gonna die. The hound might die too seeing how much the mountain has changed.

  17. Claire Hickl says:

    I agree. I definitely think Melisandra will come back. Just as you said, third act of the battle.

  18. Jay H says:

    Nobody seems to be talking about the conversation between bran and tyrion… I doubt it what just space filler

    • susie red says:

      +Jack Robinson no you’re just immature

    • GGD2 MF says:

      He asked what Podrick did to those women.

    • Cakerolll says:

      Just like missandei and greyworm..

    • Joseph U. says:

      +Backstage Bum
      “@lukawijk It could be. Remember the look that one red woman gave Tyrion way back when.”
      She gave him a look alright. Because she had seen a vision of him in the flames…a vision that would arouse the avarice of any cock merchant.

    • Varun Malaviya says:

      Definitely it holds some value. I an episode where they had barely any time to payoff all the characters they added that scene, certainly it has a conclusion. Maybe bran dies and the men have to start all over again. Who knows what that shit old martin has up his old aged mind!

  19. Michael Hall says:

    So now we’re all gonna assume that Bran’s CCTVs don’t work anymore?

  20. brian curtis says:

    If Tormund, “Hold my MIlk” dies, we riot.

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