Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Reaction & First Impressions

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Reaction & First Impressions

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The final episode is here! Check out my first impression and reaction to the grand finale!

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Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Based on the fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. A Game of Thrones is one of the most successful television series to ever made and continues to captivate audiences all over the world. The series is set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, and interweaves several plot lines with a large ensemble cast. The first narrative arc follows a civil conflict among several noble houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the attempts to reclaim the throne by the exiled last scion of the realm’s deposed ruling dynasty; the third chronicles the rising threat of the impending winter and the legendary creatures and fierce peoples of the North. Game of Thrones is set to return for Season 8.

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74 Responses

  1. RedTeamReview says:

    Dany broke the wheel and replaced it with 2 wheels

    • pizza crumz says:

      Arya went to extend discovery of unknown territories, Jon Snow went into exile so they can eventually meet up with the help of Bran’s eyes (can see with animals) and claim new territory which will not be in jurisdiction of the known 7 kingdoms.

    • Suga N Skittz says:

      never watched this not sure i ever will… i just like to follow the hype because im sad

    • pizza crumz says:

      They used to say “Winter Is Coming” which is the ICE, and then a dragon burned the Iron Throne down which is the FIRE, “A Song Of Ice & Fire”.

    • Sgt C says:

      One thing to think about grrm called the first book “game of thrones” not game of throne. Was this foreshadow to a north kingdom and a south officially? Everyone thought there would be someone sitting on the iron throne, but the first book and tv series literally says game of THRONES

    • Darth Cheeks84 says:

      Bruh ??

  2. Mclub says:

    Did Jon’s true identity even matter…what difference would it had made if he were a real bastard

    • ★ Froggie Animation ★ says:

      Mclub I mean it threatened Dany ig, but the beta male didn’t even want the throne.

    • Jason Colino says:

      Yah all the build up about Jon, Bran finding out and almost dying… just to learn about Jon.. this season literally makes no sense.

    • Walrus Rider says:

      added to dany’s stress but yeah i get what you saying

    • Abdulhadi Nasser says:

      Mclub he is a real bastard .. only bastards walk away to live beyond the wall

    • nbku12y says:

      I do think it mattered. I think her “ruling with fear” came from her being rejected by Jon (which he rejected because incest wasnt ok with him). She could not rule by love because the one she loved didnt love her back, she decided to rule by fear.

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi says:

    *When you let a million people burn to death by a dragon to be king*

    *Bran: :)*

  4. Buddy Romero says:

    Series should of ended with Denarys eyes popping open crystal Blue , with Drogon standing over her!

  5. squizill says:

    Bran be like: Chaos is a ramp!

  6. Samson Strong says:

    When you realize The Night King should have won

    • C. Dubbeldam says:

      his army should’ve murdered everyone in sight

    • Archon Darkshadow, Stranger King of Yeen says:

      Ill bet the Night King was all rolling in his groundwater/inside a pitcher of Margaritas in the back of the fridge in Winterfell, saying

    • Anna Shoaran says:

      Absolutely! Save us from watching the finale! Such a bad choice of a king, super disappointing!

    • Cindy Blue says:

      WORD!!! Like come on man, I would’ve appreciated that

  7. Karan Johar says:

    Bran:” I can’t be lord of anything. I am something else now. I am three eyed raven.”

    Me:”ok. His choice.”

    Tyrion:” I name you king. Will you lead us?”
    Bran: ” why do you think I came all along here?”


    • Marek Be says:

      +Ryan Collins the reality is Bran either knew nothing and was completely useless (minus acting as a bait and scrolling through catalogues for best designs of wheelchairs) and got to the crown as a surprise, or he knew about everything from the beginning and is pure evil. He knew what would happen with Night King, he knew what would happen if he told Jon his true heritage but he didn’t do it for him, he did it for the sole purpose of gaining power for himself. If he knew the outcome of everything he also knew what would happen to people in the north and people in KL yet he didn’t warn anyone. So Bran is an absolute psychotic maniac hungry for power. In the end Dany was labelled the mad queen because she killed thousands of innocent people, but Bran saw it happen and let it happen. The Starks are all evil according to D&D anyways – just like Dany didn’t flinch when her brother was killed, Sansa smiled when Ramsey was eaten alive, Arya massacred a whole house without flinching, Jon killed a child and Bran saw the death of thousands and didn’t move an inch. NK should’ve won.

    • Ryan Collins says:

      +Marek Be

      There isn’t any right or wrong with this. All those instances of evil you mentioned are retaliation and revenge. Dany was abused, raped and sold by her brother. Sansa was abused and raped. Jon was murdered by that child.

      Bran played a part in the reveal of Jon’s true name. Without this happening it could have meant that Dany felt less alone, less threatened and possibly didn’t commit genocide. It could have meant instead that Jon and Dany fell further in love, possibly married and prevented Jon from murdering her. Jon’s real name was a wedge in their relationship and it played a massive part in the story due to Bran.

      The argument that bran knew about the genocide in advance and could have prevented it so is that makes him evil doesn’t make sense to me. Varys knew and attempted to stop dany, look where that got him. Plenty of people have crossed Dany and not won. Her biggest vulnerability was her love for Jon which lead to her death.

      There is no way to say for certain that had things happened differently that it would have been better or worse. Kingslanding was collateral damage. It happens in real life, America dropped 2 nuclear bombs killing men women and children to stop world war 2.

      It’s a tough one and was intentionally written to provoke discussion.

    • SuperClarisso says:

      Why did Varys support Viserys and then Dany, if he thought Targaryens were unstable?
      Why Dany’s violence is retconned as evil and twisted, but Arya, who baked people in pies and slaughtered a family, gets a hero ending?
      Why Bran set in motion the genocide of KL (making Sam tell Jon the truth, not stopping Drogon), and is put as a moral and good choice for the throne?

    • Kage Krôss says:

      My thoughts exactly. My IQ went down the drain.

    • aquaphazed says:

      That line, “why do think I came here,” was so dumb.

  8. spree19 says:

    Jamie kills the king & he’s awarded with the title, lord commander of the Kings gurad.
    Jon kills Dany & he is asked to take the black. When Jon is the true heir to the iron throne ?

    • Dave Reyez says:

      After Grey Worm and his people left, Tyrion should’ve just went up to Jon and said “lol jk, you can stay”

    • Samuel Gidman says:

      Aerys didn’t have any supporters left to demand justice

    • 6thPool Hearthstone says:

      Yeah, they should have just tolled Jon like: We will send you to the Nights Watch, and as soon as Bran has solidified the Throne, and somehow got rid of the Unsullied/Dothraki. Bran will pardon you and you can come south

    • jack ripper says:

      Jon got cucked so fucking hard. All of his lovers died and he won’t be able to have new one. He won’t make kids.
      Also it’s pretty dumb that the whole Targeryan line is gone now

    • Nathan Henson says:

      +jack ripper That’s the biggest issue for me though. Who’s North that will tell Jon to not have children? Is a person really going to stop him from fucking? Who’s actually going to be able to tell him anything actually? He’s like a King to the Wildlings, he’s a Lord Commander. Even Sansa can’t really touch him because the people love him more than her and it’d ruin her Queenship.

  9. Ted Pow says:

    so Season 7 has better ending..
    Night King breaks the Wall and kills ’em all.THE END.

    • The Night King says:

      Ted Pow everytime I will rewatch game of thrones ill end it there because logically the night king cant lose

    • Amer Hassan Panbangan says:

      +The Night King night we need you to time heist

    • THE GAME JUNKY says:

      Honestly that would’ve been better. I kept waiting for something to happen… and…. nothing… oh well. I literally have to just move on and not care. Not only am I mad for my own selfishness of wanting something I love to end amazingly, but I feel aweful for all of these actors. This show, literally, was their life over 8 YEARS, and to have your character not done justice would be absolutely terrible….

    • meinking22 says:

      The war with the Night King will be better handled in the books. Namely because Lady Stoneheart will be involved, a key character that Benioff and Weiss completely cut out of GoT.

    • Bubba Mike says:

      Season 6 has a pretty good ending I’d say

  10. Anuojat says:

    To ALL except the writers, i SALUTE THEE. Holy crap did you all make such fantastic effort and work on the series despite its flaws and awful writing. Thank you, your acting made it if not worth it, much less painful.

    And yes the cinomatography… why was in charge here and in general on the show? THANK YOU! 😀

  11. Nishant Kabra says:

    So Dothraki and Unsullied didn’t kill Jon, instead, they call lords of seven kingdoms to come and give them justice for killing their queen. So sophisticated and patient of them.

  12. Marisx25 LV says:

    So, lesson for today:
    Do nothing, become king.
    Do everything, goes to rot off at the wall, cant have family, wife, etc.

  13. No_one says:

    Arya becomes faceless man: Never uses in Season 8
    Bran becomes 3ER: Never uses in Season 8
    Worst writing

    • meinking22 says:

      Agreed. Jaimie gets whacked by Euron. Arya uses his face to infiltrate and kill Cersei. War over.

      Bran worgs into Drogon and stops Dany from going Mad Queen.

      Both relatively obvious scenarios that Benioff and Weiss completely whiffed on

    • Justin Barndon says:

      Yeah I thought Arya would have used someone’s identity to get close to Danerys and kill her. It seems the whole faceless man story arc was as useless as John’s Targeryn arc was useless.

  14. quancej says:

    D&D conversation after the final cut made it into the show:
    D: “No one is very happy. Which means it’s a good compromise, I suppose.”
    D: “Was it right? What I did.”
    D: “What we did.”
    D: “It doesn’t feel right.”
    D: “Ask me again in 10 years.”

  15. colton watson says:

    Tyrion: all hail Bran the Broken

    Bran: uhhhm Brandon Stark works fine but ok

    Tyrion: the Crippled King Brandon Stark!!!

  16. Always Clean says:

    Kinda wish the night king killed everyone.

  17. Nishant Kabra says:

    I wish I could forget this season like Dany forgot about the fleet

  18. Jim Pattison says:

    What I found funny is when Arya said “I know a murderer when I see one” like yeah cheers inspector Poirot it’s not like she just roasted all of Kings landing in front of everyone.

  19. Craig Timmons says:

    Episode was nothing but fan service unless you were a fan of the TWO MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS OF THE DAMN SHOW!!!!

    Arya’s last good Arc was killing the freys.

    Hounds best story ended with his fight against brienbe.

    Jaime’s best story ended with his hot tub reveal.

    Tyrion with his trial.

    Jon with his murder to battle of the bastards

    Dany landing on westeros.

    Cersei blowing up septum.

    Nothing after season 7 E1 IMPROVED their story. Writers failed.

  20. Kőnig Barbara Anna says:

    Dany is killed
    Dothraki: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Flowz says:

      Well they are a bunch of savages who rape and kill for fun i woudn’t bet on them giving a fuck they will just find a new leader in less than a day.

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