Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale TOP 20 WTF and Easter Eggs

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale TOP 20 WTF and Easter Eggs

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale TOP 20, Easter Eggs, Jon Snow Ending, Daenerys, Arya, Sansa, Bran Stark and Game Of Thrones Bonus Episode ►
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Covering Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale. All the Easter Eggs from A Song of Ice and Fire Books and GoT TV Series Easter Eggs. Jon Snow Ending, Stark Family, Sansa, Arya, Bran Stark, Tyrion Lannister, what’s happening next for the characters and big Prophecies and Visions they referenced. I’ll post a bigger video on the Ending for all the characters next! Game Of Thrones Prequel Series video soon too!

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85 Responses

  1. Emergency Awesome says:

    Here’s my *Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6* Finale video. Lots of Book Easter Eggs and References to stuff from earlier seasons of the show and the pilot episode. Let me know how many you spotted! I’ll post a bigger video about the ending of the characters and how close I think it will be to the ending of the Books. Special HBO Game of Thrones Bonus Episode airs next week. And Game of Thrones Prequel stuff coming soon this week too!

    • Catty fish_ says:

      +Blue Mermaid I see Jon head east in the true North.

    • Catty fish_ says:

      +MekaHall1078 I agree with you they should have made the finale episode at least two hours long. Really do we need a two hour behind the scenes of it? Most featurette is 30mins. I would have even taken a shitty flash forward.

    • Catty fish_ says:

      +WundertueteGER There were two water bottles in that episode. One by Sam’s feet and one by Davos’ feet.

    • pezzmania says:

      +Suzuki Six The story will be the same. The books will just fill in the details that will explain this speed run mess.

    • Catty fish_ says:

      +Brian Stiffler Arya got to leave Westeros. Probably not going to find anything but she not married or anything.

  2. GmzDaniel says:

    I was seriously hoping Drogon would fire blast Jon and he would come out un burnt.
    And with white hair haha

    • richard lloyd says:

      I wondered if Jon would ride Drogon, and destroy the Dothraki & Unsullied.

    • Killer Joe says:

      Drogon knew instinctively that Jon was a Targaryen, so he would have never attacked him.

    • Killer Joe says:

      +Mikel Rachman This was a great finale to the series. It had all the tragedy and the violence, and the drama you could ask for. Too bad about the eunuch.

    • MusicIsMyChurch says:

      In the end, Jon got what he deserved; no titles and unable by law to marry or father children. IMO he was the most overrated character on the show. He was never as tough or true to his word as most said he was. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him ride off into the forest. Tormund was right Jon belongs in the north. He’s no king and should have never been named one.

    • Colin Linamen says:

      +Shirley Timple Do you have to be so rude about it?

  3. RookWat010 says:

    The legend says Drogon is still looking for the writers.

  4. Michael Cheung says:

    Emergency Awesome: “All the Stark children get their final goodbye…” 15:16
    Rickon Stark: Am i a joke to you?

  5. ganelon georgieff says:

    Bran is the evil mastermind of the whole season. It is clear he Palpatine’d everyone.

    • canarycharlwood says:



      *thunderous applause*

    • Juliusz S. says:

      Its treason then

    • Matej Matković says:

      It actually might make sense, if he saw the future the entire time then he knew that telling Jon about his Targaryan blood would result in bran becoming king.

    • Edmond Dantès says:

      For real though. He went south because he knew he’d become king, but he couldn’t have mentioned the iron fleet that eventually drove Danaerys to lose her shit? A little heads up and she has two dragons, her best friend, retains her faculties and composure…but then there would be no need for a king, right Bran?
      The realm will undergo a transformation in a matter of years, a dark aura has revealed over what was formerly Kings Landing. The world has known only kindness and compassion until now. Bran the Broken, Breaker of Legs regime is at hand.

    • Hemanath Tej says:

      +Shirley Timple 5 inch deep in ur aaaaaa……………….s

  6. avinash chahar says:

    Drogon after watching chair full of knives burned it
    Jon snow: Drogon knows nothing ???

  7. Farheen Darwesh says:

    Finally, Ghost gets the good boi love he deserves.

  8. TarmKid says:

    What even was the point of Jon being Aegon Targaryen…the last living Targaryen and now he’s going to be the king of the free folk ?‍♂️

    • Markus Williams says:

      +Love, Frances yea they had the option to do like 3 more seasons but the writer wanted to move on so they can star working on star wars

    • salkhdeir1983 says:

      worst ending ever.

    • Tommy Ribs says:

      He broke the wheel and helped the 6/7 Kingdoms get the most Freedom that they have ever had. He was the Prince that was promised to set the world free from Tyrants.

    • Robert Plessinger says:

      +paulo haguland definitely has to be associated with d&d or insane, because no rational person could possibly appreciate this ending.

    • Dom Corleone says:

      TarmKid how can you be king of the free folk lol they’re free and don’t do the whole king thing. He’s just a homeless guy banished to Siberia

  9. Neelu Eldurkar says:

    Less than impressive , lazy and rushed screenwriting. Unnecessary jokes and I felt like a whole chunk of the story is missing after jon kills dany

  10. wjennin1 says:

    I think the storyline sucked, but the acting and cinematography was great.

    • Samski says:

      Absolutely, the actors, visual artists etc knocked it out the park as usual. It was just the writing that sucked.

    • Dino Montoya says:

      100% writing fell off

    • Dabosh_11 says:

      wjennin1 more than great wouldn’t you agree?

    • Garth William Jones says:

      Agreed… started well but the way the second dragon got ‘axed’ was for me the point that the writers may have been told to cut costs because I still can’t understand why with two dragons Daenerys flew straight towards the Iron Fleet, why not from behind? And why not attack there and then even after losing a dragon? Very disappointing from that point onward as story line turned into typical profit driven drivel.

    • Juan Pablo Gorigoitia says:

      Batman v SUPERMAN all over again

  11. Irish Nurhd says:

    And that’s how Arya discovered the americas.

  12. Olive D says:

    Daenerys: “I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel”

    D&D: we kind of forgot she wasn’t actually talking about a wheelchair

    • Tim Olsen says:

      we hear, Break the wheel, and see the destruction of the iron throne, only to replace it with a literal throne on wheels.

  13. khalid ali says:

    Arya went west to kill the writers.

    • Robert Plessinger says:

      we can only hope. because i will personally avoid watching anything created by these over paid cretins.

  14. Marián Markovič says:

    Right peaple around? How could anyone sane chose Bronn as master of coin,…

    • Jay Zenitram says:

      Well, he is lord of the richest kingdom in Westeros, so he has his hands on the purse strings.

    • Bhakti Nagara says:

      remember, everything he did was for gold

    • GigaHurtzGaming says:

      Tyrion seems to have chosen Bronn to keep him close and happy with his status, it’s incredibly useful to have the Lord of The Reach in your good books considering Bronn now owns most of the food production in Westeros. Same thing happened earlier on with Mace Tyrell – someone who was wholly incompetent, only got the role because they wanted to keep the Reach in the fold. Also, unlike Mace, Bronn is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to knowing what the common folk want or need.

    • Irlanda Díaz Pino says:

      I know, right? He shpuld have been master of war. Or something.

    • MrDibara says:

      I dunno. I think it’s a suitable position, given he’s now the richest lord in the realm.
      Plus, despite his flaws, Bronn is really reliable as long as you keep him satisfied enough, which isn’t that hard anymore.
      When he said that all the debts the Crown owned him had been paid *”In full!”* with so much satisfaction, I felt genuinely happy! ?

  15. Saul Goodman says:

    The Mad king saw the ending
    of Game of thrones:

    “Burnn Themm Aaaaalll!!!”.

    Now I get it.

    • Shadow Kissed says:

      Hmm who is to say he wasn’t talking to his daughter and not yelling that to happen in his time. Didn’t they say he could prophesy things?

  16. Declan McCartney says:

    Old game of thrones would of had a 3 episode build up of Jon’s murder of Dani, New game of thrones, about 10 minutes

    • Antwan R says:

      It made perfect sense to do it right then. While she’s celebrating and still in love with Jon. Also while her killing all those people is still fresh.

    • Blue Moon says:

      Jon didn’t decide he had to do it until that very moment, when she repeated his own words back at him… others don’t get to decide… basically anything

  17. Erren Jager says:

    And now my watch has ended

    Cancels the HBO account

  18. Vinny Berry says:

    Bronn is the master of coin? Give me a break.

    • bigandred2009 says:

      Well I guess if Tyrion named him

    • Hamza Nouinou says:

      because he knows how to manage coins 😀

    • Jorge Costa says:

      He started as a mercenary and ended as lord of the richest castle in westeros. Give me one person in westeros that managed better their fortune in all seasons! Just one !

    • Dee Nick says:

      from bad to worse… ??

    • Alex Vie says:

      +Jay Zenitram Not sure how much of the wealth of The Reach is still there after the Lannisters pillaged it in Season 7. But the land and Highgarden alone are worth plenty. He might very well be the richest man in Westeros.

  19. Lee Kjingle says:

    Arya went to west, she’s looking for the D&D, newly added on her list.

  20. AJ Colaizzi says:

    Except we didn’t see Bran use what he learned over the years and Jon’s rightful place on the throne was never brought up.

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