Game Theory: Doki Doki’s Buffest Meme EXPOSED (Doki Doki Literature Club Memes)

Game Theory: Doki Doki’s Buffest Meme EXPOSED (Doki Doki Literature Club Memes)

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Doki Doki Literature Club has spawned many creative fan interpretations since it’s release. It’s a game that really was able to write it’s way into your heart, so to speak. One of the most…interesting memes to come out of the game is that of “Buffsuki”. The meme where tiny, fierce Natsuki is transformed into a MUSCLE MACHINE. What I wanted to know is, could that really happen? How BUFF could Natsuki REALLY GET? Today, Loyal Theorists, we find out!

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67 Responses

  1. Plural says:

    So he’s finally out of ideas

  2. In- FinitY! says:

    So guys the moral of the video is anyone can be hulk by the aid of chemicals. What are you doing here! Get those meds.

    Don’t, because they are illegal to take without a qualified doctor’s prescription.

  3. Javier Cava Martínez says:

    Notice somethings, joey cant reborn as bendy in chapter 1, just listen to alice voice lines about bendy, and I notice something, the ink monsters that are cartoon forms wants to be knowed as the character they are based on, alice does, but notice bendy too, he gets angrier when someone touch the cutouts and in the enter to “bendy hell” the word BENDY and his face is clean, it dosent have any words covering it, and if you wonder why tom is the perfec boris is because the personality, he looks angry like in the cartoon, while the chapter 3 one dont and also notice that tommy’s gun it can be from him, we know that the owner of the gun was “special” and in the archivement that mention to complete the main story, the others stories are nightmare run, I think linda from henry’s audio and maybe tommy from the gun

  4. Doomawesomeness 2005 says:

    that anime matpat is….intresting

  5. cosmic mutant says:

    Is it me or does the side effects sound not that bad
    I might try some of those i think thanks mat

  6. UsagiBaka says:

    this is good quality content I subbed for <3

  7. OpenLight says:

    12:39 i saw that coming LMAO

  8. Its Abie Art says:


  9. The Nerdy Gamer says:

    That MattyPatty sprite is scarier then the entirety of this game.

  10. Abstract slut says:

    Mattpat here and this is “i ran out of content ideas”

  11. Dark Steve says:

    Can you PLEASE do a video on the lore of ARK: Survival Evolved? Guys, like this so he can see it!!!

  12. Matthew Ford says:

    My dad once worked on his chest muscles once , afterwards he had breasts , it was horrifying…!

  13. itsdomin says:

    That intro was the most painful thing to watch.

  14. Bijuu Mike says:

    i gotta say… i didn’t see this one coming

  15. 151 Pokemon says:

    Hey, MatPat. Can you do a What If video? What if the first Pokemon games, “Red & Green(1996)” came out 6 years earlier worldwide on the original Game Boy on Apr. 22, 1990? Then Pokemon Blue as a 3rd Version(instead of Yellow) on July 26, 1991? Pokemon Gold & Silver(but without either Kanto or Red/Leaf, save them for later) on Oct. 21, 1992, Pokemon Crystal on Feb. 2, 1994? Ruby & Sapphire on June 23, 1995, Emerald on Oct. 15, 1996? Diamond & Pearl on Sept. 26, 1998, and finally, Platinum on Apr. 22, 2000 as a 10th Anniversary title and a series finale of the Pokemon franchise? Also if Pokemon Red & Green and Blue Versions had a female player character named “Green/Leaf”, who’s also your childhood friend and gets the Starter Pokemon that’s weaker than yours(if you played as Red, or vice versa if you played as Leaf), genders, breeding, egg-mechanics, baby forms, gender-differences and gender split evolution(especially for the Nidorans), if the battle sprites(both front and back) were better drawn and animated like Pokemon Crystal, if there were less Poison Types and more Bug, Ghost, and Dragon Types(and more of their stronger Moves)? If Flying Types were split into Bird and Wind Types(as Bird was originally planned for Gen 1 and we need Wind to go with Fire, Water, Grass, Ground, etc.)? If Ice Glaceon and Leafeon existed in Gen 1(if they can evolve with Ice Stones(if it existed in Gen 1) and Leaf Stones, if it worked on Eevee)? Then in Gold & Silver, what if Kris appeared as both a female player character and your childhood friend who gets the Starter Pokemon that’s weaker than yours(if you played as Gold(male), or vice versa if you played as Kris)? If the GSC rival was a girl instead of a boy(we need female rivals who are total jerks in Pokemon games)? If the Player Character in each of the 4 Generations became the Champion first before the rival or anybody else did? If Steven and Cynthia were Elite Four members instead of Champions, and if Lance only stayed as the Elite Four member?

    • 151 Pokemon says:

      Also if Johto was a standalone Region and had its own regional Pokemon League with its own Elite Four members? What if Johto and Sinnoh each had a female Professor instead of Elm and Rowan? If Johto had its own Regional Pokedex of 150, same with Hoenn and Sinnoh? If Johto had its own Evil Team? If Johto and Sinnoh each had a female crime boss while Hoenn had Team Skull as the Evil Team of Gen 3? If Fairy and Light(if it existed) Types were introduced in Gen 2 besides Steel and Dark Types? If neither Kanto nor Red/Leaf had appeared in Gen 2, as they can be saved for later games like maybe Platinum? And why not also bring in everyone else from Generations 1-4 in Platinum to come together and have a big Pokemon World Tournament(like in B2W2)?

    • Uknownymous End says:

      Aside from the last suggestion of a tournament between everyone from generations 1-4, not a single one of the rest is specific enough and/or interesting enough to create a video worth making.. And yet even that one has its flaws, being that it would depend >heavily< on the luck of the draw and hardly deserves to be on a Theory channel. You're better off taking your ideas elsewhere. 😀

  16. crisdebo0723 says:

    0:04 k I’m done watching

  17. I'm A Robot Your Argument Is Invalid says:

    *Silly MatPat! You’ve probably never watched JoJo*

  18. nch20045 says:

    that intro gave me cancer

  19. LAPER WOLF says:

    We want baldi theory pls matpat

  20. Maison Bartlow says:

    Hey Matpat I got a question for you, in the Mario games when you touch fire you automatically die, on average how hot does it have to be to insta-kill someone on contact? and how would you contain that immense heat?
    like if you want to see this theory

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