Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Explained and Book Changes

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Explained and Book Changes

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Explained, A Song of Ice and Fire Book Changes, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Bran Stark ►
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Covering Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Ending Scenes and A Song of Ice and Fire Book Ending Changes per George RR Martin. Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa, Arya, Bran Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys’ Dragons, The Night King, White Walkers, Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

I’ll do a new Game of Thrones Finale Q&A video soon, Bonus GoT Episode airs next Sunday. I’ll be doing GoT Prequel videos, Watchmen HBO, The Witcher and the new Lord of the Rings Series videos. Not including all the regular Marvel and DC Comics Movie and tv series videos!

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57 Responses

  1. Emergency Awesome says:

    Here’s my *Game Of Thrones Finale* video for all the things that will end differently in the books based on GRRM’s explanations and which characters endings will be the same. Post all your theories in the comments!

    • 1984sFinest says:

      I want to know how the hell the the Dothraki and the Unsullied somehow multiplied several times over since the battle of Winterfell!?

    • the hawk says:

      +St Pariah no logic ….none

    • the hawk says:

      +Joe Yobaccio Plus Greyworm isn’t even there now..I agree..plot hole? purposeful screwing of Jon ? and if it is..why is that not hinted at? ..and where are Tyrion and BFF Sam? Everyone just wants him gone….. maybe because he is a Targaryen and represents trouble? You saved humanity thanks, but you have to go now.

    • frances palmer says:

      Does Drogon feel guilty, he allowed Jon to walk past him and kill his mum, he’s protected her before, but he was too late this time? Did Drogon feel guilty/bad about burning innocent people also?

    • mansour ahmad says:

      What should i do with my sunday nights now ???

  2. Robert Keenan says:

    Why did nobody ever mention that Jon was the true king after he kills Danny? Did they want to just eliminate the Targaryen rule altogether?

    • Marcos Danilo says:

      “the dothraki wouoldnt accept it”, OH NO, you mean the savages who’s only reason in life is to pilage and rape, would be offended if someone DEFEATED THEIR LEADER AS IS THEIR CUSTOM?

    • Geeky Gram says:

      I had a feeling Bran would end up king, but I didn’t know how it would come about. My son, Brandon, is not thrilled I keep calling him King Brandon the Broken.

    • Maja- says:

      +Geeky Gram you shouldn’t call your son that if he doesn’t like it…

    • N S says:

      +BestBecky78 Greyworm should have been put to death… War criminal.

    • BestBecky78 says:

      +N S agree!!!

  3. ProZack says:

    Jaime also unintentionally created Bran the Broken/set Bran on his journey… Jaime the Kingmaker? lol

    • Ivan Padilla says:

      ProZack thanos would be proud.
      Take out a king, only to being in a new one. Balance

    • corhal100 says:

      +Ivan Padilla his kingslayer senses were so strong he tried to take out a second king 8 seasons early

    • Franklin Ibeakanma says:

      You damn right..he killed Mad King and created Dirty Player King.
      While on Iron Wheel…He played everyone and they didn’t even know they’re fighting and dying for a Broken King lol

  4. King Snow says:

    “You and I won’t find much joy whilst we’re here, but we can keep others alive. We can defend those who can’t defend themselves”

    I’m the shield that guards the realms of men.

    Rest easy, Jon Snow.

  5. mirjam.magdalena says:

    Jamie killed the Mad King and was fine . Jon killed Mad Dany and is banned to the Nightwatch? Like what, I don’t get it

    • Rubina Kochar says:

      +Tanveer Ahsan Jon is too honourable to fuck the sentence once delivered just because unsullied left. Honour is his weakness.

    • Rick Brooks says:

      +Rubina Kochar he does smile …look again.

    • Ok Ok says:

      Alpha Wërks yes he always wanted to abandon his family. If he truly wanted to go north he would have went after the the battle of winter fell. Especially since he was the rightful heir and dany didn’t want him to compromise her plan to become queen. So why not just go north after the war and dany wouldn’t have to worry about him becoming king.

    • Orchids says:

      +Ok Ok So Jon would chill in Winterfell while sending his tired Northern army(he had given the word to Dany that they will help her reclaim the throne) to King’s landing to fight Cersei and the Golden Company? Yea, that wouldn’t look bad on honorable Jon at all.

    • n embden says:

      +halequin117 Just like Bran could have pardoned him, but chose to let him live out in the Northern wastelands because Jon is the biggest threat to his rule. Jon is a Stark-Targaryen bridge and can father a new family of rulers.

  6. Christian Nicholes says:

    Drogon is taking Dany back to the theatrical troupe in Braavos so she can sleep off that stab wound like Arya did.

  7. Reese Z. says:

    If ser Jorah survived, would everything have turned out differently for Daenerys?

    • True Normality says:

      She wouldnt go mad and everything would happen differently.

    • Marcos Danilo says:

      oh yeah because she would trully hear his voice while flying hundreds of feets above the city…

    • BuBa777 says:

      +Marcos Danilo she made decision earlier, she didnt listen tyrion but she would listen jorah or barristan

    • The Proverbial Hater says:

      +Marcos Danilo

      But she would’ve heard Jorah’s voice when Tyrion told her to stop attacking when the bell rings. He would’ve counseled for it. The death of Jorah was one the breaking points for her. Missandei’s death is the last straw.

  8. thebunnieskiller says:

    I don’t agree with you about Jon’s fate. After they pass through the wall, the closing of the gate is more metaphorical, as he will remain among the Free Folk, helping them create their own kingdom and even lead them.

  9. Guillaume GENETET says:

    And now that Daenerys is dead, slavers will regain power in the East. If she had kept her composure, she could’ve united the two continents… or left Westeros to Jon and ruled Essos, like the Roman Empire…

  10. Sapphire says:

    I mean in a roundabout way the Iron Throne DID kill Dany so…maybe Drogon is smarter than we give credit for.

    • John Thomas says:

      I honestly thought that’s what they were going for. Maybe he realized that mommy using him to torch King’s Landing was the last straw.

    • Curtis Whyte says:

      I’m pretty sure that dragons are smarter than people, at least Tyrion alluded to it in S6E1

  11. Skyblade Gaming says:

    Why you have to do Tyrion like that bro? “The tallest Lannister?” LMAO

    • Rubina Kochar says:

      Everyone who makes dwarf jokes thinks they are so smart. But they are making the same 10-15 jokes. 😉

  12. Henrik Gill says:

    Question: What was the point of Jon Snow being Aegon Targaryen? The biggest and most build up secret in the hole story, and in the end it meant nothing??

    • Melvynn Mg says:

      Exactly what I’m asking myself, hate the fact that Jon simply is exiled North without anyone giving a damn about his lineage in the end… Literally the only purpose it served was to make Daenerys jealous, wow that’s a let down

    • angelswayy says:

      such a let down indeed

    • Rubina Kochar says:

      I think it was meant to pitch him against Dany. And this threat brought out her Mad Queen nature. And the consequences thereafter.

      I’m just trying to tell myself that.

    • Marcos Danilo says:

      its very simple, the reason he was Aegon is because… in the books Aegon exists, but the series didnt know how to make a new character, so they just shoehorned him into place. it doesnt make work because they didnt really care about it.

      so to answer your question, the point was, in case they needed another targaryen, but they didnt. it added nothing to him, as being the king of the north was already reason enough to make him clash with Danny.

  13. omega portal says:

    bran perhaps would ve been more suited as the hand or a high level advisor for the true king jon tagaryen

  14. Alba says:

    Longclaw’s eyes were red at the very end…what does it mean? Oh right, like everything else on the show, NOTHING!

  15. Diane W says:

    They never showed John taking the oath again. I think he’s going north to be the new Mace Ryder. He’s done with the realm.

  16. Formidable Ferret says:

    I don’t think Jaime will get with Brienne in the books. More of a crowd pleaser for show fans IMO

  17. Manjeet Madaan says:

    So Jon is the Last Targaryen, I think there should be a book on his life after this, & the title should be THE LAST TARGARYEN

  18. Daniel Webb says:

    There’s no Night Watch anymore. Jon took no new vows. It was just a ploy to keep the Unsullied from killing him. He’s going North to stay there.

  19. Hugh D says:

    Arya: Whats west of westeros
    Jon: I dont know
    Arya: No one knows
    Bran: *Lol bye sis*

  20. Magnificent Bastard says:

    Why does Bran need a “Master of Whispers?” Doesn’t he know everything?

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