Game of Zones – Game of Zones – S5:E1: ‘A Golden Summer’

Game of Zones – Game of Zones – S5:E1: ‘A Golden Summer’

In the season 5 premiere of Game of Zones, the Warriors get news of big offseason trades around the West.

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79 Responses

  1. Leo #KingsNation says:

    When Patrick McCaw said he had a bad feeling about Vince carter 💀

  2. Kartracer67890 says:

    Steve Kerr is a savage

  3. BATMAN says:

    its not the paul george trade anymore. it shall now be known as the Victor Oladipo and Domas Sabonis trade.

    • Anahi Lopez says:

      Haoshoku i can already tell you’re retarded so im going to use a short paragraph you’re not making very much sense im mean all of the thunder players are improving each and every game so shut your anamie ass up and get a life

      ps:im a girl

    • DJT says:

      It’s Domantas. I swear to God even idk what it is cuz their GM kept saying Domas in a podcast w/ B/R’s Howard Beck.

    • The Finest Mind says:

      The Baller Bwoi dumbass

    • Elliot Hartwig says:

      David Aka the greatest COMMUNIST your gonna eat those words in 1 weeks time

    • YoungSwizz ThaKid says:

      Anahi Lopez what does being a girl have to do with anything? You could have displayed your whole comment without the “ps: im a girl” line. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy, just if you know your shit

  4. Tonio5100 says:

    Steve Kerr was EVERY Warriors fan at the beginning of the season 🤣😂🤣

  5. Justin Kehlenbach says:

    Literally checked YouTube everyday waiting for this

    • YoungSwizz ThaKid says:

      Justin Kehlenbach man if only there was something that would alert you whenever Bleacher Report posted a new video to help you not waste time…. oh… wait…

  6. Jordan Wong says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO we need 30 minute episodes

  7. Nick Foles Fan Club says:

    “I get a bad feeling about him” I love it😂 I’ve missed this

  8. soapy soap says:

    The scaffolding news story with klay 😂😂

  9. Kameron H says:

    This had the best ending😂🤣

  10. R Walt says:

    How many references can y’all spot in the painting?

  11. Puck says:

    Steph playing with an arrow is a two fold reference. Greatest shooter of all time, but he also injured his knee.

  12. Makeithappen 19 says:

    Patrick McCaw is my favorite character now. 😂

  13. HailMichigan says:

    TFW the rockets have more wins than u

  14. LaVar Ball says:

    Lol “Vince carter… I get a bad feeling about him”

  15. Renoir Monet says:

    House of Rockets is a major threat

  16. Ronan Reid says:

    Make it a Netflix series already 💯🔥

  17. Deion Francis says:

    “Just sending a raven of me pelvic area” lmaoo

  18. Kaba the Broken Cat says:

    Love how they included the scaffolding joke from that Klay Thompson interview 😂

  19. Jesse Calton says:

    My Game of Thrones pickup squad:

    PG: Tyrion – highest IQ
    SG: Dany – a.k.a “the microwave” (gets hot fast)
    SF: Jon Snow – not afraid to die/lockdown D
    PF: Brienne – literally the blonde Moses Malone
    C: The Mountain – will kill if I tell him to

    6th man: Bronn – gunner

  20. Maliphresh says:


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