Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5 – Review

Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5 – Review

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The 2nd to last episode of Game of Thrones. King’s Landing is attacked, and we all wonder “do they have enough time to wrap this all up”?

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85 Responses

  1. Scrubman lowell says:

    So apparently, drinking Starbucks makes you want to obliterate a town of innocent civilians.

  2. Christoffer Sjögren says:

    I like how you left Jon out of the review… ’cause that’s basically his part in this episode. Being left out.

  3. Mohin G says:

    Absolutely awful episode and season, killed any character development with every character. Especially Dany

    • arkblazer1 says:

      +Doc Comeau disagree. 1) burning the tarlys was ruthlessly pragmatic. not only were they traitors to their lord, but by burning those 2 they made far many more submit, therefore sparing their lives.2) Which free city she threatened ? you mean the ones that enslaved people and plotted to have her killed and people enslaved? how is it any different than america threatening its enemies with nukes? still pragmatic. 3)Burning what people that didn’t follow her? the masters of meeren? the ones that she believed were doing terrorist acts against her?a bit psychotic but not that far fetch really, rulers did that sort of thing.4) And you mean crucifying the leaders that had KIDS murdered and crucified just to taunt her? not really that evil, seems more like medieval justice. and finally Viserion the guy who abused her as a kid, sold her like a whore and then pressed a sword at her belly threatening her child? that poor good brother of her? not as different as tyrion killing his dad while he shits.

    • Google User says:

      LOL wrong

    • LordVader1094 says:

      +Diego Pujol No, she wasn’t. They entirely dropped her madness arc from the book and then brought it back after it made no sense for her show character.

    • LordVader1094 says:

      +Doc Comeau Nice job muddling definitions and shitting on their point.

    • Queen Lizzy says:

      +Garrus Vakarian Seeing Dany go down this road like this hurts more than the Red Wedding, Ned Stark’s or Jon Snow’s death… Literally a few moments ago she incinerated Euron’s entire fleet. A few episodes earlier she saved the North. She saved Jon and his Avengers crew beyond the Wall… And now she’s a pure villain about to be killed by a Stark. If this was the bittersweet ending they were talking about, then damn, Game of Thrones is savage to the max! I wonder how the North plans to kill Drogon? They don’t have a scorpion do they?

  4. Nelson Reyes says:

    Waiting for Game of Thrones: Brotherhood.

  5. MrPink says:

    Dany was burning innocents for 40 mins? yeah thats is trully character logic

    • smart rice says:

      After this episode even danys brother would have been better than her it’s shit how I now hate Danerys how can they ruin a character like that

    • Jory Rez Tangalin says:

      Actually it is very possible in her story arc

    • moz zo says:

      We have a high moral opinion of ourselves but in truth when the worst comes we all choose the easiest path. Cerci was holding Innocents hostage in the hope to stall time to pick off Danny’s army. She did a good job of it killing another of Danny’s children, sinking her unsullied ships and killing some men. If she had kept being the nice guy she could have lost. Trust me Mr nice guy gets you shit on in our world but we all pretend it’s great. Danny has suffered defeat after defeat from cerci so I’m not surprised at this conclusion.

      The simple term is look at our government when terrorist take ppl hostage we don’t usually negotiate with them costing the lives of many Innocents ur not a bad guy for having a government like that are you? Yeah I thought so

    • MotherTouching-Ninjas says:

      BiH Bosangero ?

    • Haidar Alghareeb says:


  6. Digital Doe says:

    GRRM: Here are my notes
    D and D: *wipe

    • MrJandslegate says:

      One of the dogs ate the notes. It explains so much.

    • Tim B says:

      Oh so you read his notes?

    • italkcrab says:

      “Here are my notes. Infuse all of the director’s and writer’s artistic into it. As long as these bullet points are achieved, you’re good to go.”
      -Night King dies in Winterfell
      -Bran tells the Starks about Jon’s secret.
      -Misandei dies
      -One dragon approaches King’s landing (as shown in Bran’s vision S4E2)
      -Danaerys snaps and “burns them all”

      D&D’s artistic interpretation:
      Night King dies in Winterfell
      AND THEN Bran tells the Starks about Jon’s secret AND THEN Misandei dies AND THEN One dragon approaches King’s landing (as shown in Bran’s vision S4E2) AND THEN Danaerys snaps and “burns them all”.
      THE END.

    • Anton Schiko Tömming says:

      +Tim B Stop dickriding D and D and just accept how bad the series has become. I don’t want to either but I have to BECAUSE ITS FUCKING TRUE

  7. Anne-Corinne Coralie SAVAIN says:

    Danny: I’m not my father
    Everybody else: biiitch ,look at you now

    • Tim B says:

      Thats the whole point.

    • Edgardo Martin says:

      Daenerys: I want to break the wheel, so that a tyrant never rules again.

      Daenerys two seconds later: I want to rule and will do anything to make it happen.

    • Akherontis says:

      Technically, she’s actually far WORSE than her father. Aerys II was UNSUCCESSFUL in his order to burn King’s Landing to the ground, thanks to Jaime, who apparently doesn’t care about the people of King’s Landing now, all of a sudden. Good gods, this season…

    • Edgardo Martin says:

      +Akherontis I mean, that it wasn’t carried out doesn’t change that he did gave the order.

    • Akherontis says:

      +Edgardo Martin True, but I don’t think we ought to judge people based on their intentions, only on their actions. Daenerys has literally become more evil than Cersei in the span of a few minutes.

  8. GestapoSantaClaus says:

    “…if you want story then read the books, the shows are for entertainment”

    What someone actually said during another review video (reviewer was also disappointed).

    • Ray Liufau says:

      I disagree. The story telling was always good up until two seasons ago. It’s become all style no substance in the last two especially ?‍♂️

  9. Oh Hi Mark says:

    The problem is not Daenerys going mad, but the fact that is wasn’t earned. She killed people but she never killed anyone who wasn’t her enemy, or even enjoy doing it, she never killed innocent people. They should’ve shown her decent into madness throughout several seasons and not just 2 episodes. This just felt incredibly rushed.

    • Tim C says:

      Remember when she chained her dragons up because they had killed and eaten some people. Yeah. Same person apparently.

    • J A says:

      They have, if you have been paying attention she has tendancy to not listen to her advisers because of her pride and has used her dragons to get what she wants. I personnaly saw this coming a mile away

    • Daniel McClendon says:

      +J A me too. I’m surprised so many didn’t

    • Nicholas Fieser says:

      She killed Dickon instead of showing mercy. She has almost always taken pleasure in killing and what kind of psycho executes people with dragon fire.

    • lanethelame says:


  10. Gwynbleidd says:

    Maybe Dany “forgot” that the bells meant surrender.

  11. Schizophrenic Cynic says:

    This episode was so desperately rushed for shock factor. For the ending of this epic series this was just clunky as hell.

  12. Bryant Mena says:

    But can we talk about how awesome that Dragon looked coming out of the shadows to burn Varys

  13. Darknothing says:

    Her army got bigger after the night king…. It’s like the night king didn’t matter…… Makes NO sense after what we seen.

    • Lily Hannah says:

      +hdhdhe dhdh It’s said on Ep4 that half of them survived.

    • Nicholas Fieser says:

      +Tim B yeah that’s honestly the vibe i get, every episode theres a new reason for people to be mad

    • Shayla Nash says:

      Lily Hannah and it said In season 8 before the Night king came that anyone not their was dead so… Also the castle was swarmed by The White Walkers, I guess half of their forces won plot armor in a lottery.

    • RateKid299 says:

      Maybe if Arya would kill the Knight King before the battle started, she wouldn’t have lost her entire army.

    • UboaSan says:

      did you even watch the show?

  14. Carl Brien says:

    “Execute Order 66.” Yup, I’m going with that explanation. Thank you for the head canon!

  15. Leo says:

    It was great until the Long Night.

    They just got rid of the “Zombie plot” so easily that i got that it’s just downhill from that.

    • Tim B says:

      Im sure all the dead bodies from episode 4 would disagree with the “So easily” part. We didn’t get a 1v1 sword fight oh well. It took a war to get to a point to take down the night king

    • zxhade says:

      it was great until 7th season, when they rush it all

  16. Tom Sinclair says:

    Daenerys went from season 1 Walter White to season 5 Heisenberg in three episodes. Mad Queen was comin’ but they rushed the finish line without a doubt.

    • Ross Benners says:

      Exact analogy I used yesterday to describe how insane it all was when talking to the wife. I feel you

    • Zach Arbogast says:

      Drogo season 1: I’m going to rape and pillage Westeros
      Dany season 1: SMILES

      Anyone who thinks this isn’t in character for Dany hasn’t been paying attention

    • King31395 says:

      They “rushed” it?? There’s ONE episode left haha. When on earth should it have happened, next week??

    • Zach Arbogast says:

      +King31395 You do realize they were offered 10 right? They could have had 10 episodes of breathing room to set up everything. Instead we got SHIT writing. There’s no opinion to be had here, this was shit writing. Just because it happened in a TV show doesn’t mean the laws of physics don’t apply.

    • Ross Benners says:

      Neeraj vibez agreed. They should have killed off the dragon that died last week after the bells rang. I’d have accepted that.

  17. Raptor's Recon says:

    Agree with you 100% on this. Such a dumpster fire of an episode. Hollywood made up “subverting expectations” as an excuse for poor writing and character arcs. It was all shock and ruined things.

  18. Сергей Карманов says:

    7 seasons: The main evil is Night King
    s08e03: ok so the main evil is Cersei
    s08e05: ok so the main evil is Denny
    And yeah
    I’m 100% sure that Arya can survive a nuclear explosion by this point

  19. Tom Sinclair says:

    “Mommy, why did you name me after a genocidal dragon empress?”
    “It was a very popular television show sweetheart.”

    • Edgardo Martin says:

      “Sweetheart, she just killed SOME people, not everybody. I didnt notice she was a mad asshole until it was thrown in my face.”

    • c4mp3r says:

      Edgardo Martin more like forced down my throat even though it made no sense

    • Mike Rodriguez says:

      100s of years ago

      “Mommy whyd you name you name me after a genocidal killer”

      “He was pretty badass and looked hot while doing it, specially when he barged through our home…”

  20. ashutosh s says:

    Ep 3..4..5 never happened.
    Its all in bran’s head when he goes warging in ep 3 just before the battle of winterfell

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