Game Rewind: Watch Villanova win the 2018 National Championship in 10 minutes

Game Rewind: Watch Villanova win the 2018 National Championship in 10 minutes

The Villanova Wildcats are the 2018 National Champions! Watch their National Championship win over Michigan in 10 minutes.

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71 Responses

  1. General Gordon says:

    Thank you for beating Michigan

    -Aggies fan

  2. Yahil Gonzalez says:

    Good run Michigan

  3. Justin Yee says:

    Just posting for the likes.

  4. Douglas Phillips says:

    Big10 hasn’t won a national title since the year 2000. Since that time, big east has won 7… even though it has lost a number of top teams over the years due to football.

  5. Ahmed Abdikadir says:

    This Donte Divincenzo killed us…..

  6. Toni Cheatham says:

    Yessss My Hometown Team Did It Again!!! Best Basketball Team Of All Time!!!♥

  7. Seth Heneveld says:

    Good game by Michigan. Took a godlike performance from Donte DiVincenzo for Nova to pull that off.

    • frjimt9455 says:

      Seth Heneveld… My seeing eye dog agreed

    • dutchman dave says:

      right…Nova got sloppy in the last minutes when the game was out of reach. if they’d played straight, they probly would’ve won by 25-30. That always happens in basketball…..garbage points at the end that mean nothing cuz the outcome’s already been set.

    • D L says:

      Seth Heneveld was you watching the game sir??

    • Seth Heneveld says:

      What I think you guys fail to realize is that basketball is a momentum based game. Michigan dominated in the 1st half. If it weren’t for DiVincenzo’s amazing performance, Michigan could’ve been up 20 at the half which would have switched the game completely. The fact that he could pull up at any moment and nail the shot or hit the open man demoralized the Michigan defence which played effect in the 2nd half.

  8. King David says:

    Villanova has a sweet touch on their shots

  9. Nathan Wick says:

    this game got me 45 bucks. yeet

  10. William Ross says:

    Congrats To Villanova For Winning The 2018 NCAA Men’s National Championship Game

  11. Suzanne Agundez says:

    To be honest I wanted Loyola Chicago to win:) My favorite team is Grand Canyon University though

  12. Alexander G Russo says:

    Complete domination. Just proves coaching, discipline, defense, and teamwork will forever beat talent alone. Congrats to Michigan on a great season but this wasn’t even close down the stretch. Jay just solidified himself and the program as top 2-3 in the nation. Go Nova, Vs up.

  13. Angel Snow says:

    Loyola Chicago vs Villanova would have been a better game honestly! 🔥

  14. zell2626 says:

    DiVincenzo > Lonzo

  15. Sam M. says:

    that white dude is goin places

  16. Filthy McNasty says:

    1st, the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, Villanova. So are the 76ers gonna go on a run or something?!?! The city of Philadelphia is on fire! Grats to Villanova.

  17. Dwayne Howard says:

    Womens championship was better

  18. Arsenio Buck says:

    Anyone but duke, UNC, KU or UK.

  19. Soj. H says:

    Divincenzo was in the zone, which is the key to Villanova’s easy victory. There is not much one can do about it when a player shoots like that.

    • IAmRemi says:

      Soj. H This is exactly what happened when Virginia played UMBC, what where they gonna do about lyles he was just too good.

  20. derekjlight says:

    4:15 one of the best passes I’ve ever seen.

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