Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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76 Responses

  1. Achilles A says:

    Look how they massacred my boy
    – George R.R Martin

    • DemonKing says:

      godfather now lol

    • M LG says:

      These last seasons are based off of unpublished books and GRRM is a consultant and completely complicit, and he promised a bittersweet ending at the end.

    • XerxesBreak112 says:

      +M LG Foot notes but writin in the show is bad, out come might be the same but how it is executed will be different in the books. Such a bad bad writing.

  2. K P says:

    Ep 4:
    5 Scorpions shoot a total of 10 arrows within 30 sec and hit a dragon 4 times

    Ep 5:
    The entire Greyjoy fleet and the Walls are equipped with like 60 scorpions waiting for the moment Drogon shows up. Only three shots are fired. In total.

  3. Aman Adhikari says:

    Waited 10 years to see cersie killed by some bricks..

    • xellossaxon says:

      Well, you don’t even see it 0 visuals of her being crushed. They cut to black and cut over to another scene. That is like pulling out in the last moment AND MISSING the girl’s face…

    • Epi Stemix says:

      That scene was very good imo, just showing her hopeless and panicked after all this fuss and madness she caused it humanized her by dying with her not to be born last child in her and in the arms of the father who knows they’re doomed for sure and makes a great contradiction with Daenerys acting the exact opposite, snapping to madness with no more close friends anymore to support her, just rage, obsession and military support at her sides (and Greyworm though probably)

    • Prasanth Ravi says:


    • Negan says:

      Not just Cersei but Gregor Clegane as well …

    • Oliver says:

      +11I00OO1I0O1Il bit over the top there mate. On my list of issues with the episode, Jamie going back for love is very far down the list. It’s not really an issue tbh, what is the issue is they were both major characters throughout, and for them to die by a roof collapsing is lazy writing. Cersei should 100% have died by someone deliberately trying to kill her, not just collateral damage in the city crumbling under dragon fire. ONEof the ways they could have had her deliberately killed would be Jamie. But they could easily have had Dany find her and burn her, or she could have died as part of Cleganebowl, or Arya killed her, or suicide (she nearly killed Tommen last time she thought Kings Landing was lost, why not kill herself and here unborn child now). Her death was bad, lazy writing

  4. Lxberation says:

    Funny how the Golden Company were paid just to die

  5. DK DK says:

    S8e3: Arya can sneak through the whole army of the Dead

    S8e5: Arya can barely walk through the crowd and almost fail to escape

  6. VIKAS SINGH says:

    i saw more of golden company in trailers..than in episode!

  7. D. Ritzer says:

    Daenerys: I will not be the queen of the ashes

    Also Daenerys: *Burn everything*

    • 11I00OO1I0O1Il says:

      +Stephen Brown nope. it makes total sense with her character. you just wanted more fan service of dany on top all the time. never bad times for dany. ride into the sunset and nothing ever goes wrong.

    • moonandback says:

      +Vaishach R but honestly in the show, it didn’t seem like she went mad. She just seemed vengeful, which is very out of character.

    • Stannis The Mannis says:

      That moment when she snapped was kinda terrifying. Lost it in rage and jealousy, Jon having a better claim and hate for the smallfolk because they’d never kiss her ass.

    • Eliana Jardin says:

      Lost your home ; make you best friend killed by cersei; another one killed by the white walkers ; learn that the person that you slept with is your nephew ; lost your animal which was almost your child.. It might change your mind, isnt it

    • Robert Grech says:

      Dany is an an Archetype of Anekin Skywalker.

  8. Bruno Oliveira says:

    Just received a raven from Bronn he says:”Hey,can you tell Tyrion Im at the door of Highgarden waiting for him to give me the keys?
    ps:don’t bring the dragon”

    • TheOneAndOnlyLUUUU says:

      The sad fact is that episode 4 was probably the last appearance of Bronn and one of the many character arcs that these morons fucked over for nothing.

  9. Amanda 'Double Champy' Nunes says:

    *Bran* “I’m the most useless charachter in the show.”

    *Golden Company* “Hold my elephant.”

    • thesnoopmeisterer says:

      Bran can’t be king. They only come at night………mostly. I mean he only lives in the past……..mostly.

    • jmacyourlife says:

      Bran revealed Jon’s actual birth name and set up the kill of the Night King amongst other big things

    • Domi KK says:

      Jon will stab Dany and go back in the north. Bran will be chosen as King and gets a council consisting of Davos, Tyrion, Bronn and Sam. Sansa will rule the North.

    • m I o . o I m says:

      Damn, that guy did his hair and everything only to die in seconds.

    • Kris Davis says:

      +Domi KK Tyrion’s death was already confirmed.

  10. moshockful says:

    As of season 8, episode 5, Daenerys makes the Night King look like a nice guy… ?

    • 黒人は面白いですgirly gamer girl says:

      The nice king?

    • Baron von Cool says:

      The villain build up for 7 seasons did nearly nothing and the saviour build up for 7 seasons kills a million innocent people…yeah, who did expect that?

  11. ssc134 says:

    Night king taking over would have been more satisfying and believable ending.

  12. Shivay Parihar says:

    This episode was very clever. What we all thought was danny killing people was actually D&D killing the previous seasons’ significance. One by one.

  13. Julia I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! WATСН VIDЕ0! says:

    People: Let’s see who sits on the iron throne..will it be Danny or John or Cersie…
    No one: almighty bricks

  14. Dronzyy says:

    Please make an alternate season 8 WITHOUT D&D.
    Thank you.

  15. Lavar's Balls says:

    Season 8 top kills
    Dany & Drogon: 5,000
    White Walker: 15,000
    Bricks : 20,000

  16. Someone YOU do not know says:

    Dany: I am not my father

    **Burns the entire city*

    Aerys: That’s my girl! *claps

  17. Aslı Cimilli says:

    Euron: *kills one of the two remaining dragons in the whole world*
    Euron again: “I’m the man who killed Jaime Lannister”

    um you killed a dragon.. A DRAGON. but okay

  18. Jaqen H'ghar says:

    Jon snow: she is my queen
    (burns city)
    Jon snow: *Confused pikachu face*

  19. Nour G says:

    Do you realize that the brick killed more people than the entire Golden Company ??

  20. Julia I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! WATСН VIDЕ0! says:

    Euron : I’m the man who killed Jaime Lanister
    Bricks: Hold my beer

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