Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 4 | Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 4 | Preview (HBO)

Now we will win the Last War.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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92 Responses

  1. freakforever says:

    It makes no sense to me. Night king should have gone South to King’s landing.

    • Smithy Chris says:

      What you wanted /= what Game of Thrones is about. The unexpected is what makes this show special.

    • my iq is 2 says:

      seeing the same winterfell battle happen with every major city in the continent would get a bit old honestly

    • FarOut Farinas says:

      He wasnt after the throne. Also, I dont get why people want NK to be the final boss here, an undead big bad is too World War Z…

    • JustMax says:

      +Rainer Fonseca yes, but they had to make a decision. And I think it’s good. But i can understand all of you. It was a bit disappointing, of course. But let’s just wait for the next episodes and hope that they will make us all happy and maybe thinks like betrayal for which i love this show come back.

    • JustMax says:

      +Smithy Chris yes and i don’t think that anybody thought the Night King would die like this

  2. Fefe 1 says:

    I love that Arya killed the Nightking but every sex scene of Tyrion lasted longer than that fight

    • KarmaSenpai - Attack on Titan says:

      It would have been so epic and awesome if Jon, Arya and the other „strongest swordsman“ would join in a all vs one against the Nightking because of his overwhelming power. I would have loved to see how everyone give him a hit and take a part of his body and Jon giving him in addition the last hit. He could withstand fire so I hoped he wouldn‘t die only from one hit.

    • Ayesha Mokamji says:

      Juan Romero Cersei is still on Arya’s list

    • Ayesha Mokamji says:

      Juan Romero Do you think after watching the fight ggrm would write who deserved to kill NK? I mean we saw Dany and Jon trying to kill him their own way but they failed.

    • Ricky McKenzie says:

      The fight went on for nearly an entire episode, tf were you watching

  3. pligman1 says:

    I wonder if the NK is truly done, that is a lot of build up just to kill him off like that.

    • Baduds says:

      Skowedey as per the title itself. Game of THRONES… & cersei has the iron throne. ✌?

    • Scrimjaw says:

      I’m fairly sure something will happen with Bran still. Much like the Lich King, there must always be one or something.

    • pratik k says:

      Fight for living should have been final battle instead of fight for throne

    • Smithy Chris says:

      That’s the whole point. Blissfully ironic and unexpected. Exactly what Game of Thrones has always been about. Robb Stark got a lot of build up too.

    • Komal Nagdeo says:

      Dany’s entire army is almost wiped out.. many important characters too..we’re lucky the dragons are still alive.. so i guess it was a perfect end to NKA, and Arya was the best choice to do it

  4. Vish says:

    Robert baratheon :- OnLy A fOol wOulD meEt the dOthraKi in An OpEn FieLd

    Night king :- HOLD MY BEER

  5. Euphemian says:

    Ned was on his way to King’s Landing to get his head back

  6. A Casselman says:

    After the Night King fell, I was like how are they going to top that? How can Cersei possibly be more threatening?

    However, the last time I underestimated Cersei she blew up the Sept of Baelor so….We’ll see.

  7. joseph pitre says:

    I’m just happy no more of the dragons died. Screw the people don’t touch my dragons ?

    • laberblatt says:

      So true. When any human character went bloodier and darker I was like “ok, they are dead, who’s next”, when Viserion clawed at Rhegal I found myself screaming at my screen like an idiot

    • Viktoria Kapocsi says:

      Omg yess! Only scenes I was tearing up when I thought a dragon was going to die, I was like NO NO NO NO!!! Don’t kill my babies!! Phew I’m glad they didnt?

  8. IKucKie says:

    Bran to Theon: ” Hey, I know what will happen anyway, so let me just take a nap for 5min. and I’ll tell you when the moment comes you’ll die alright?
    Theon: ” Wait what … ?”
    Bran: *zZz*

  9. Charlie Quan says:

    I wish the Cersei battle was first and save Night King battle for the end

    • Cosplay Phinix says:

      I agree

    • Tommyshelby says:

      +Cosplay Phinix agreed

    • leoram1991 says:

      me too so bored of cersei now she should of died last series all shes did is sit in castle for 8 seasons
      i didnt want my character to survive and defeat the dead only for them to die by some random gold guys that r paid for by a woman who stole a throne sat on her ass and drank wine
      shes the only ruler in show thats never left her building apart from her sons
      Robert fought Renly Fought Stannis fought Jon Fought DanyFought Iron people fought

    • Smithy Chris says:

      It’s called Game of Thrones not Game of Survival

  10. Maria Pb says:

    Bran: Theon……’re a good man!!!
    Theon: *Looks emotionally and physically exhausted with tears in his eyes*
    Bran: Thank you!!!
    Theon: *Finally Redeems himself and marches to his death*
    He was born a Greyjoy but he died as a Stark, honourably and bravely!!!? #whatisdeadmayneverdie

  11. the missing link says:

    I don’t think D&D understood what people meant by making the final battle *dark* .

  12. Aishwarya Gupta says:

    When the red woman said she would be dead before Dawn.
    She meant it??.

  13. MuahahazZ says:

    I was slowly realizing how ugly I was, staring at my reflection for an hour and 20 minutes.

  14. animu weeb says:

    Remember when characters used to die from wounds??

  15. Louisa Luz says:

    Daenerys: Who killed the NK?
    Arya: I did. And Bran saw it.
    Daenerys: He SAW it? What a coincidence that your brother’s the only one who saw it.

  16. Monday Rhymes says:

    The writers for the last episode had less balls than the Unsullied

  17. Rashidbaidoo Baidoo says:

    Night King: *Raises the dead, while jon is marching against him*
    Me: Ah shit, here we go again

  18. idiot tress says:

    I’m not happy with this.
    I wanted to see Cercei’s face while facing white walkers.

  19. Jordan says:

    Jon Snow thinkin he was Dragonborn and straight up tried to shout the dragon to death

  20. Joe says:

    This episode was so dark, even the Night king’s guard didn’t see Arya coming

    • James Okumu says:

      Joe maybe i’m reading into it too much but for a second or two one of the lieutenants turns his head a fraction; maybe he thought he heard arya?

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