Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Aftermath (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Aftermath (HBO)

Fight for the living. #GameofThrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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70 Responses

  1. MrOitoyboy says:

    Cersei already told us, you win or you die. There are no winners…

  2. Hypatia Grey says:

    It’s depressing to watch winterfell in this condition. Remember how it was in season 1. A peaceful home with a happy family.

  3. Nick Soggin says:

    Calling it – the first death in Game of Thrones Season 8 will be the video streaming servers on April 14th. And now our watch has ended.

  4. Jake G says:

    I need that dragon/iron throne mashup as an iphone wallpaper. So dope

  5. Frog Whisperer says:

    The most chilling (no pun intended) thing about this?

    No bodies.

  6. Taurex says:

    I only have 7 seasons to rewatch in 12 days… No problem!!!

  7. Vikor Live says:

    This isn’t the white walkers fault, this is what happens when Lyanna Mormont gets mad…

  8. from Africa says:

    The night king is here ..
    The Hound .. “Hold my chicken..”

  9. Joannot Fampionona says:

    This month we get GoT, Avengers, shazam.
    I can’t imagine that ther will ever be a month this year topping this one.

  10. Fabrice Taillefer says:

    0:19 Tyrion’s pin
    0:21 Arya’s sword
    0:33 Bran’s wheelchair
    0:36 Jaimee’ hand
    0:40 Daenerys’s chain
    0:44 Jon’s sword

    • Andrew Carter says:

      Tenho dó de vc fera

    • P. Miller says:

      Calling BS

    • ghosthusler says:

      All it’s missing is Euron’s finger 😉

    • Muna Abdi says:

      I feel like the dragons’ growl and the sound of Ravens could also mean something. Possibly, it could be one of the Targaryens or Starks that win the iron throne. Perhaps both ,which could possibly be a clue to Jon Snow winning it. I’m not sure. But the fact Jon’s sword seem s to be the last one there it could depict his domination.

  11. Michal Hrabák says:

    0:07 Dragonglass arrow

    0:19 Tyrion’s pin

    0:22 Needle

    0:28 The Feather Robert put on Lyannas tomb

    0:36 Jaime’s golden hand

    0:40 Daenerys chain

    0:44 Longclaw with Night King(?) in the background

  12. Fation Ceka says:

    GOT directors: Let’s just put random scenes of snow and sound effects so that people start creating theories.

  13. Adam Jennings says:

    A man knows when HBO plays with his feels…
    A man can only re-watch season 7 so many times…

  14. Wondy Clave says:


    It only took 7 seasons

  15. Miranda Summerset says:

    Avengers Endgame & Game of Thrones got my heart thumping all April ?????

  16. German Elite Tuning says:

    Man that left way to many questions with this teaser.

  17. Saran Hassan says:

    When the snow falls and white wind blows
    The lone wolf die but the pack survive.

  18. Jaqen H'ghar says:

    A man didn’t get an invite

  19. Korradoar says: first, “where is everybody?”, but then, “where is every body?”…

  20. Leon Tarmann says:

    It’s time for Podrick, first of his name.

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