Game of Zones – The Isle of Van Gundy

Game of Zones – The Isle of Van Gundy

On an island full of Van Gundys, Stan gets talked into trading for Blake ?


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81 Responses

  1. King Ali says:


  2. Jovany Labardy says:

    Man sees a BLEACHER notification, he will DROP EVERYTHING to watch this

  3. John Santos says:

    Did anybody see NBA on TNT last night? Shaq low key wanted a 30 minute episode too ?

    • Recontramojado says:

      I don’t like GOT because it reminds me of a Soap Opera with better props, yet I agree that some references are lost. But Game of Zones is fantastic by itself, and anyway GOT is so popular that even if you don’t watch it you know the basic stuff.

    • Dom Jones says:

      I don’t think he’s saying you guys wouldn’t enjoy GOZ at all without having watched GOT but rather you’d understand things more and see the creative thought a bit more had you actually watched the show. It’s not a slight at you guys, just true.

    • Arse Blaster says:

      Scott J I stopped watched game of thrones 2 or 3 seasons ago. You don’t really need to watch both. watching the NBA or GoT is enough.

    • Arse Blaster says:

      Recontramojado That’s because it is a soap opera. It’s just a soap with tits and blood. It’s aimed at teenage boys rather than women. It’s such a disappointment. Just like my bucks.

    • Nate Moore says:

      +Scott J I’ve never watched one episode of game of thrones even once, I watch game of zones because its about the nba, its savage and I luv it!

  4. Designz R Us says:


  5. Leon's dad says:

    6 and 30 second is not enough, I need 10 or 20 minutes

  6. Christos Grigorian says:

    They did Luke Kennard dirty

  7. MOMM_TV says:

    ?? “Dwight Howard is a coach killer”

  8. Jack Uyl says:

    As a Pistons fan, this is the most enjoyable and painful one yet

    I love this show

  9. juanjo Diaz says:

    That Alonzo mourning Joke was Hilarious ? and the Van Gundy Jokes.
    and the flop joke.


  10. BasedMitchell says:

    Bleacher Report is the true MVP

    Sick Animation, Well placed jokes, So Dope.

  11. I Make YouTube Comments says:

    Since last season, i’ve noticed a few consistent themes… Last year was all about building teams and characters, this year explores lore, and dear god is this some great lore.

  12. Evan Buch says:

    “So you’re not Donavan Mitchell, and that’s okay” They did Kennard dirty lol

  13. Skins 101 says:

    Me, my friend, and my teacher always talk about how Kennard was taking ahead of Mitchell. Started dying after I saw the sign at 2:46

  14. Skins 101 says:

    I think this is the first time the Pistons have been mentioned (except for when PG made a speech)

    • Gator Zen says:

      Shining Shores he mentioned playing the Pistons.

    • Hogs Nation says:

      Jazz have never really been mentioned either, but I’m hoping that they’ll have some sort of thing to talk about with Donovan Mitchell lol

    • Skins 101 says:

      Hogs Nation also the only time they have mentioned the heat was in the first episode and then a couple scenes with Wade

    • Devoid says:

      lmao and when rio chalmers was reminscing the “big 4”

    • Sam Morris says:

      Hogs Nation I think magic Johnson briefly mentioned the jazz last year when he was talking about the lead up to the nba finals in the last episode of season 4, but true I think jazz will be talked about again with Mitchell now

  15. Action Bastard says:

    The lyrics in the rant though, lmao!

    “Replay’s a joke. Its good for the officials but bad for the game”

    “Dwight howard is always waffling and complaining. He is a coach killer”

    “And if you flop, you get technical foul
    And if you flop, you should be fined millions of gold.
     and if you flop, you should get suspended from the game.
    Because flopping ruins the game
     but they dont listen to us..”

  16. Riccardo Abdine says:

    2:45 So you’re not Donovan Mitchell and that’s okay.

    • jjhill001 says:

      Stan doesn’t play rookies enough for that to have happened.

    • DubLo Prod says:

      meh detroit not picking melo was way worse

    • borgus schmorgus says:

      Danang Dwiatma van Gundy just isn’t good at developing players trust me once he started understand Stanley isn’t a 3pt shooter and that he is a slasher Stanley s offense was so.much better. Luke.yeah he ain’t a Mitchell but he has the potential to be the type of player James harden is with his handles scoring and passing cause luke can play the PG position if need be he just needs to have more confidence in the plays he wants to make on the court. Hopefully with the new coach he will help out our younv guys big time

    • Kevin Zahra says:

      I LOVE IT

    • origbadandy says:

      Bruh!!!! ??

  17. JaffytaffyGD says:

    *Sees B/R notification of GoZ new episode* My pupils dialate and watch.

  18. Perry Ehimuh says:

    6 and Half Minutes . . . TODAY IS A GOOD DAY?

  19. Choco DOLLA says:

    When you see a game of zones video…….

    You drop whatever you’re doing and watch the game of zones video!! ?

  20. slamandjam2 says:

    3:27 Steve Ballmer “Developing developing developing players!” Amazing reference

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