Game Theory: Can Chicken Nuggets SAVE YOUR LIFE?! | Kindergarten

Game Theory: Can Chicken Nuggets SAVE YOUR LIFE?! | Kindergarten

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KINDERGARTEN – a game filled with the nostalgia of youth. Who doesn’t love reminiscing about buying cigarettes on the playground or convincing the janitor to murder your classmates? No? That’s not normal? I must have had a odd childhood… Anyway, Kindergarten is full of countless ways to die, one of which is falling into the Nugget Cave. Your only solution to avoid this horrible fate? Obviously a pile of chicken nuggets with all their cushiony goodness. But would this actually work? Well, Loyal Theorists, after hours of research and countless nugget taste… I mean field tests, I have the answer!

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20 Responses

  1. The Game Theorists says:

    For all you fans of Kindergarten, who was your favorite character?

    Our choices…
    Me: Nugget
    Steph: Applegate
    Jason: Principal
    Chris: Lily

  2. Pallie Pallie says:

    I still have questions.
    1.How do the Nuggets fit in Nuggets pants
    2.How do you get out
    3.How are you going to get the Nuggets out of the Nugget cave when you’re done
    4.How many Diet Cokes are you going to need to wash down that many Nuggets

  3. Dened TheDuck says:

    personally, i liked jacksepticeye’s nugget voice more
    i know im going to get a lot of hate, but i do.

  4. Actila says:

    Hmm perhaps nugget is worthy of a batman orgin story…
    I mean he already got the cave

  5. WTF- What's This Friday says:

    Just throwing this out there MatPat, but there’s a difference between a “stack” of nuggets and a “pile” of nuggets. A “pile” would presumably have more air in between individual nuggets because the nuggets wouldn’t be landing in a uniformly compressible stack. Great theory though.

  6. Future Fighter says:

    this nugget voice is soooo bad…. jack FTW

  7. IdunnoScrub says:

    But you didn’t calculate the size of the tunnel and the cone shape can’t go through walls so the number of chicken nuggets is less than you thought because the chicken nuggets will become a cone shape until it reaches the tunnel then will fill the shape of the tunnel, like so mat pat can see and make part 2

  8. Daniel says:

    Don’t be a Guy/girl who says “Jacks Nugget voice is better” or “Jacks voice is Better” you’ll just ruin it for Matt and steph and you’ll start comment fights, Its alright to have your own opinion and prefer a voice but just don’t be a A-hole about it.

  9. Dorkazoid says:

    But cafeteria nuggets are as mushy as mashed potatoes.

  10. benjamin puana says:

    omg graet job on the intro steph!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂❤

  11. GLD DIGGERS says:

    omg i love nuggets voice acting!!! Nice job steph!!

  12. Michelle T. says:

    For some reason all I could think of during the intro was Stephanie holed up in that tiny closet trying to do her Nugget Voice while Matpat giggles hysterically, squishing her against the wall…

  13. Zone Misi says:

    None will ever be above Staph’s Nugget voice.

  14. The Reaper says:

    can you please listen how jacksepticeye voices Nugget and use that voice in another Kindergarten video? This voice is just soooo cringy

  15. Jillian Galvan says:

    My favorite character has to be nugget 😂❤️

  16. Emerald Gaming says:

    Dose anyone agree that MatPat should do a comic theriosts (it would be blue)

  17. nascar14fan says:

    Wait he was serious? XD

  18. Arifka Brave says:

    The intro was all I watched too intense

  19. Hrithik Gupta says:

    i’ve set your intro as my ringtone and i check my phone everytime it plays

  20. christo benson says:

    right after that I was listening to the chicken nugget song from Nick Bean

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